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  • Mar 14, 2023
  • App Leaks Telehealth Medical Data - ThreatWire - YouTube  
  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 11, 2023
  • Amex, Visa and Mastercard pause work on new firearms merchant code - YouTube 
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  • Jan 10, 2023
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  • Dec 11, 2022

  • This week the German government announced they'd arrested like 1000 people in a plot to overthrow their government and install a different leader.
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  • Dec 05, 2022

  • Example of how censorship is an expensive staple of government? Also an example of once a small minority speaks up, the 75% or whatever who are choosing left when they know it's right are less fearful to chose right?

  • It's still platformed on Rumble.

    Greenwald said Musk's definition is NOT the standard he is now using on Twitter.

    He's banning things that could not be interpreted as illegal. He's banning things that someone (many people or himself personally) find repugnant.

    A week later, headlines criticized Musk because he suspended accounts of journalists who had been tweeting the location of his private jet or something. He responded, 'You're not special because your a journalist. You dox you get suspended.'
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  • Dec 02, 2022
  • You look around, you don't see a lot of positive examples of uprisings that turned out well (in the Middle East) - Alterman

    Because political elements (not just rights, which are inclusive)? Because authoritarian response? Because law on how to arm and how to enable security forces?

  • 18-29 year olds number one issue they care about is having rights taken away from them

    Harvard University Youth Poll
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  • Report: EU democracy is under attack by mercenary spyware | Latest English News | WION - YouTube 
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  • Protesting because of their savings.

    One sign read, 'No deposits. No human rights.' Interesting to contrast the impetuses that cause Westerners and Chinese to protest.

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  • Attention and brain waves.
  • May, 2022
  • May 31, 2022

  • Blanket ban on hand guns, with an army of masked supporters behind him on the video image.

    How many handgun killings are there in Canada?

    Relevant that news has reported that over half of gun deaths in Ontario were from self harm.

    This follows the Texas school shooting.
  • May, 2022
  • May 23, 2022
  • Microsoft Research guy commented on how if there were a breakthrough in privacy-preserving tech, there would be more use of AI

    Applications of AI to things like the huge datasets of medical records are bottlenecked by privacy issues.

    Lots of old research that was done, it has since been found that although no one knew it at the time, current tech can see that a person in one research group was the same person as in a different research group.

    Didn't know it at the time either, but scans of eyes can be used now to predict with some accuracy various thigns:

  • Apr, 2022
  • Apr 27, 2022
  • "The Israeli government on this front has not been putting in guardrails. They have been relentlessly realpolitik in making sure this tech gets to whomever they want it to get to to curry favor geopolitically, and not really considering the human rights consequences." - Ronan Farrow (talking about things his sources said)

    "[Israel is] the leader in this kind of tech [phone spyware]. And I think one think that has allowed this tech to flourish through several years of scandals about abusive misuse of it, is that policy makers said Well these are companies that are closely entwined with the Israeli government. The Israeli MoD oversees the purchases, the approve the countries to whom for instance NSO Group is selling. So it lent to the proceedings an air of legitimacy."

    It is a tool of soft power, helping states get this cyber-offensive spying capability. NYT etc reported recently US helped Djibouti (a military ally) purchase Pegasus. That software was used against Djibouti's PM and civilian officials.

    Farrow said that sometimes a government will go to Israel to buy it, and won't be approved, but the Israeli officials will say Hey go to these guys (outside of the official system) and they can give you this capability. Also that there are lots of other countries ready to step in to sell this capability if Israel were not to do so.

    Hari on Amanpour pointed out that who Israel sells (is allowed to sell) the software to shows global relations. (They weren't allowed to sell to Ukraine because Ukraine is fighting Russia.)

    The industry is supposed to be worth about $16b annually.

  • Apr, 2022
  • Apr 15, 2022
  • Shanghai residents forced from their apartments so State can use them as temporary quarantine facilities

    Videos of this are viral. (A few dozen it looks like) citizens clashing with police (police in white non-contamination suits). Wrestling as the police take away people protesting (I don't think you can even call this 'protesters').

    In another video a few dozen people assembled on a street in a protest against the closure of a school to be used as a quarantine facility. Police broke them up and forced them off the streets.

    Frustration and anger, leading to violence.

  • Feb, 2022
  • Feb 19, 2022

  • EFF


  • ... reportedly, for the past 2 years during the Pandemic.


