Lots of people talking about these new couple ways to hack / scam phones and accounts (like bank accounts).

Prevention: never tell anyone your email address you use for those accounts, have a phone number you use for them which no one knows, don't publish any information about yourself on social media so people can't just look you up and get it, never let your phone or computer be touched by anyone else ever, and never put anything in your computer (flash card, SD card) which has been out of your sight ever. You can also change your phone number frequently. You perhaps should change it when a spouse becomes an ex, or a friend becomes not a friend. Never click on links on any message sent to you ever, even if it's a job offer or a friend saying it's urgent. Don't open attachments either. (You can also check the domain in any link and the domain in the email very carefully, and know what you're looking for). Since you can't run a cursor over a linked text on phones (and on desktop you might accidentally click it when you hover over it) all email services should auto-print all links as the actual link).