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  • Mar 22,2024
  • The ‘Tiktok ban’ law is ‘not just a Tiktok ban’ says Sacks. It could be the new Patriot Act. E170: Tech's Vibe Shift, TikTok ban debate, Vertical AI boom, Florida bans lab-grown meat & more - YouTube ‘The worst ideas are bipartisan.’ This one was 50-0. Not 47.3, not 42.8. There was hardly any debate. The may have been ‘stampeded’ into passing it.
    ‘My alarm bells go off when DC acts with this kind of unanimity, because the only time they do that, when they become a uniparty, is when the national security state wants some new power. Entry into Iraq War, Patriot Act.’
    ‘They always cite classification when they don’t want the public to know something.'
    If this is about we can't have our apps in China but their are here, and we want to stop that, put it in a trade bill, said Sacks. This isn't in a trade bill, it just gives new powers to the government to define foreign adversary controlled applications and websites.
    What does this app do that other apps don't do? It hasn't been shown.
    There's so many AGs going after Facebook and Insta and other tech companies, making their bones, and could go after ByteDance, yet none are. Why not? and suddenly 100% support for this law.
    Remedy not narrowly tailored, and law will lead to weaponization.
    The Patriot Act was written with sunset provisions, but although it expired in 2020 without being reauthorized, government agencies retain most of the authorities granted by the act.
    Secret Tiktok Ban Hearings / Lobbying - YouTube
    Although there are political differences among people, ‘we should be able to come together on these issues like ... mass surveillance’. ‘It is a major threat to your rights.’
    They want to ‘collect data that can’t be collected right now.'
    The idea that TikTok is dangeous because it seeds misinformation or discontent in America. ‘No one seeds more discontent than the MSM in the US. They pit political parties against each other on a constant basis.’
    ‘Vague language is always alarming ... because everyone who is under this legislation is at risk.’
    FOSS developers are in every country including foreign adversaries. ‘That doesn’t mean they have misaligned influence.'
    Tiktok may be becoming a problem for ‘the Israeli establishiment.’ Billionaires.
    The work of journalists going undercover. Those involved are ... taking money from the pro-Israel lobby.
    ADL policing speech. APAC funding politiicans, who can fund and run a candidate against you if they don't like your platform or speech.
    Trudeau's new online censorship law - Problems with Bill C-63 / the Online Arms Law - YouTube

    Another State Does Away w/Mandatory Bar Exam for Attorneys - YouTube

    DOJ has sued Apple over iPhone monopoly.
    One argument: When Apple encounters competitive threats, it doesn't lower prices, but rather imposes a ‘series of shapeshifting rules and restrictions in its App Store guidelines and dev agreements.’ ... ‘Blocks, essentially, that forces people to stay.’
    ‘Peak Apple’ has been said by some.
    To a challenge that Android phone users couldn't send videos to people they knew, Cook responded ‘Buy your mom an iPhone.’
    The issue has been talked about in terms of government wants Apple to be integrative with nonApple products. Apple has always had this policy. Consumers are paying for this product.
    A sort of ‘democrat’ view is that ‘Apple will keep abusing power until they’re checked' and so they have to be checked. They want ‘the industry to stand for more interoperability’.
    Point of reference is when Microsoft (which had 95% of the market at that time for PCs) tried to dominate search with a browser, and how they would have continued. 'They had substantial market power and what they were in the process of doing was the smart thing from the business standpoint. They would have killed the competing browser, then baked their own into Windows, and with that you control search. They were trying to break html and openStandards and using all kinds of funky code. They were telling computer makers that they could get Windows for cheap (or free?) with the browser bundle, or pay $150 each computer without the browser monopoly thing. Same thing Google does on phones with Android basically.
    I would probably say that for that particular issue, it is fine as long as the company is small (10% of market or less). Another tactic would be for Android to deny interrelation with Apple until Apple permits it.

    Reddit IPOd. How will they monetize?

    UK Police Force told: 'Women who criticise gender ideology should be treated as terrorists' - YouTube

    Google fined 250 million euros for using news articles to train chatbot | BBC News - YouTube

    A law in US will reduce real estate agent commissions by shifting it from (current) seller pays 6% in a contract when he lists, to buyer and seller each pay 2% or 3% or so. No buyer will agree to this, it is considered. They can look on Redfin and go look at the house themselves.
    The current way is considered to be a kind of a racket, which only works because the seller pays it and is sort of force to.
    You buy a house for $1m and then sell it for $1.1, but have to pay $60k to an agent. A great service by an agent might get $1.2 whereas a bad one might get 800k.
    They might remove half the fees in the industry this way.
    Agents might start to work hourly. Or they might change a fee rather than a commission, for various homebuying services. Or a flat rate plus percentage ($1m house means $10k, plus 10% over that price ... or and 20% for the next hundred K over the price), flat fee guaranteed plus commission for performance.
    Opportunity for startups, leveraging AI.

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  • Mar 15,2024
  • State Court Says Local Officers Can't Spy From Above Without a Warrant - YouTube
    Alaska constitution. US Constitution actually has language to allow doing this, it says if you can fly over and look down then you can fly over and look down and take pictures.
    Aircraft must have a warrant to use a camera with zoom lens.
    In 2012, police flew over the yard to take a look, and saw ‘unidentifyable plants' and got a warrant on that (how?) to enter the property. Several appeals.
    Alaska Supreme court: ‘The Alaska Constitution protects the right to be free of unreasonable searches. The fact that a random person might catch a glimpse of your yard while flying from one place to another does not make it reasonable for law enforcement officials to take to the skies and train high powered optics on the private space right outside your home without a warrant.’
    Just because people can see something doesn't mean police can take a telephoto lens and all these different sensors and things (heat sensors) and do anything.
    The Constitutions talks about what steps the government can and cannot take to surveil you, and you have to ask yourself what kinds of things would we want them doing or not doing. ... You want law enforcement to enforce the laws, but they get a tip somebody's growing something, so they fly over and take pictures with a giant lens.
    Are all Americans fascinated with Alaska?

    House passes TikTok bill: What investors need to know - YouTube
    Is it actually starting? A trend which will protect people from tracking and spying?
    ‘Tiktok should be banned,' one commenter said, because of their extraordinary ability to influence public opinion. Will we see Congress actually do something to make a thing that should be actually happen?

    He Brought A Nailgun To A Protest - What Is The Law? - YouTube
    It can't fire 152.4meters per second, so not a ‘firearm’. (Note that some nailguns can achieve over that, particlarly powder-actuated ones.)
    It is a weapon carried to a public meeting. It is a weapon carried for a dangerous purpose (unless he went and got it for self-defense after getting in an altercation).
    He was carrying a weapon while committing another crime, if he was assaulting. Then he would be assaulting with a weapon (just drawing a fist or pointing a projectile weapon is assualt).

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  • Mar 11,2024
  • Lawyer: Bad Copyright Claims Cost Rick Beato a Ton - YouTube
    ‘clearly fair use’ during an interview to talk about the thing.

