• Alibaba After Jack Ma & China's Economy in 2024 - YouTube
    Live player out?
    Chilling for any large successful business owners. Maybe they'll only have little ones that are innovative.
    You can't mess with any national champion style company or party adjacent. Can't compete with more connected. In US you're allowed to compete with big giant companies.

  • Hidden cameras reveal how big banks are upselling you (Marketplace) - YouTube
    Some things they do are illegal, reportedly.
    Bank workers get points for what they sell to customers.
    ‘I shouldn’t have to think more about my target than the client's wellbeing and their intersts.'
    It appears the bank workers are talling customers to just pay part of their credit card interest. There's no way they can invest the rest and make 20% or something close to cover the interest.

    Japan OKs stealth jet exportsーNHK WORLD-JAPAN NEWS - YouTube

    Microsoft launches AI PCs - YouTube
    Have a NPU chip to do AI tasks faster.
    $30 per month to use Copilot already on Win11 Business.
    Attempt to get more businesses to pay for Copilot on the expectation of efficiency. So far people say there are problems with it.
    Besides Nvidia, no one has really made any money off AI. Could be a move to non-Nvidia companies making money off AI. The software opportunity after the hardware opportunity (everyone will have the hardware, and it'll be a question Who has the best app and stickiest services).
    Microsoft, however, owns part of OpenAI.
    Microsoft is a company that makes money.
    Intel will provide the CPUs for these devices.
  • Woke era might be on it's way fading out. CEOs watching what they said pretty closely. Now CEOs firing their comms group, getting candid. Palantir's Karp on short sellers. Then
    Jensen Huang ‘People with high expectations have low resilience. And resilience matters in success. I don’t know how to teach it to except to say I hope suffering happens to you. To this day I use Pain and Suffering in our company with great glee. Boy this is gonna cause a lot of pain and suffering. ... You wanna refine the character of your company. You want greatness out of them. And greatness is not intelligence. Greatness comes from character. And character isn't formed out of smart people. It's formed out of people who've suffered.'
    Most Based CEO. All-in. Is there a vibe-shift. People less concerned about cancel culture. People are speaking their mind more. But maybe the CEOs haven't really done anything risky, unlike Elon who has taken real risks and has paid the price. Taking a really difficult political stance. True risktaking by speaking truth to power.

    Shanghai elderly seek love at Ikea - YouTube
    They bring self-made snacks t a food court at Ikea
    This started when the IKEA started offering free coffee at its canteen.
    It's a ‘place to have fun’ in rising divorce rate China. People date there, but also hang out. It's an 'entertainment locaiton'. ‘They come to make friends and wile away the lonely hours.’
    In the 1970s, 10% of the residents of Shanghai were over 60 for the first time. Now 5.5m (37% of) people in Shanghai. 1/5 297m elderly in China live alone.
    ‘When I reached this age, I realized I had a yearning for love as well. So you see, people change. It’s not embarrassing to speak out. It's not only young people who need love, elderly people do to.
    'Old people actually fear lonliness. Even if we do not talk, just sitting here already gives us a sense of satisfaction.

    Psychologists are trained to BLAME straight white men for everything. GB News covers our new NCF Doc - YouTube
    The future generation of clinical therapists are being educated on a standard of critical race theory (not colorblind).

    RCMP Warn of an ANGRIER Canada in New Report - YouTube
    Freedom of Info Act stuff.
    ‘Anyone who opposes imposed government policy is ... an extremist.’
    ‘Coming period of recession will also accelerate the decline of living standards that the younger generations have already witnessed compared with earlier generations. Many Canadians under 35 are unlikely ever to buy a place to live.'
    People angry perhaps because they're consuming info on these subjects (actual situation in Canada) without getting a break from it. Then receiving gaslighting and gaslighting attempts. And people have to purposefully disconnect from the news for a real period of time (days) to come down.
    Perhaps one outcome will be further division of people from their friends and family, as some members say You know this new tax is not so bad, and others are outraged. Why are they focussing their anger on each other?
    Protests start to become inspiring for people, instead of just observed news.

