Afghanistan questions

Will there be a civil war or will Taliban go for a political settlement between the two longstanding groups (Taliban's Sharia followers VS liberal, marxist, democratic, more secular Islamist 'Afghan government' -- both groups nationalist)?

Will Taliban attack across the Durand line into Pakistan (in Balochinstan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa), who they see as playing both sides for years (being a middle man and getting $$ for American involvement in Afghanistan against the Soviets while training Islamist fighters (Mujaheddin) and sheltering Taliban leaders after 911). Is there any chance of a Pakistan-Taliban reunion after their contentious history?

Will Kabul become part of the Belt and Road (India does not want that)

How will India deal with the strict Sunni Taliban? It's expected it will be difficult, despite longstanding good relations between the two

How will China, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan fight among each other in the relative chaos after the US withdraws?

What conflict will US enter/initiate next to continue their narrative as global savior, etc.?

How will Taliban pursue their goal of an Islamic state?

How many will leave as refugees?

Will Taliban really be more lenient as they seem to be saying, and not seek revenge for those they used to compete against? Will they really allow women more rights? Right now many people are too afraid to even leave their houses, while others are out on the streets taking photos and shaking hands with Taliban (moreso young people).

How will any Taliban possibly take over positions such as governorships, etc., without any training, although they are currently taking lots of photos in these offices? (On the other hand, Afghans hate their now-fled president and their old government for its corruption and incompetence).

Which countries will (which one could) recognize Taliban when it means they will go into the blacklist of the FATF? Will even China to it?

How much support does Taliban really have in villages (it's thought they have lots in rural areas) and cities? They offer security, will they be able to provide it meaningfully? Will anyone try to disrupt their ability to deliver this to people.

Did the governments involved already come to an agreement before the withdrawal?

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