    Is Oregon's controversial drug decriminalization plan working? - YouTube

    Crime Lab Scientist Deleted and Tampered w/DNA Results in 600 Cases - YouTube
    The findings ‘put all of her work in question’. 29 years. Data retention and quality control measures were violated, showing how specious these are having them as the reliable part of a system.
    When DNA, blood, fingerprint testing is done, it's just sent to the prosecutor or whoever, it's not delivered into the court. The person doing the testing doesn't come into the court and participate and say who they are and what they found. The person is not, as perhaps they should be, a witness. They can't be cross-examined, an integral part of reliable justice systems. If a witness seems not credible you can cross-examine them on that. If the woman tester here were later called to court regarding a test she did, she could be cross-examined on her reliability as a witness because she had these manipulated/deleted tests.
    How many retrials must now be done? where the convicted may not have had true evidence presented, and at the least didn't get a fair trial. It looks like 652 trials going back to 2008. Some of the convicted would have already been sentenced and served time in jail and been released.
    'She deleted and altered data that concealed her tampering with controls ... her failure to troubleshoot issues within the testing process ... failed to provide thorough documentation in the case record related to certain tests ... cut corners ...
    CBI apparently doesn occasionally find their agents have issues. But this is 29 years later.
    Steven noted that one way this sort of thing happens is that in law enforcement (like other things) some people start to believe that their hunches are magically correct and ‘though the evidence doesn’t point towards this guy I know they did it, so we're going to construct a case around this person.' And police might be coming to this tester and saying Hey I know you did some tests but this isn't helping us, and might pressure her to give them evidence that helps their case because they're sure the person did it, and maybe they make her job hard for her if she doesn't cooperate. Or maybe it's laziness on her part.
    There are a lot of steps in the travel of a piece of evidence, through storage, transport, packaging, testing, between buildings, data entry, retrieval. Sometimes you hear about how something wasn't done properly for various reasons. Maybe the guys just wanted to finish work to go out for a beer because it was somebody's birthday so they cut corners, whatever.

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  • Mar 05,2024
  • Terrorism charges laid against man accused in Edmonton City Hall attack - YouTube

    Cops Use 'Find My iPhone' App, Search Wrong House, Hit w/$3.8M Verdict - YouTube
    Can you think of an easier way to get $4m?
    The phone location wasn't precise and they thought it was. The phone they were looking for was somewhere else.
    A new Colorado law (2022 police reform bill) allows people to sue police over violations of their state constitutional rights. Sue in state court. (Fed constitutional rights, you have to show it's a clearly established right, otherwise the police can say ‘qualified immunity’ which made it difficult to pursue wrongs, and that's why Colorado did this).
    Woke up to an alarm, military style police, armored vehicle, police dog, etc. ‘on her lawn’. They busted into the garage even though she told them how to open the door. They busted ceiling tiles to get into the attic. Broke some other things. 'Biggest damage to her sense of safety.' 'Has difficulty sleeping.' 'Moved to a different neighborhood.'
    ACLU of Colorado. Her verdict appears to be against not the PD but 2 employees. Can she collect?

    Algos could be regulated to not conduce echo-chambers.
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  • Mar 01,2024
  • Why a Senate bill could see Pornhub blocked in Canada | TECH NEWS - YouTube
    Digital IDs or facial recognition.

    FBI informant Smirnov arrested again over charges on false Hunter Biden reports - YouTube
    Same charges?

    Two Montreal universities launch lawsuits against the Quebec government - YouTube
    For tuition hikes.

    Dominican hospital charges Atlanta couple $7,100, refuses to give itemized bill - YouTube

    Case Adjourned When Jurors Can't Be Found Who Are Willing to Convict - YouTube
    Voir dire. $500 fine for feeding the homeless without the city's permission in Houston.
    90 tickets have been issued since March against volunteers of this organization (not an individual) which serves meals near the city library. City has lost every case.
    Voir dire often comes up in murder and assault in cases where people have strong feelings about things, and in capital punishment.
    Jury nulificaiton can also happen when a jury agrees about guilt but still aquit. Often they disagree with the law. Is this guy a criminal or a good neighbor?
    Sometimes a jury says, 'The prosecution has one version, and the defence has a completely different version, and I'm actually buying THAT version.'
    Sometimes the person has excuses for what they've done, and that excuse might not rise to where the court's gonna say ‘If you find this you can acquit.’ But a jury looking at the facts might say say I understand that what they did was illegal, but I understand why they did it, and I think I woulda done it, you woulda done it, I think reasonable people would've done that, considering the circumstances. So I can't vote to convict that person.

    Company That Sweeps Up License Plate Data Faces Class Action Trial in May - YouTube
    They use license plate scanners, drive around, develop location data on cars and sell that to marketers. 22m plates per month are scanned by this company.
    Not consistent with civil liberties, it is argued. Mass surveilance program. Detailed picture of people lives, home, other peoples' homes, doctors, place of worship, businesses they frequent.
    Is there something intrusive about this? Sweeping up the info on a plate, not just the person who happens to be there at that moment unconnected to the person anyway. But building a detailed profile of people.
    Defense says no one has been directly harmed.
    According to a Cali 2016 law that says if you sue for a broken law, you can get minimum $2500. 22m people times that. The plaintiff may also want equable relief ie to make them stop.

    Teachers sue Gavin Newsom for forcing them to lie about students' gender - YouTube (Fox)

    City to Install Speed Cameras on Interstate for 'Safety' - YouTube
    'Other cities that have implemented similar measures have seen a massive increase in revenue.' A money printing machine, paid for by citizens, many from out of state. You don't have to pay the machine a salary either.

    "There's NO such thing as PARENTAL RIGHTS in Canada" - YouTube
    ‘It’s dangerous and harmful' to do what he doesn't want lawmakers to do, and the way they talk about it is ‘hateful.’ The people in question are ‘just trying to be kids.’
    Commenter: "Someone with rights but no responsibilities is a tyrant.
    Someone with responsibilities but no rights is a slave."

    HOA sends him 1 dozen-plus parking tickets, but he doesn’t own a car - YouTube
    These things should mandatorily have a papertrail of who touched a procedure, with either their name or id number on a list on the actual document the person gets.

    Elon Musk's lawsuit against OpenAI and Altman began a year ago, says Musk biographer Walter Isaacson - YouTube
    Motivations? Relationship started in 2012. Musk worried about AI getting out of control. They had made OpenAI opensource, nonprofit. Falling out and Altman decided it wasn't going to be any longer opensource or nonprofit. Musk wanted to go back to original documents about what the project was, and saw, the biographer says, they would wind up in court. Altman had offered Musk shares and said he could make money off it. Musk doesn't want money really, he wants OpenAI opened up to opensource, as the original documents said, so it can't run out of control.
    You can't take an opensource, nonprofit and turn it into what they're doing now (something pretty much controlled by Microsoft), is the issue, the biographer said.
    They had a bunch of founding documents, the emails between the two men talking about it.
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  • Feb 22,2024
  • Air Canada found liable for chatbot’s bad advice on plane tickets - YouTube
    AC said they are not responsible for something their employees or workers, even a chatbot, say. The chatbot is not a separate legal entity, he argued.
    Airline's Insane Defense in Lawsuit it Lost - YouTube

    The Flipper Zero Ban is Insane - YouTube
    No evidence one was ever used to steal cars in Canada. Can't even really do it, it seems, unless you have the fob and trigger it outside range of the car, then go to the car and open it.
    100k cars were stolen in Canada in 2022, and there's a lot of meetings on the subject in Ottawa this week.

