SHTF pantry

For one person for 1 year, which can last in storage for 5-25 years. It may cost $1000-$1500.

Calories. You need 2200 per day on average. 800,000 per year (an average man needs more, about 1m calories, if he's working every day). Looking at this number by the month, one person can eat:

66 lbs of grain
20 lbs of beans
.83 quarts of oil
10 lbs of sweetener
less than a full salt container
4 lbs of milk

Now by year:

800 pounds of grain examples (this example goes over 800): 300 of white rice, 20 of corn, 400 wheat (you need wheat grinder), 50 oats, 15 barley, 150 pasta.

240 pounds of beans: 120 pinto, 30 red kidney, 100 black beans, 15 split peas

10 quarts of oil (oil needs to be rotated as it does go rancid): a bottle of olive, shortening, coconut, butter powder

120 of sweetener: syrups, jams, honey, etc

8 pounds of salt (which also can be used to preserve food)

50 pounds of milk: powdered

25 of beverage sweeterner (Tang etc)

20 pounds meat: if one serving is about a 1/4 pound, you have 80 servings (one meal with meat every 4-5 days): Powdered meat or eggs, canned chicken, spam, etc.

90 pounds dried fruits and vegetables (1/4 pound per day). About 90 cans from the grocery store, since most cans in the store contain a bit less than a pound




Recipes (there may not be internet)

Axe, machete


Dark and cool and dry (under 70 degrees F ie 20 degrees C, but cooler the better). Heat and moisture are not friends to food preservation.

Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers in the bags (food items that have more space between the items, like pasta, require more oxygen absorbers). Buckets and totes to keep food from being eaten by pests. Label with pens.

Cooking in water