• Biden signed a 'China competition bill' Chips Act, to 'boost US chipmakers'

    Haven't looked yet what else is in this bill.

  • #371 RISC-V: How much is open source? Featuring the new ESP32-C3 - YouTube

    His guess is that RISC-V will be successful because it's seen as RISC-V against ARM (monopoly), just as ARM succeeded against INTEL/HP in IoT etc in the 90s. A non-closedSource chip is good for those who want to build their products on top of the chip level.

    The RISC-V foundation recently moved to Switzerland (to be more secure or something).

    WP, Seagate, Huawei and Microchip (Arduino manufacturer) all are customers of ARM and don't like their monopoly.

  • Chip shortage touches Toyota

    Inventory reaching limits (it is suspected the reason), Toyota is cutting N America production from 150k to 90k.