    Matt Taibbi on How “Free Speech” Turned Into a “Far Right” Slogan - YouTube

    Abigail Shrier: How therapy culture creates victims - YouTube

    China, the sectors have profit margins driven down to almost zero. 1-3% profit margin usually. It's difficult for a company to stand out.

    China strong feeling trade war will continue, so need for economic superiority, so capital shouldn't be allocated to housing or soft tech (e-business, consumer tech). They would like all the money to go to semis, new materials or EVs. Not a natural mechanism of markets, but rather Chinese central planning.

    China, after lockdowns, people expected stronger policy response, but instead there was a crackdown in housing sector, because government wanted to deleverage from all those real estate developers, which has drained liquidity from the banking sector. In addition, more regulations in stock market, banking sector, anti-corruption campaign in health care and financial industries.
    Lack of trust in government, because you used to know where to go but not now, in investing.
    Middle class wealth has been shrinking for last 2 years. People feel much poorer, frustrated. Middle class now worrying about their jobs, but before there weren't really layoffs like this.

    The Reality of China's Economy with Wang Dan, Chief Economist at Hang Seng Bank China - YouTube
    China, new government started last year, and they have a new agenda layed out for next 20 years. Supply chain upgrade, China becomming richer, individuals richer. Ambitious goals. Green tech, new industrial structure tied to carbon emission reductions. Growth could even increase pace. Top officials don't have willingness to talk about details with public. Public doesn't understand policy anymore.
    It might just be too difficult to explain to the public.

    China, question of middle income trap. China was never a welfare state like Brazil. No intention to make it one. Unemployment insurance is nonexistant basically. If a person loses a job, they don't think the government should help them reflexively. One of the reasons they have more savings.

    China, state owned sector dominating most strategic industries and taking over most profitable projects. So private sector, how will it fare? A middle or large company even can go bankrupt in China. Innovation happens most, and most jobs created, in private sector.

    China, if supply chain moves out, whole ecosystem will follow it. Stress for cities. Shinking in local labor market and export.

    Moving supply chains out means picking between China and a combination. Like either China or a combination of Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia. Deal with several labor markets, several countries.

    China, buying things is cheap, cheaper than before, and a good variety of stuff. So people not demandning structural changes as much as otherwise. If prices don't increase, people won't spend on durable goods.

    There are ways to get out your honest opinion without criticizing. Try to find some constructive solution or way of debating certain topics. I find that very useful. - Wang Dan

    The public will buy the nationalistic message. If you say the Chinese or Western economy is collapsing, they buy it.

    AI, people fearful about applications. ‘I think we would embrace AI wholeheartedly if we had a recent history like the 1990s, but instead we had a whole decade of economic problems, this social unrest, riots and people screaming at each other 24/7 on social media, crazy politicians, fundamental uncertainty about the social fabric of America. I think that put people in a defensive crouch.’
    AI's Influence on the Economy with Nathan Labenz - YouTube

  • Phone Co Employee Caught SIM-Swapping for Bribes - YouTube

    Imposters stealing Utah restaurant names to deceive drivers and customers on food delivery apps - YouTube
    Restaurant fighting with Doordash for a year.

    Nemesis Dark Web Market Gets Seized by German Federal Police - YouTube

  • Russians vote in election without viable opposition candidates - YouTube

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls on SEC to investigate Tesla - YouTube

  • The plastic industry knowingly pushed recycling myth for decades, new report finds - YouTube
    For them, it was a way to fend off regulation and to keep selling more plastic.

    China might not have a next step of what to do. They might not know what to do. Except to copy US doing economically, technologically, match military, don't bother doing what US does around the world, run this Western model with single party state, and the West will eventually become economically incapable, and maybe emulate the Chinese model. China needs oppression because it doesn't have a goal it can get people to focus on. A lack of vision. Government officials don't really know what their job is. There's no real agenda.

