Will Russia continue to be a reliable supplier of arms to India, as Russia becomes involved with China?

"A weakened Russia, with a degraded military industrial structure, is not going to be the major reliable, efficient partner we were counting on before the war." Indian congressman

India is considering closer alliance with the US but is not impressed with the US's history of alliances (it hasn't always fared very well for the US's alliance partners, some say).

Some say India is coming to resemble China and Russia more than it resembles Western democracies.

2 months before the Ukraine invasion Putin visited India on a rare trip abroad.

In 1971 both India and the Soviets were concerned about China and made a strong pact. Russia became India's #1 arms supplier (against China, India's longstanding adversary).

Recently, the US threatened to sanction India for an arms purchase of high-tech Russia weapons.

However, India buying arms from Russia seems to have been declining anyway over the past 10 years. India buys more now from US, Israel, France and other countries.

Russia has historically voted against and even vetoed UN movements in support of India, particularly in India's sensitive issues like Kashmir.