    College student tracking Taylor Swift’s jets fires back in legal letter - YouTube
    What do you do when someone makes themselves a personal nuisance? Generally, laws are created to prevent these actions, but how would we define the wrong here?
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  • Feb 13,2024
  • Police Now Need a Warrant to Access Ring Footage - YouTube

    Causing Someone to Stop Walking is Now a Crime in Vegas - YouTube

    Blinding headlights are growing problem on US roads - YouTube

    Is he for real? Destruction of evidence isn't viewed as criminal act by Trudeau government - YouTube

    City Sues to Keep Its Police Chase Policy Hidden - YouTube
    Because police have rules for when they will continue a police chase and when they will not pursue further becaues negatives outweigh positives.
    But now a bystander was struck and killed during a chase. They want to know if the police were following their policy at the time.
    They have the Freedom and Information Act in Texas.

    Anna Paulina Luna Asks If Hillary Clinton Or Stacey Abrams Should Be Charged With 'Insurrection' - YouTube
    #Terrorism #Politics

    Ford government's wage restraint law deemed unconstitutional - YouTube
    Bill 124. Workers could be eligible for $billions in backpay.
    'Violated the collective bargaining rights of workers.'
    ‘unconstitutional bill passed in 2019.’
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  • Feb 05,2024
  • Section230 repeal (to have more censorship), both sides seem to want it in Congress (at least the lack of reliability). Current grandstanding, maybe even support, but we'll regret where it goes, which is more censorship. Scapegoating, moral panic, chance to grandstand?
    Instead of having lots of small players, you have a handful, so it's easier to blame or attack them. ‘If you apply a very small error rate to a very large number (3.5b monthly), even if you say .01% error rate, that’s 3m unintended consequences. A law of large numbers. In China they mandate what products (mostly video games) children can use and how many hours per day.
    Every time there's an alleged harm, a bully whateer, they're going to try to pin it on SM, to show that they consumed something that led or contributed to this. Disproportionate relative to harm.
    There's linups around the world to sue these companies if we let them be sued. Flood of litigation. The companies will have to content moderate even stricter, just as a corporate act. ‘That Republican content caused a situation that caused this harm’ so they censor more of it.
    Do you think there will still be conversations online about gun ownership enthusiasm (or even second amendment rights)? or will it result every time in a plaintiffs lawsuit every time there's a shooting, not going after the person who made the post, but the platform.
    Lawyers looking at all that money they could extract, and their fees is 10 or 20% of $100s of millions. Bringing bullying, sexual cases to jury trials and they're going to think they're ‘on the right side of history.’ There will be lawyers specialized in this kind of case. Funded cases by hedgefunds.
    The rules on the field were X and people were trying to follow those rules.

    Elon ruled against in pay compensation package completion
    The company went up $50b. When Elon negotiated, no one thought he could hit all these things. They've 10xed. He got no guaranteed compensation, but instead he only got any compensation if he hit ‘crazy’ milestones. Decent or good performance wouldn't have got him anything. TSLA had the largest short position ever. He had tried 3 CEOs and thought none would be able to do it. He was sleeping on the factory floor. So massively positively affected shareholders. The deal was a win-win. 73 or 80% of shareholders approved the deal. It's the deal most shareholders of any company would want. Most CEOs would not take this deal. Most CEOs have compensation packages counter to shareholder value, and instead they raise debt, increasing the enterprise value by loading up on debt, and then do repurchase plans. Debt doesn't do good for shareholders but it does for CEO. Wile Elon spent the last 5 years making TSLA go 10x.
    A shareholder (9 shares) ('the nameplace for the lawfirm going after Elon') sued and won that the pay package didn't go through (Elon can appeal).
    Delaware had highly predictable governance, but now maybe not, said Chamath.
    Will ‘100%’ have a ripple effect on how CEOs do their contracts. They will want something totally gameable where they have 90% support on the surface. EPS targets for CEOs (Elon did it on pure profit and performance) meaning debt). What companies will chose Delaware?
    Is this part of Biden's ‘We gotta get this guy’ thing? Sacks asked. Delaware is a Biden state. FCC is spending $15k per person to do wireless internet when Starlink would cost them 1500. Why? And they're gonna go out and buy Starlink while they're waiting anyway.
    Lawyers may take $19b of the plaintiff's winnings as a fee, by far the largest gain for lawyers in the Delaware Chancery Court history.
    Musk may reincorporate in Texas, but they would have to pay corporate tax rather than 0 corporate tax in Delaware but like $250k in a fee.
    For a pay contract to work for a CEO there has to be a possibility of pain as well as gain, otherwise, like the megagrants of CEOs in the past, they will just think about how rich (very rich or more rich than that) their pay will be. Patrick Boyle highlighted.

    Vince McMahon’s resignation from TKO ‘not enough’: Attorney - YouTube
    She was late 30s, he was sending sexualized content of her around without complaint from her, and now years later she ‘wants to end the culture of cooercive control’ where ‘she feld imprisoned.’
    Don't we need some nice clear and hard definitions of what can be illegal treatment? or it could be on the other side, a constitutional protection or a law against being slandered in a lawsuit for treatment that was accepted at the time. Howver, that might not be beneficial to lawyers who make a lot off this ambiguity.

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  • Jan 31,2024
  • More provinces looking to ban phones in classrooms - YouTube

    Squatters turn Beverly Hills mansion into party house - YouTube
    Keeping neighbors u p with noise.
    The police were called to attend but the people came up with a false lease. The courts won't do anything, the real estate agent says, because squatters have rights.
    Police swarm Beverly Crest mansion occupied by squatters - YouTube
    Someone called saying someone with a knife was entering the building.
    But the police couldn't evict them. Detained and released. ‘If someone enters your house while you’re away and changes the locks there's nothing you can do about it.' LA.

    Palm Springs home values in "free-fall" after city cracks down on Airbnb - YouTube

    Federal lawsuit claims common fridge failures are corporate fraud - YouTube

    Hong Kong court orders Chinese property developer Evergrande to liquidate | DW News - YouTube

    "Should It Be Illegal?" - Controversy Over Taylor Swift AI Nude Images - YouTube
    Things that a minority of people can see immediately, it requires actually happening (and sometimes thereby passing the point of proper control) for the magority to even acknowledge. The only rational solution becomes only possible to them to consider at that point.