    So much of the money for Belt and Road (like in Pakistan) just went into nothing or beaurocracy, but it's not even clear who you bribed. China trying to offshore. It's not sure what to invest in in China.
    The greatest benefit so foar of B&R has been easier trade with Europe, which is useless in a great power struggle with the US.
    They didn't have a clearly better investment alternative. Maybe in even better automation. Maybe really trying with a select country like Philippines (a different island from US's).
  • If we are not strong enough deny ourselves apps, why not use law against them? Maybe we aren't willing to just give up the app and let everyone else keep using it, because then we become the only engaged person in a group of tuned-outs, but the same person might be willing to ban it for everyone.
    ADHD symptoms from screentimes, SSRIs, willing to put young boys on them for running around ie normal kids.
    Chamath took one of his kids off apps, not a little but totally off meats, when he was diagnosed with ADHD and was prescribed meds. Chamath and his wife were like nope no meds and took their kid off apps. He said the turnaround was amazing. This now charming, engaged kid.

    Apple bought DarwinAI (and it's AI-related doctorates). Shrinking LLMs. Apple wants its AI to run on their little devices. Apple usually buys smaller companies with things they can turn into features, rather than large already-developed companies.

    Dark Web Vendors Are Using Drones for Delivery - YouTube
    Only with Octopus!

    People Use GPS 'Jammers' to Stop Tracking of Their Cars - YouTube
    In Finland.

    Iterative deployment. Rather than build in secret until they got to GPT5 they talked about 1 2 3 and 4. AI and surprise don't go together, and people institutions need time to adapt and think about these things. They pay attention to the progress, and take AI seriously. They think about what systems and regulations we want in place before the moment is crucial.

    ‘I think when a system can significantly increase the rate of scientific discovery in the world, that’s a huge deal.' Sam Altman

    Altman talked about the best thing that people can see coming from ‘OpenAI’, that they provide free tools which the public can use to make things. However, so far we only have a fairly lame chatbot for doing small wrote tasks and mini coding projects. No large wrote tasks, no even medium sized coding.

    Phone Co Employee Caught SIM-Swapping for Bribes - YouTube
    Dual-factor logins are a tool to get in, using this attack.
    The government for some reason didn't reveal the name of the company.
    So someone goes to a guy who works at a telecom company, and they give him $1000 per swap, and they provide him with the name of the person they want access to, and the worker can provide a copy of the SIM which they can use with 2FA to log into his accounts.

  • Wharton finance professor sounds the alarm on soaring U.S. debt - YouTube
    Adding $1t every 100 days.
    Interest on the U.S. debt is really driving the growth at this point, says Maya MacGuineas - YouTube
    Steady march upward relative to the economy. Slows economic growth. Two parties can't compromise or work on the things they should be working on. Both say 'Not our problem at the moment.' Difficult to see how it connects to anyone's daily life.
    US public debt will be 100% of GDP in 2024?
    Worse because we wait to fix them. The changes are more difficult than if they had been done earlier.
    Where could the US cut spending? Defense? ‘Investing’? Health Care and Retirement (no candidate wants to talk about cutting Social Security)?
    Soon tax cuts will expire. Both parties want some amount of tax cuts extended, which will make the numbers even larger.
    Conversation might start the day after the election.
    Taxes will have to go up.

    The winner-take-all economics of the 21st Century. Every business we look at, you're gonna see one or two companies dominating. Advertising 20 or 30 years ago, 2 or 3% was a big share of the market. Today, 2 companies have most of the 60% of advertising which is done online. Aswath Damodaran

    At this moment, Jensen Huang is considered CEO of the greatest business ever.

    Apple In Talks to Build Google's AI Into iPhones - YouTube
    10 years of duopoly, why allow things to change? They made their search agreement in 2000. Google needed Apple more than vice versa since then, but now with an AI agreement Apple will need Google.
    Apple will leverage Google's Gemeni. Google's AI has looked bad, but not as unstable and unpredictable and new as OpenAI.
    This might mean Apple isn't as far along with its own AI as some thought. Why does it need Google?
    If Apple went with Microsoft or another company rather than Google, that would put them at odds with Google. Apple is more afraid of Google. Google does more things that can compete with Apple, and can take marketshare if they want to.
    Users don't care if Apple was first to anything. They care if the product works well.
    Apple needs AI tech, some say.
    This will be the biggest AI contract maybe, so Google will be ‘winning AI.’

