The biggest increase in military spending since the 90s. 40% for air force 20% on the Navy. 17% for ground forces. 35% to refill ammunition depos and upgrade cyberwarfare and kit.

They want 35 Lockheed-Martin F-35s, 60 Boeing Chinook helicopters, and 15 Eurofighter typhoon jets. They'll also spend on R&D, combat cloud, combat air systems (6th gen fighter jet), submarine tech, frigates, artillery, tanks. In cooperation with other European countries and the US.

They don't currently have a single combat-ready division, reportedly. They plan to have a combat ready division in 2025.

What was their use to NATO? "On paper" they have 350 Pumas (150 can be used), 51 Tiger helicopters (9 ready). They use analog (not encrypted) radios.

30% of their navy is seaworthy. Their army has 200k soldiers, down from 1990's 500k.

They're planning to up their spending to 2% of GDP on defense.

But they have to get approval to pass this. Germany has a lot of pacifism, but it's currently anyway getting a lot of support.

An interesting thing in Germany is when there's bidding for a defense contract, the loser can challenge the decision, which can stall things for years. German contractors do sue each other sometimes, delaying things for years also.