    I-Team: Study: Nearly 1,000 Georgians wrongly arrested due to false positive drug field tests - YouTube

    TSN confirms names of former WJC players facing charges - YouTube
    No one has details of statements what happened in the room, but after a date with one hockey player and consensual sex in a hotel room, allegedly other guys entered and had other kinds of relations alleged to be assault.
    Recently, I listened to a bballer talk about how different it is for them. That sport pays a lot relatively, and they just pay their girls and they also just call the shots. Paying means buying them things or whatever. Acceptance of the thing could be interpreted to mean consent.

    Toronto-area teacher’s aide acquitted of sexual assault says her reputation is ruined - YouTube
    Apparently without even questioning the story told by the student, who was known to ‘have a propensity’ for ‘violence and falsehood’. People assume that if a person is charged the police have reason to do so. ‘How the people we trusted are the ones that failed us the most.’

    Official arrested for speaking at her own meeting. Her rights were violated, judge says - YouTube
    She was criticizing country sheriff at an open meeting. Told she was disrupting the public meeting and removed in handcuffs. Charges later dropped. She filed suit against them. ‘This is not ... Putin’s [or] ... AlAdas' country. We do not arrest our political opponents because of something they said.'
    Ohio has a law that law. Misdemeanor where you can use obstructive speech or conduct outrage the sensibilities of the group.
    An inmate had died and she and the sheriff were going back and forth about it.
    Happened a year and a half ago, now making headlines.

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  • Jan 30,2024

  • Macy's and Sunglass Hut.

    Raped him with a shank pressed against his neck when he went to the bathroom.

  • Jan, 2024
  • Jan 26,2024
  • Invoking Emergencies Act against convoy protests was unreasonable, court rules - YouTube
    Infringed 'Charter rights’. 2B Freedom of Expression. 8 Search and Seizure. Didn't find any infringement on Movement.
    Finding was very different than the the ‘public inquiry’, the Merlo Commission which had found that what the government did was ok.
    At the time, there was a lot of talk about the ‘CSIS defintion of a naitonal threat.’ Justice Mosley said it doesn't matter if CSIS says that, although it might have weight and be considered. ... The seizing and freezing of bank accounts affected people beyond those they were trying to affect. ... Unreasonable invocation of the Emergencies Act.
    Judge said this is why it's important to have thes public interest litigants [CCLA] to bring these cases forward.
    #Canada #HumanRights
    The CCLA hadn't asked for costs or any remedy other than a declaration.
    ‘Canadian government’ expected to appeal.
    What happens when a court finds a democratic government violates the Constitution? Can a person who is a PM/President retain authority after they have publicly broken the law against many people and violated a whole nation? and how can they hope to afterwards talk about other people as criminals?
    Trudeau government has been saying that ‘economic harm’ can constitute ‘a national threat to Canada.’ Nope. ‘Gaslighting’ Court rules Trudeau's invocation of Emergencies Act was UNREASONABLE and UNCONSTITUTIONAL - YouTube
    Government lost on all measures, not just one. Everything they did, basically, was illegal (unconstitutional) (except perhaps againts Movement).
    The Trudeau Regime Just Got a Whole Lot Worse - YouTube

    FBI DEFIES Judge’s Order To Turn Over Seth Rich’s Laptop! - YouTube

    Supreme Court may reel in power of federal agencies in major case - YouTube
    Medicine, air quality. Who has power to decide? The government-created agencies or the courts, in deciding how to interpret laws? Fishing agency forces fishing boats to carry a government observer on their boat and to pay for it. Currently, courts defer to these types of agencies. ‘That’s where the government almost automatically wins. The government's argument just has to be within the realm of acceptibility, the realm of plausibility.' But the fishermen are saying the agency is overstepping. Lower judges are instructed they have to rule in the government's favor. 40-year precedent. Decision expected in June.
    Healthcare, things won't ‘move as smoothly.’
    We investigated the German farmer protests - YouTube

    Supreme Court Vacates Rulings Against Vaccine Mandates - YouTube
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  • Jan 22,2024
  • Court Orders Police to Give Man's Phone Back After 175M Failed Password Attempts - YouTube
    In Ottawa, Canada. How long should they be allowed to keep it? How many passcode guesses? They wanted to keep the phones for 2 years. They use a dictionary of passwords, leetspeak, and numbers. Takes about days to test 30m passcodes, but depends if the password is in the dictionary. Software (Mentalist) allows them to generate passcodes customized to what's known about the suspect.
    The judge is framing it as a property rights question, not a privacy rights question.

    Proposed Law Would Block Use of Bodycam Footage on YouTube - YouTube
    ‘Seeks to protect women’ and ‘young’ individuals also languaged, ‘young women’. Open public records act requests. Leveraged for gains on SM.

    State Court OKs Warrantless Searches Based on 'Nonverbal' Gestures - YouTube
    ‘Based on believed’ consent. What if the person who opens the door is just a visitor? Good faith belief. ‘Believed authority to consent.’ A smart officer will now just not ask if the residence is theirs, but will just say ‘Can I come in?’ and on ‘good faith’ believe the person had authority to consent nonverbally. If a man shrugs his shoulders, they can assume that means ‘I don’t care go ahead and search' when actually he meant ‘Why are you asking me that? its’ not my place' when he shrugged. Things that before would have meant the police don't have consent now mean the police do have.

    Court Allows Suit to be Served Via Bitcoin Wallet - YouTube

    Canadian customs officers could soon be based in U.S. for the first time - YouTube
    Canadian guards would arrest people wanted under US law.
    Border guards and their lawyers didn't evne know about this until journalists at CBC just called them to comment on the story. They have a lot of concerns, and don't know anything about how it would work.
    Are all laws in Canada passed in secret from anyone they might affect? because it seems to be this way a lot.

    900 Wrongful Convictions in British Post Office Scandal - YouTube
    Not accused. Convicted. Because of a faulty computer system. Left them ‘bankrupt and bronken.’ Fixed after a TV docudrama roused public support, not before, not even after then news published on it. The State owned post office maintained that Horizon (their software) was reliable and said the branch managers were guilty. Some went to prison, some were bankrupt trying to defend themselves, became community pariahs, accused of stealing, marriages fell apart.
    Similar problem happened years ago in Michigan, Lehto said, to handle what they wanted to be an easy way to deal with unemployment claims, flagging people falsely of receiving fraudlently obtained unemployment money, and prosecuted them, saying they had to pay the money back. Class actions were served. Trusting machines to do our thinking for us, and make decisions for us.

    Huge Civil Asset Forfeiture Win for the Marine - YouTube
    How many civil asset forfeitures happen in the US?

    Man Sues 27 Women for Comments on 'Are We Dating the Same Guy?' - YouTube
    Apparently there are Facebook groups like this for regions/cities. Sometimes it's someone's husband or wife.
    Relatedly, the state is looking at new legislation to prevent sharing of personal information online.

