You can chose the wrong model because you don't know, or because you know very well. Test rats taylor-made to manipulate the results and prove the innocense of Bispenol-A. Another successful trick of the illusionists of science.

very regularly, scientific facts prove the climate sceptics' theories wrong, which is potentially dangerous for this community because they can lose members over it. so there's a kind of innoculative reaction. for 2 or 3 days, they'll innundate the social networks with alternative facts, and will keep their visibility in a globalized environment. without social networks, communities of this size wouldn't be able to survive the facts which so clearly disprove their beliefs. - david chavalarias

originated on a social media platform before spreading around the globe.

on the climate sceptics side, the core is always active. these people never stop tweeting. there are fewer of them but they are more active, which means they are trying to counterbalance the debate. they're overactive. some acounts have 100k, 200k tweets, in 10 years. thats incredible. so this is how they're colonizing twitter. a solid core, spreading their arguments on an astronomical scale.

which research is accepted


turns into a marketplace whre everyone tries to attract attention