  • Arsenal Consulting

  • Oct, 2021
  • Oct 30, 2021
  • FBI commanded Signal to give them account info

    Here's the account they wanted more info about, and Signal's (represented by the ACLU) response.

    Note that just because this appears like Signal is secure, it doesn't for sure mean it's not a smokescreen.

  • Sep, 2021
  • Sep 18, 2021
  • Dan Ellsberg interviewed by Tutsi Gabbard (US Rep Hawaii)

    (In 2019 or 2020)

    "I was the first person charged under the charges he [Assange I think he's talking about] is now facing. But I was charged as a source, and there wasn't one for 10 years after that. ... and then 3 and 9 and 1 other. There were 3 cases and then 9 under Obama. They were all either plea bargains or won in court. It's never gone to the Supreme Court.

    "Mainly they were sources like me, and they were using the Espionage Act, which was designed for spies, and has no provision in it for pleading any public interest. You can't argue in court. I wasn't allowed to speak in court to answer the question--I spoke for four and a half days--but I wasn't allowed to answer the question, 'Why did you copy the Pentagon Papers?'

    "So my lawyer, a consitution lawyer, said, 'Your honor, I've never heard of a case where the defendant was not allowed to tell the jury why he did what he did,' and Judge Burns said, 'Well, you're hearing one now,' and that's been true of every case since then..

    "So you can't get a fair trial as a whistleblower. ... you can't say anything about what the impact has been, whether there was harm, what you wanted to accomplish.

    "But it was never meant to be an official secrets act, a British type official secret s act. ... and in fact they said at the time, in 1917 when they passed this, we don't want an official secret act. The question was could you use it against a source like me. Well, that never had been done since 1917. So it was an experiment with me.

    ... But the new thing about this [Assange] is that it's the first time a journalist has been tried as a defendent, and that makes it into a full British official secrets act.

    "So it's not even just that he can't argue motives effectively, as a journalist he should not be ... it's always been clear to papers that sources, like me, should not be tried under the Espionage Act where they can't plead public interest at all. But the newspapers never got behind us very much.
  • Aug, 2021
  • Aug 06, 2021
  • Apple to put software on iPhones that will scan all photos user-side

    ... unlike things Microsoft and Dropbox currently do, which is scan images people upload to their cloud storage, Apple has said they are going to actually scan users phones themselves. They cited 'harm against children' as their auspice.

    Commenters have pointed out that in addition to just being privacy-invading and certain to lead to governments around the world monitoring journalists, dissidents, and everyone else, it means there will be unknown people in a room somewhere reviewing any photos they take of their children being bathed in a sink, etc.

    Commenters say it marks a change in direction for Apple, who had built a (somewhat dubious but somewhat popular) rep as going against attempts to invade their customer's privacy.

  • Jun, 2021
  • Jun 28, 2021
  • Turkish underworld figure, hiding out in Dubai, is blogging regularly about the dirt on Turkish politicians

    His name is Sedak Peker. Turks tune in every week for his updates, and the majority think there is at least some truth in them. Although many of the things he says are already known, that he is saying them and the evidence (although it seems there's not much in the way of evidence) makes people listen.

    His most recent video said he was now on a 'red list,' meaning there was a high chance he'd be killed, but said he would still do what he had said, which is talk about Erdogan. Erdogan has called it a 'conspiracy.'

    'People listen to him because the media here in Turkey has been silenced. They can't report many facts, so people prefer to believe what a Mafia leader says,' according to a DW Turkish Service worker.

  • Jun, 2021
  • Jun 26, 2021
  • US seized and blocked 33 Iranian media websites

    The US justice dept said the publishers, including a channel used by Yemen's Houthi rebels and 3 websites using by a Hezbollah group in Iraq, were using the sites to spread misinformation.The domains for the sites are registered in the US.

    Iran recently elected a new president who reportedly has already ruled out meeting with Biden, while negotiators from Iran, the US, Russia, China and other countries are working on revising the 2015 nuclear deal. Negotiators reportedly are close to a deal that would bring Iran again into compliance.

    Some wonder if the action has the possibility to derail the negotiations.

    Some critics point out that there is a concern in turning the domain name system (DNS) into a tool of geopolitical info warfare because that threatens the integrity of the internet and the global network.

    "What the US did to Iranian websites was a breach of all principles of freedom of speech, which the United States is proud of." - Some guy not identified by RT

    Who gets to decide what is info and what is misinformation? The censor of the internet?


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