    GREAT 2A DECISION: Federal Judge Rules Post Offices ARE NOT Sensitive Places! - YouTube
    (Didn't watch.)

    The current legislation limiting big tech is not meaningful. Of all the big fines handed out to the big tech companies last year, the biggest fine was paid off in 7 days. Andy Yen. You can't change those companies behavior unless you're forced to. DMA coming into force this year in Europe though.

    Saskatoon passengers landing in Orlando told they 'entered the country illegally' - YouTube
    A staff member opened the wrong door so they didn't pass through customs.

    Madonna sued by fans in New York over late concert start time | BBC News - YouTube

    Is the ‘Panemic Treaty’ the next ‘Patriot Act’?

    Reports Ireland govt is trying to make new hate speech laws so citizens can't complain about immigration, which perhaps they majority oppose?
    Will Sin Fein become increasingly the nationalist party?

    Police Called To Stop Filming During Piano Livestream - YouTube
    This is something legislatures are going to have to decide. Should people be unrestricted in where they film/livestream? Do public spaces belong to people who don't care about others who may not want to be in their videos? or does it belong to people who would limit the ability of others to film?
  • Jan, 2024
  • Jan 08,2024
  • Ohio men awarded $300K after they were thrown out of council meeting, arrested - YouTube

    'MY HOUSE NOW': Handyman finds creative way to force out squatters - YouTube

  • Jan, 2024
  • Jan 02,2024
  • Disney loses famous Mickey Mouse copyright in 2024, along with many others - YouTube
    After pressuring courts to (aquiese and) modify copyright law how many times?

    When is it legal to dox someone? When they have 50k followers, is it of general interest?

  • Dec, 2023
  • Dec 29,2023
  • Rite Aid to be barred from using facial recognition under proposed FTC settlement - YouTube
    They falsely tagged consumers as shoplifters.
    They took images and processed them with facial recognition without notifying customers.
    The Dolan family has gotten in trouble for using facial recognition for banning people they didn't like from Madison Square Garden.
    ‘Drug stores are not a place where people should be recorded.’
    Is there space in the market for ‘privacy stores', stores that explicitly state with signage they don't record or track you?

    Couple Loses the Multimillion Dollar African 'Mask Case' - YouTube
    You can't go get some of the money from something you used to own, that was later sold by someone else, France.
    The previous owners failed to exercise due diligence in evaluating thie artistic and historical value.
    They had said the art dealer who bought it mislead them. He said he didn't know it would be worth that much. When he found it was worth like $4m, he offered them $300k after the fact. He bought it for like $150.

    New Law Requires Police to Tell You Why They Pulled You Over - YouTube
    Cali starting Jan 1. 'For among other reasons, just so that they have a reason.' Otherwise, in some places, they'll just pull you over and ask you all kinds of questions, and may aggravate you, and then later tell you Oh you did this. Cali police will have to state their reason before asking any quesion on a subject.
    Now, in Cali, if they say, Hey your headlight is out, and then they say Where you comin from? you will realize that quesiton has nothing to do with the reason they pulled you over.
    To stop ‘pretextual stops’.
    ‘Do you know why I pulled you over’ puts you on the defensive immediately, and there is a tension there.
    Oakland Privacy.
    With the new law, the officer can still withhold the reason if he believes it is ‘necassary to protect life or property from imminent threat.'
    Constitutionally (Federal), police don't have to tell you why they pulled you over, the Supreme Court has said (they've also said police don't have to tell you why you're being arrested). State laws may require it.
    This is only California.

    Woman Sued for $250K by Singer's Reps to Stop Her Merchandise Sales - YouTube
    ‘That would be one of the problems with allowing people to be served by email.’ Some states (including Illinois) allow this. Their email landed in her junkmail folder and she missed the 21-day window. I have email accounts I don't check for years.
    The country singer called the woman personally and said they do have a team that goes after internional companies fake merch sellers who make millions, but he knows she's not doing that. He said it made him sick to his stomach. He sent her $11k, double what she's lost to medical bills for a heart condition. He's also going to make a similar profile on Tumblr, sell it and donate the proceeds to the woman. He invited her to a concert where he'll invite her on stage and give her a hug and apologize in person.
    Most summons are done in person. Some (like for big companies with a resident reciever for these mails) can be served by mail, with their cooperation. You can consent to electronic service, but you have to consent, in other states (not Illinois).
    Letho points out a good scam, where you can create a gmail account for the person you want to serve, serve them by email to that account, then log into that account and say you received it, and then the real person would have to prove that that's not their email account.

    Landlords Required To Build EV Chargers At Renters' Request New Illinois Law! - YouTube

    Giuliani Files for Bankruptcy - YouTube
    Intentional torts not discharged with bankruptcy, so he'll maintain the debt. He was found to have falsely accused 2 2020 election workers of fascilitating fraud. $168m in damages. ??

    SiriusXM Sued for How Hard it is to Cancel - YouTube

    Gas Station Near Airport Accused of Price Gouging - YouTube

    Controversial Florida law sends cities scrambling for new council members - YouTube
    Sharing net worth.

    Huge NEWS in Julian Assange Case: Lawsuit Against CIA for SPYING on Attorneys Will Proceed | Rising - YouTube

    Nightmare Squatters Inspire New Anti-Squatting Law - YouTube
    Better crafted than past failed lawsuits. First line of the suit is that we need independent journalism for democracy to work. It's a lawsuit not just about money. It's a gripe about input and output.
    The output has included verbatim text from NYT articles.
    The debate will be about fair use, the defense against copyright infringement.
    Millions of articles.
    Timing. Sue early. With Google during it's rise, it took journalism and payed nothing, until later we just consider that normal. Challenge assumptions before they become the norm.

    New York Times sues AI companies over copyright infringement - YouTube
  • Dec, 2023
  • Dec 19,2023
  • Safe Deposit Box Case Heard by Ninth Circuit - YouTube
    Fourth Amendment versus unreasonalbe search and seizer. And Fifth for having private property taken without compensation. Institute for Justice. Allegation is FBI has no probable cause to open boxes or after opening them, to keep the stuff. And FBI lost all kinds of stuff they had documented in order to not lose. IJ wants the appeals court to difinitively state that the FBI violated individuals' rights, and to force Fedgov to distroy copies it made of private things like medical documents etc. ‘Oh you want your document back here you go’ but they have a copy. FBI did need to document the contents of the boxes in order to properly give the contents back to the owners, Lehto speculated, otherwise people could just show up and say Hey I'm box number 5 and they couldn't say what was in the box to confirm. However, that seems false, because if they prove they had the box through identity and rental records that should be the only thing needed.

