• Mexico nationalized lithium

    "Elon Musk's worst nightmare."

  • US-Mexico border: More US citizen teens being used to transport migrants because they're minors and not likely to face legal consequences

    They can make hundreds of dollars per run.

    Authorities say they saw a rise in teens doing this work in 2021. They also say that the transporters know that if they drive fast enough the authorities will not pursue.

    People don't want to give these young people a record that might prevent them from being able to join the army or get certain jobs (especially if they are poor, it was said).

  • 10% of 1% of Mayan sites

    ... of all the remains archaeologists could excavate, less than a percent has been thoroughly explored, although lots have been touched by looters over the years (near 100%).

  • Mexico decriminalized recreational marijuana

    ... by video conference, the Supreme Court 'recognized the right to the recreational use of marijuana.'

    It's still not legal. The Supreme Court can just cross out unconstitutional laws. Legalization (rules for consuming, growing and selling) is for the Senate and Congress.