Netherlands struggles with drug mafia threats

Earlier this year, a journalist covering the 'Mocro Mafia' trial of 17 members was killed. Now the PM of the country has to step up his security following threats.

"This is completely undermining our rule of law, which has led many Dutch people to be terrified..." one of their suits said at Congress.

Analysts drew comparisons with other drug cartel leaders, like ones in days gone by in Latin America: "It's them showing how powerful they are... saying, 'Look, we are even considering doing this.' The threats to (PM) Rutte show that in a way the Netherlands is descending into a narcostate. Not in the sense of that we have a lot of corruption at government level, or that police are crooked, but in the sense that organized crime is so big."

Drugs in this story means cocaine and MDMA/ecstasy. These are the two drugs that follow at a distance marijuana as the most popular recreational substances there. Drug use is concentrated among young adults age 15-34.