    Homebuilder sentiment turns positive for the first time since July - YouTube
    People starting to get used to this 7% rate, if they can afford it.

    Apple is out of the low-margin, high competition industry of EVs.

    Indian as an EM has more transparency in the data than others. Combination of transparency in reporting and of fundamentals.

    5% Fed funds rate 'not restrictive' at this point, says Richard Bernstein's Michael Contopoulos - YouTube
    Home prices are going back up.
    Starting to talk about a hike.

    How Nintendo Avoided Massive Layoffs - YouTube
    He argues against ‘corporate America’ (different from capitalism). CEO took a 50% paycut. Sometimes the owner of small businesses take no income because they had to make payroll, that's a normal thing in small business. If you lay off people to keep making profits every period, no one wants to work for you, because you're not a leader.

    Bitcoin. Today asset class (crypto) is $2.5t, but if 3% of all assets end up in crypto, it will be $6t asset class.
    The tokenization of a lot of commercial assets. Storing digital assets or property. Tokenized economy could be $20t by 2030, which would be 10% of all the tradfi assets today.
    Halving probably priced in. Most of current move is the credibility lent by institutions and the allocation.
    ‘Bitcoin is the gold of the crypto market, Eth is the oil’.
    ‘Most of capital markets will be tokenized. Most of the record keeping, settlement payment, reconciliaiton, will be on blockchain, and the oft talked about instantaneous transfer of ownership will be instantaneous.’ Civil asset forfeiture, anyone? Freezing of bank accounts of labelled-by-government-‘terrorism’-supporting citizens/ 2-years-later proven-in-court law-abiding protesters', anyone?

    Ali will probably be profitable for a while but will eventually be out-competed.

    Analyzing Economies: USA, China, Japan, Russia, India, Korea, & More - YouTube
    China, many places will block its stuff (like EVs) (not just through tariffs but actually just block). The countries (India) who want cheap Chinese stuff don't have a lot of money.

    China graduation level currently low.

    Japan's low fertility rate (bottomed out about same as Europe) is higher than anywhere else in eastern Asia.

    Japan permitting is relatively easy for making chips and other things. It took only 1.5 years to get up and running.

    IBM, which doesn't even know how to make chips, is making a chip in Japan now.

    Japan and Korea are now friends. Papered over historical things, small reparations, no truth and reconciliation. Young people like Japan, like Korea.

    Koreans work a lot, have very few kids. Korea reportedly has gender problems. Korea has a lot of debt. Koreans like to consume. Koreans might pump up immigration (Vietnamese).

    Taiwan is centered around small businesses, like Germany. Taiwan remains rich and poor. TSMC is not typical, but might be a bellweather.

    Vietnam copies China pretty well. Samsung phones are made there. Vietname is cheaper, less regulations sometimes than China (for Chinese companies), less ‘under the watchful eye’. Needs bigger businesses, which the government fears. Needs more college education.

    India incredible poverty was ended by rapid growth, massive transfers (to make people not so rural which was the problem). Get people food, get people houses. They got food and water. Now they're doing trains etc. Girls are still not going to school. Factory workers are all women.

    Pakistan is a mess. Poor but not fast growing, doesn't invest, consumes whatever it gets, borrows from IMF and defaults. Has nukes and tariffs. Low income. Military coups, power struggles, instable, two main provinces in constant revolt basically. High crime. Fertility high. Nazis. Trying not to be dragged into China alliance and China's conflicts globally. Pakistan started out richer. Focus a lot on competing (militariily) with India.

    Philippines leadership less wild. Less corrupt. Because recent leaders left.

    Aus is a masterclass in creating a nice society based on mining (bauxite and coal), supplimented by high end services, high minimum wage. Doing better than Canada, has institutions that we could copy, and are copying (Biden copied income based repayment of student loans). But international demand controls their economy, at risk of China reducing purchases.