    Sheriff Letter IN FAVOR of Civil Asset Forfeiture - YouTube

    Law deems Illegal immigration a state crime in Texas - YouTube
  • Dec, 2023
  • Dec 12,2023
  • China Fines Everything: $3 Vegetables Sale=$15K Fine, GitHub Visit=$300K Fine, Puppy Joke=$2M Fine - YouTube

    Sony Steals Customers' Purchased Content - Piracy is COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED! - YouTube

    High Court Judge Arrested and Charged - YouTube
    Tasmania, assault and emotional abuse. Media not allowed, court restricted publishing name of victim in accordance with family violence act. A crime that wouldn't get any headlines if it had just been an ordinary person off the street, because it was a Supreme Court justice they escorted him through back door etc.

    Amazon Sued for Selling Bathroom 'Spycam' - YouTube
    ‘Amazon cannot claim shock.' Spycam designed to look like a towel hook. Underage woman in her bathroom, a foreign exchange student.

    Google Loses App Store Antitrust Fight With Fortnite Maker Epic Games - YouTube

    83-Year-Old Woman Handcuffed and Forced to Kneel During Stop Can Sue the Police - YouTube
    Google and Apple as gatekeepers. Thumb on the scale. By jury. The jury understood the issues and case and made a decision. In past cases they used a judge. Google will appeal, so its an issue that'll be settled in years. Google says when you use Android you can use any app etc, and that's technically true but in practice not what Google makes it sound like, which was part of the case.

    New Hampshire Man John DeLee is Not Guilty of Bar Fight Murder: Defense - YouTube
    This is just the argument.
  • Nov, 2023
  • Nov 30,2023

    The sheriff isn´t allowed to keep it, so they give it to the Fed who does their due dillegence for 20% and then returns 80% to the sheriff. ´The financial motive makes it inconsistent with due process.' Ẃe keep getting robbed by the Sheriff.' The TRO burden isn´t met. ‘Prove to us you’re innocent.' ‘Uncontroverted.’ ‘All you have is self-serving statements.’

    ‘Law enforcement, across the entire USA, represent the single greatest threat to our personal safety and well being,' said a commenter. Both the almost only prevention of crime organizations and also perhaps the largest criminal organizations.

    This case was decided today, 7 years after the events, siding with the family. Is law enforcement or health care the greatest harm in the USA? Like police, its something that generally serves but also is widely evidenced to harm.

    DEA et al, keeping it. ‘There’s nothing different than being robbed. Someone come up with a gun and take your money.'

    Between 2000 and 2016, a Jacksonville's airport's customs seized $108m in cash.

    The foundation of war is economics. - Musk

  • Nov, 2023
  • Nov 04,2023

    Arrested for misplacing a document at a council meeting, after arranging a petition for the resignation of the mayor.

    She couldn't sue the city council officials because they have qualified immunity, and they had made sufficient probable cause to arrest her (that she had perhaps stolen her document).

    “Backdoor censorship."

    The police in that city arrested her and then released her a day later, dropping the charges. Ie she wasn't taken to trial. But she as the defendent has been trying to have the court to take it to trial so she can prove she had been wronged through law/police.

    She's trying to say that the qualified immunity does not fit this case.

    It's a ‘what if’ case. What if we allow city councils and authorities to do this.

    Institute of Justice is working on it. Is IoJ the new ACLU?

    Is good faith enough?

    Some people were killed at home, and the police requested anyone (among 1b search users) who had searched that address.

    There is little about a person that isn't revealed by reviewing a 1-month search history, including things they tell no one because they're private (and sometimes they would otherwise not even address).

    The majority recognized people have a constitutional right to privacy in their internet search querries, and that these impact speech rights.

    Before the Amendments were written, there was a ‘general warrant’ where a judge gave police a general warrant to go around, knock on random doors and say ‘we have a warrant’ and barge in. Since the Amendment, police need a specific warrant where they say who or what they are looking for.

    EFF disappointed with the results of the case.

    Go to your search results for the month and look through them, and see if you would like strangers/authorities to have that info. Now consider that of your family members.

    The court took the trial on the road and it was hosted at a highschool. It's much easier to go see.

    The argument police/city used was “We didn't need a warrant because we were just flying a drone over your property.” They also used “an anonymous tip by a neighbor" for an impetus. Their argument was that the drone was not touching the ground.

    The town council is using tax dollars and “don't even seem to care” if this case is taken to the Supreme court and the costs associated?

    Another what if case. Every town council will buy a drone and regularly fly it over every property all the time and look for things.

    Said to be to combat planned obsolesence and companies selling cars that they know won't last. The bill also has things to do with right to repair.

    What about TV? Phones? Junk food? Exercise?

    Can't take drone images ‘for surveilance’. Originally journalists had sued to be able to and won, but on appeal this. It's legal only up to 8 feet off the ground and you can't use ‘ampificaiton’ (zoom).

    ‘And nothing in the No-Fly provisions has anything to do with speech or expression. These are flight restrictions, not speech restrictions.’

    #Drones #Privacy

    First in US. Seattle PD can't knowingly lie, saying it undermines public trust in police (not outweighed, said mayor). We might also say in society in general, since police will lie to one friend saying his friend said he did things and thereby pressure him into ratting on his friend. People have falsely confessed to murder because they were lied to and browbeaten in this way. The can still lie for felonies but not minor property crimes.

    Seattle PD can't make a false statement to press or in any way that ‘shocks the conscience’ so we don't know what that means yet.

  • Oct, 2023
  • Oct 17,2023

    Not much progress against monopoly.

    Ecosystem, rather than just different parts of a business.

    A juror had said that the defendent deserves to go to jail because they're rich, white, and entitled. Another juror told the judge this, but it was a lie. Juror26 said 'm standing up for white people.

    WHO is not elected.

    ‘What’s with all the secrecy?'

    It's all happening by default, if no one does anything. Just by not doing anything, something happens.

    100k signatures in the UK, but still no public hearing. Canada and Australia also got more than enough signatures.

    The racial equality policy written by NY DA Bragg aims at equality of outcome, not treating people equally. The statement the victim of the original crime made reads like he was the aggressor and the perpetrator was the victim, the lawyer says. ‘Evidence mischaracterized.’

    Any streamer who makes $10k would have to register with the Can govt and then hand over info on their listeners.

    In the vid, they also comment on how hate laws are used by the government to oppress groups who oppose them.

    Usually people complain when Cali passes a new law.

    This is a ‘backspace’ for data brokers (those who buy and sell personal data). With one single request all the companies have to delete it at once. 500 data brokers are already registered with California.

    Most states sell your drivers licence info to the companies who collect this data. Post offices sell your new address when you change address. Post offices sell info on which people have recently moved to an area.

    ‘We’ll sell it if you promise to use it properly.'

    'The burden of policing data brokers shouldn't be on consumers.'

    People can go get your property data, taxes, whether you're up to date.

    Note: if you write your name and address a certain way, you will be able to track from which original source your address for junk mail was leaked/sold.

    JPM net income up 24-35% (lower figure excludes First Republic purchase).

  • Sep, 2023
  • Sep 25,2023
  • Court Says Cops Can Come Up w/Probable Cause AFTER the Arrest - YouTube 

    How did the 8th Circuit get to that (clearly unconstitutional)?

