Twitter applies blue checkmarks to a bunch of accounts (big accounts, maybe all accounts over 1m)

The blue check says the person paid $8 and verified their phone number, but lots of these people said they didn't do that, and many oppose the idea.

There is also a legal angle. US fed law prohibits false endorsement of a product.

Some found a way to remove their blue checkmark, but some saw Twitter restore it to their accounts several times, such as anti blue check mark comedian Dril.

Last month (week?), Musk said he was personally paying for some celebrities blue check marks. So it's unknown whether he's paying for these new ones or they just applied the check mark to the accounts.

From headlines and tweets, it seems this is reflecting negatively on Musk's reputation. However, there are also people on Musk's Twitter side, it seems, as anti blue check mark people have been 'trolled' as 'cheapskates'. So maybe we could say more divisive.

It's been said before. Media is not the same game as engineering or product making.