• Dec, 2022
  • Dec 08, 2022
  • FTC will likely sue to block Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard, says Aaron Glick - YouTube 

  • Over the past weeks, investor analysis have commented on how Apple as a corporation is the most exposed to China, China supply chains, China markets, of the tech companies.

    Zeihan I think noted Apple is like 6 or 8 years away from a restructured supply chain etc, if they were to do that.
  • Oct, 2022
  • Oct 27, 2022

  • To be a private company now (was public and subject to the market).

    He said he bought it not to make money but because a digital town square was useful to us.

  • Apr, 2022
  • Apr 12, 2022
  • YouTube Has Blacklisted My Channel - YouTube 
  • Mar, 2022
  • Mar 22, 2022
  • David Beckham handed his Insta account (70m followers) over to a Kharkiv doctor, a child anesthesiologist

    The doctor is named Irina (last name not provided).
  • Nov, 2021
  • Nov 02, 2021
  • This week, following court docs, people are seeing how much the tech giants are helping each other behind the scenes

    Highlighted by the Google-Facebook deal called JediBlue. Anti-trust.

  • Oct, 2021
  • Oct 21, 2021
  • Trump signs deal to publish Truth Social

    A social media platform to combat the tyranny of Big Tech.

    He was banned from Twitter and Facebook after the Capitol Riots / "Insurrection".

    He signed with Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC). It's stock was up like 350% for the day, and up another 40% by 8pm.

  • "I'm not willing to say that all corporations are autocratic, but certainly they do not have their own rule of law or social contract with the citizens.

    "Increasingly the US is becomming a hybrid system, where if you exist in the physical world you have laws that apply to you and you have a judiciary that metes out whether it's being broken by the US government that you vote for, or vote against, but you're part of that process.

    "Where in the digital world, the virtual world, which is increasingly a large part of the economy, increasingly a large part of our social interactions, where we get information from, increasingly a large part even of our personal and national security, actually the government doesn't exercise sovereignty over that space. These corporations do. And the rules that the corporations apply to those virtual spaces are determined by those coprations. ... a radically different place than we've ever existed before, either as citizens or consumers." - Ian Bremmer

  • Oct, 2021
  • Oct 06, 2021
  • Bigtech's tobacco moment?

    This parallel has been drawn (Sen. Blumenthal)
    Because of the company research documents. Tobacco's docs showed they knew about the health affects. Facebook also.
  • Oct, 2021
  • Oct 05, 2021
  • Facebook rough week

    They had a 'whistleblower' tell news orgs that Facebook knows it's platforms (especially Insta) 'hurt' people by harming their self esteem or self image (girls with body image). The platforms went down for hours that day, causing people to go in droves to other platforms to try to communicate, which brought down the other platforms, too.

    Is there any difference from this Facebook news and what beauty (for both women and men) magazines have always done?
    To sensible people this might seem like a non-issue, or at least nothing previously unknown, but the stock is down like 15% from its high.
  • Aug, 2021
  • Aug 14, 2021
  • What is Twitter to do?

    An opposition leader in India posted photos of the parents of a 9-year-old who was reportedly raped. His post and others by other opposition figures were removed and their accounts were suspended. Reportedly, Twitter did this after the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights asked they do so over privacy rules.

    The accounts have been reinstated, reportedly.

    The opposition leader is saying Twitter is biased.

  • Jun, 2021
  • Jun 27, 2021
  • Pink Floyd's Roger Waters denies Facebook

    ... at a recent Free Julian Assange meeting. He brought up that FB had asked for use of 'The Wall' for an Instagram ad and his response was 'Fuck you.'

  • Jun, 2021
  • Jun 12, 2021
  • Nigeria bans Twitter

    After Twitter deleted a tweet from Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari that threatened to punish regional secessionists because it violated Twitter's TOS, that government swiftly banned Twitter and within hours the country's internet providers had shut out access.

    The country's TV and radio stations were ordered to delete or deactivate their Twitter accounts by Nigeria's broadcast authority.

    Trump made comments in favor of the move.

    Many Nigerians continue to use Twitter using VPNs to bypass the censorship.

    Nigeria has 201m people, (40m Twitter users) the largest population in Africa, which has 1.2b total.

    Twitter is seen as unique among other social media platforms (which are not currently banned) because by Twitter's nature of being text-focused and short in word limit, it is used more for political speech. It is also quoted more in news articles.

    The issue enrages some Nigerians because they want to be able to freely express themselves (and their discontent with the government). The government there is viewed by many as one of the biggest creators of propaganda or fake news.

    Many Nigerians run businesses at least partially on Twitter, and they are upset because of the loss of investment. Nigerians also believe the government is using the pretext of Twitter's censorship of the president's tweet in order to tighten its control over all internet social media. The government has since announced that all social media platforms have to register within the country.

    I tried to watch a debate by minor authorities in Nigeria but they seem to yell a lot.

  • Apr, 2021
  • Apr 30, 2021
  • Facebook temporarily blocked anti-Modi posts

    When people tried to post such posts, they received a message: "Keeping our community safe ... Posts with #ResignModi are temporarily hidden here. Some content in those posts goes against our Community Standards."

    Over 12,000 posts calling for the Indian PM's resignation were later reinstated, and Facebook said it was an error.

    Twitter also recently deleted some posts critical of the Indian government after that government issued them a legal request.

    #India #Facebook

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