    Tinder launches $500-per-month subscription to its most active users - YouTube 

    Will ‘Chinese spies’ become the next pretense for invasion of privacy? The two pillars of the past 20 years, one is basically defunct and the other seems waning through counter-opinion/saviness of it being a pretense.

  • Sep, 2023
  • Sep 18,2023
  • Cops Were Wrong to Extend Traffic Stop by 3 Minutes - YouTube 

    “A seizure violates the 4th Amendment when an officer extends a traffic stop with tasks unrelated to the traffic mission, absent independent reasonable suspicion. ”So, if they pull you over for a tail light being out, once they've notified you of that and perhaps ticketed you, then that traffic stop should end. If they sit there and start fishing, ie throwing questions at the owner and stalling, that would be ‘extending the traffic stop unreasonably.’ Other tasks are unlawful if they add time to the stop and they are otherwise unsupported by independent reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing. It might be an issue entering things as evidence found during that extra time. - 9th Circuit Court of Appeals of California

    End-to-End Encryption Will Be an Historical Footnote! - YouTube 

    Legal mass wiretapping? Under the banner of stopping CSE, of course. Currently, there are no other options.

    Apple does content scanning on devices, using AI, as a compromise with 3letters. A12 Neural Engine, the same thing that was used to remove YouTube videos that mentioned the pandemic, violence, guns, etc, in iPhones since iPhone10 2017.

    Employers now must post salary ranges on all job listings across New York state - YouTube 

  • Afroman being sued by officers after they raided his house | ABCNL - YouTube 

    Violation of privacy, claimed.

    Congress rejects a CBDC, the Fed's building one anyway - YouTube 

    Fed can do this without Congressional authorization because they don't depend on it for funding. Fed can 'write laws' and lots, while Congress is held by by opposition parties.

    Burford Capital Eyes 37,000% Return in Argentina Win - YouTube 

    Litigation funding. American lawyers (and trial?) against Argentinian government.

    Monopolizing search by making deals with phone makers to be the default search.

    Of all the things Google and other tech giants are bad for doing, this is one thing they are not bad for. Google Search is the best. When I can't get results using non-spy search engines, I go to Google and it is an excellent product. What would be nice would be competing excellent products, for different types of search (Google provides search for specific information queries of a certain type, and they also put answers in the results, stock graphs, etc, but they are useless for finding interesting and new things, blogs, bloggers, non-commercial things). Or they could take up the privacy issue with Google.

  • Sep, 2023
  • Sep 04,2023

  • Listing things as ‘on sale’ without actually discounting the price. They raise the price to double the price for a short time, then discount it back to the original $20 price.

    JCPenny, Foot Locker, Eddit Bauer facing lawsuits currently.

    Reportedly, the financial damange is worse if they lose market share to competitors (monetary damange and bad PR), worse than if they didn't do this price

    trick. Even if it's like $20m. Because these suits will likely disappear.

    Cali has a regulation where the older price has to have been for 3 months, but reportedly this doesn't really prevent the stores.

    Huawei Building Secret Network for Chips: Trade Group - YouTube 

    Shenzhen. To get around US sanctions.

    Violence won in Denmark?

    Secret recording of insurance lobbyist reveals plan to change CA insurance law - YouTube 
  • Aug, 2023
  • Aug 21,2023

  • How Ken Griffin got a law changed in Florida - YouTube 
  • Aug, 2023
  • Aug 14,2023

  • Printer Ink, It's a SCAM - YouTube 
  • Aug, 2023
  • Aug 05,2023

  • Congressmen have a state in the system through stocks, but sleezy things happen.

    Another option is to limit politicians power over the economy.

    Politicians have info and know what's coming. And they maybe aren't good at actually punishing their own members.

    Difference between trading and (broad-based) investing.

    CNBC on-air hosts can't own individual securities either (company policy). They can own mutual funds and ETFs and other kinds of securities.

    Diminimism. 5% versus 50% of portfolio.



    "As Seen On TV" companies accused of knocking off products made by small inventors - YouTube 
  • Jul, 2023
  • Jul 19,2023

  • ...


    - YouTube  (video not available now)


    If the courts side with OpenAI and Meta, will writers be too soured to write new works going forward?

    It used to be just open season at Twitter, rubber stamping Fisa requests, said Musk. Now they will still comply with Fisa requests, but they will review them and it has to be something they agree with is a danger to the public. “We're the only social media company doing that, as far as I know.” “A lot of this does depend on the willingness of the company to oppose government demands.” “I don't know if we can do more than that. We'll try to be as transparent as possible, so that other citizens can raise the alarm bells to oppose the government.”


    “It's not so much that the regulators are instructing Tesla and SpaceX, but more that since we have to think about things internally and then justify it TO regulators, it makes us just think about the problem more, and in thinking about the problem more it makes its safer. As opposed to the regulators specifically pointing out the ways to make it safer. It just forces us to think about it more.” - Musk


    “We have been duped by big tech into believing that ... either that we participate online and participate in transacting business and communicating on the internet but we wave all of our privacy and property rights, or we simply don't engage in activity on the internet. That is a false choice ...” - Ryan Clarkson
    Yet no one has shown us alternatives to the online things we use.


    Including that mergers should not eliminate substantial competition or increase risk of coordination, eliminate a potential entrant in a concentrated market, and substantially lessen competition by creating a firm that controls products its rivals use to compete.

    This document isn't law, but rather a summary of how the FTC sees the law and how they'll try to act upon it. But for people looking at it, it might be so restrictive it's not worth looking at. Companies can say ‘I’m going to challenge it, I don't think it's right.'
  • Jul, 2023
  • Jul 14,2023

  • Jul, 2023
  • Jul 03,2023
  • Oregon finally legalizes pumping your own gas | Hacker News 

  • “Large corps weaponize ... this undemocratic dispute settlement regime ...” - Elizabeth Warren

    “Sedes” removed from territorial jurisdictions, and can set their own regulatory standards, tax policy, court system (basically run their own government).

    At first the people of the country didn't even know this was happening. ... Then there was massive uprising. Indiginous societies ... A new leader was elected on a campaign to overturn this law .. did so. But then the Trade Agreement (that no one really knew about), that empower corporations to be able to challenge democratic policies, outside of the court system, this isn't in a US or Honduran court, it's in a private tribunal of private sector lawyers, three arbitrators who will decide ...

    “The company is using this [lawsuit for $12b, 1/3 of the country's budget, which would ‘bankrupt’ the country] as a tool to try to bully the government.”

  • Making a website for them.

    She hasn't even made any websites yet, but she said she's afraid she'd be forced to make websites for something she opposes which is gay marriage. SCOTUS 6-3 said she can't be forced to do so because it is her speech right.

    This is not about her religeon. She objected on speech grounds. Where is the line? Is the couple's speech, which is through a website designer, also compromised?

