• In the video, the officials are whacking those that are bearing the coffin (ie both hands holding the weight above their shoulders).
  • Gaza battery buildup

    20,000 tonnes of waste batteries have built up in the Gaza Strip (leaking pollutants), because export of batteries is still banned by Israel (13 years now for the ban).
  • Settler violence is a 'tool' Israel uses to take over Palestinian land - B'Tselem

    According to B'Tselem's recent report, Israel uses 2 techniques to take over land in the West Bank:

    1) Official annexation through the judicial system

    2) Acts of violence carried out by settlers

    B'Tselem called settler violence there systemic, organized and institutionalized.

  • Palestinian protesters want Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to resign following death of one of his critics in custody

    The man's family said the autopsy report showed he had been beaten.

    'What Nizar faced was planned and organized crime,' said a protester.

    The protesters who assembled in Ramallah had other complaints, including corruption, cronyism, disregard for legitimate process, and not protecting the rights of Palestinians. Abbas recently postponed Palestinian elections indefinitely.