  • Supreme Court Strikes Down Student Loan Forgiveness | Biden’s Next Move - YouTube 
  • Jun, 2023
  • Jun 26,2023
  • Multas por no inscribir a los recién nacidos en Nicaragua - YouTube 

  • DeSantis.

    China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, NK, Cuba, Syria. They would have to rent.

    Florida is top state for foreign buyers and China is top source of buyers. Real estate is the second most important revenue source in Florida after tourism.

    25 states have or are looking at laws preventing Chinese state actors from buying farmland. This idea is popular in both parties.

  • Facial recognition, predictive policing, realtime biometric surveillance in public places. “High risk applications” that they want guardrails or bans.

    Looking at forcing developers to insert things that will prevent it from creating illegal material. Another thing is making companies publish summaries of the copyright content they used.

  • Jun, 2023
  • Jun 11,2023
  • Lawfare versus Trump continues. Almost every time I've seen a headline with Trump for the past couple years it's been him being charged with something. Years after the start of the accusations, the evidence is found to be scant or nonexistent, according to later headlines.
  • Jun, 2023
  • Jun 01,2023
  • Expresidente Mauricio Funes, condenado a 14 años de cárcel por negociar con pandillas en El Salvador - YouTube 

  • Amazon let workers access videos from people's houses when it wasn't necessary to do their jobs. Unfettered access.

    Alexa kept voice and other info on kids for years, violating their privacy rights, according to finding.
  • May, 2023
  • May 18,2023

  • May, 2023
  • May 06,2023
  • Idaho criminalizes helping minors travel out of state to get an abortion - YouTube 
  • May, 2023
  • May 01,2023
  • Australians seeking compensation for being 'allegedly injured from COVID vaccines’ - Sky News Australia
  • Apr, 2023
  • Apr 15,2023
  • Headlines for past week had US military leak of war plans re Ukraine. Later headlines about possibly identifying the leak (through online accounts?). Headlines about gov changing how it handles online information.

    Most people commented saying it was a way, or would be used as a way, to justify taking more civil rights away.

  • Apr, 2023
  • Apr 08,2023

  • "Restrict Act" being debated in Congress.

    ?Ban VPNs, impose fines?

  • Apr, 2023
  • Apr 07,2023
  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 30,2023
  • US Copyright Office Issues Rules For Generative AI - YouTube 
  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 29,2023
  • EU’s Ban On Tattoo Ink: Breaking Down the Chemistry - YouTube 
  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 27,2023
  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Responds To House GOP's Just-Passed Parents' Bill Of Rights - YouTube 
  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 22,2023

  • The Germans I know are not impressed by the government doing this over the past months.
  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 15,2023
  • India allows foreign law firms to set up offices, move seen as 'game changer' | Latest English News - YouTube 
  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 12,2023
  • 6 suspects, ages 11-14, in custody after woman beaten unconscious in brutal attack - YouTube 
  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 11,2023

  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 08,2023

  • "It improves transparency" said lawmaker, to require news and other orgs that receive more that 20% of their rev from external to register as 'foreign agents'.


  • As a response to the administering of mRNA Covid vaccines under 'emergency use authorization' (at the time) without receiving FDA approval. 

    "This was fast-tracked. There's no liability. There's no access to the data. The risk-benefit analysis has not been done. There's no informed consent."

  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 06,2023

  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 02,2023

  • (not this isn't news. It's from like 2014, but recently popped up on my feeds.)

    It's legal in Florida. "But you better be squeaky clean otherwise you give them another reason because you draw attention to yourself."

    He hangs a plastic bag outside his driver's window but the window stays closed.

    In the bag are license, registration, and insurance. All the ID he'll need.

    "Because the second you open your window, they can say they smell alcohol or drugs emitting from the vehicle. And the moment that you say a word, they can say that your speech was slurred."

    "A lot of people are uncomfortable with the idea that police can just stop you for no reason. And if you're not comfortable with that, this is a good way of handling a checkpoint. And there are good cops and there are bad cops. The purpose of this flyer is to protect innocent people from bad cops."

  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 01,2023
  • Matt Walsh Joins Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves As State Bans Gender Reassignment Surgery For Minors - YouTube 
  • Feb, 2023
  • Feb 13,2023

  • To give Parliament power to overturn Supreme Court decisions and appoint judges.

    80k people in central TA.

    Seems to have something to do with LGBT at the moment.

  • Feb, 2023
  • Feb 03,2023
  • Trump's Testimony To New York AG's Fraud Probe Investigators - YouTube  
  • Jan, 2023
  • Jan 20,2023

  • Pre-installed apps, restricted ability to remove apps, measures to ensure search is Google.
    Renewed hopes for Indian startups.
  • Dec, 2022
  • Dec 30,2022

  • Over half of customers had delays recently.

    With no delay compensation in the US yet, it's cheaper to give bad service and even cancel a flight than to operate it in certain situations. Eu has this already. Congress may act.

  • Dec, 2022
  • Dec 18,2022

  • Dec, 2022
  • Dec 09,2022
  • Public interviews have given Sam Bankman-Fried an opportunity to set up a defense, says professor - YouTube 
  • Dec, 2022
  • Dec 08,2022

  • I think this is just about carried cash, not all 'wealth' as they titled it, but I haven't watched the full vid yet. However, you could make the point that cash seized from a home is another category.
  • Dec, 2022
  • Dec 05,2022
  • It's illegal under EU law to platform RT, Greenwald said
  • Dec, 2022
  • Dec 04,2022

  • Veil for women is the main focus, and what women can say. (Also anything that is Islamic/Sharia) like alcohol, mingling or men and women.

    Morality police really formed in early 1990s.

    Iranians also have been using apps to notify each other where the checkpoints are set up where they check for moral clothing use.

    Iranian protests (began in September, several hundred have died so far in multiple protest events) are still making headlines.

    Other countries have similar things. "Any country where you have strict codes of behavior enforced ... [Saudi Arabia although it has eased restrictions for women over recent years], Sudan, Malaysia. Enforcing public order sometimes.

  • Dec, 2022
  • Dec 02,2022
  • Indonesia set to penalize sex outside marriage, reportedly
  • Qatar did a lot to ensure Temporary Worker Immigrants visas weren't tied to a specific employer (which led to abuses like if you don't do this you're fired and you'll be shipped out of the country)
    Where is the line between bargains and exploitation?

    Do they have safety? Food? Shelter?

    What is the direction of the progress? How much further is there to go? Who will care about this specific question in 2 or 3 years?

    The Truth of the Matter: World Cup Geopolitics - YouTube 
  • Nov, 2022
  • Nov 27,2022
  • (Old: The baby name Xaea12 would have violated Cali law because it contains characters not in the modern English alphabet, so Elon and Grimes changed it to X AE A-XI)

  • Nov, 2022
  • Nov 26,2022

  • Nov, 2022
  • Nov 16,2022

  • Rent control soon, they say.

  • Nov, 2022
  • Nov 15,2022

  • And smart glasses.

  • Nov, 2022
  • Nov 01,2022