    Russia is on a wartime footing, war economy. Everything shifting to war economy. Germany selling through third countries to Russia. China is buying Russian oil and selling Russia its stuff, but this is a business relationship. If price of oil goes down, China will drive a hard bargain. India buys military parts from Russia. Likes that Russia can protect them militarily from China.
    Interest rates and inflation high.
    Russia still import dependent.
    Russia's reserves running out, will run out this or next year. US no longer backing Ukraine like it was. Europeans are backing Ukraine. France, Poland (4% of GDP for military spending, drones).

    Poland is same size as Ukraine, but better tech.

    AI. Routine jobs will be out. Decision-making not, maybe.

    There will always be full employment because of relative costs. Erik Torenberg. Famous CEO is a good typist but hires a well-paid typist. They'll get paid very well to do these little tasks, because there'll be so much wealth. He thinks people will still be doing tasks even if AI does it better.
    AI could be worse. It could be malevolent.
    People already prefer AI doctor's bedside manner. AI girlfriends are already popular.

    The year of AI efficiency layoffs. Like 90s with internet.

    Routing the right task to the right model, which will be smaller than the total everything models used on ChatGPT right now. Small models on the device even.

    It's not even ‘liquidity,’ it's juts ‘money printing’, said Lynette Zang
    Inflation. It's just not the US dollar going away, it's the entire system, which has to reset into the new system.
    The banks are all insolvent right now, she said. All banks, because they're based on debt. Interest rates have pushed down market valuations of all that debt. Derivative bets against those debts. Debt at high levels. Fine unless forced to liquidate.
    Mnuchin came in and bought NYBC with private money.
    All this means everything, houses, clothes, can be tokenized and put on your phone.
    Risk transfer from many to the few, maintaining the system will be too expensive, market will crash. From Debt to Hyperinflation: More Banks to Collapse As System Implodes, 'They Need a Crisis' – Zang - YouTube

    2% inflation, people don't notice it. Not that the price stays the same, but that the public doesn't change its behaviour. But if it happens quickly, then they notice and they don't trust.

    After 70 years: German national team takes off adidas, puts on Nike | DW News - YouTube

    Microsoft did another aquahire of a whole AI team. Speculation that they have so much difficulty doing anything because of their monopoly they don't bother to buy the asset but rather just hire the people.
    Is this a new way to go around antitrust? Just buy a team or licence something.

    Large-scale bitcoin miners are competing head on with AI companies for power: Marathon Digital CEO - YouTube
  • Scientists say they can cut HIV out of cells | BBC News - YouTube
    ESG subsidies may be drying up, and capitalism is showing people not buying them.

  • Martin Kulldorff: Fired by Harvard for getting Covid right - YouTube

    Sundararajan: Chinese Government Might not Block the Sale of TikTok - YouTube
    No opposition from Congress or China either?

    Happiness has everything to do with 'family, life and adventure', says Harvard's Arthur Brooks - YouTube

    Sweet Baby Inc: In bed with the Canadian Government? - YouTube

    ‘Bad data’ is data that contradicts, missing, conflicting, or data that does not correct.'

    Apple Updates iMessage with Post Quantum Encryption - YouTube
    Signal added postQuantumEncryption before Apple. Signal is OpenSource, so other messaging apps will perhaps add their protocol soon.
    Frequently changing keys.
    Apple mentioned Signal a lot in their post, perhaps because Signal did what they are doing, but did it first. Months before Apple. Basically everything Apple is doing is what Signal did months ago.
    Signal had doubleRatchet for 10 years. OpenSource.
    Apple paid some fancy scientists to review their messenger app to make sure it was super secure. However, MO says its less good because its still closedSource. Such a level of adversary will target the platform rather than the individual. They don't have to worry if you're using Qubes, Linux, whatever. They know you're using an iPhone.
    With FOSS you don't have to just trust Apple and its scientists. You can actually review it.
    It's an iron fortress but built upon sand, said MO.

    New Satoshi emails might be a decoy, a Trojan Horse, a plant, and government maybe needs a new real crisis. From Debt to Hyperinflation: More Banks to Collapse As System Implodes, 'They Need a Crisis' – Zang - YouTube
    A banking recet after a crisis makes a CBDC easier.
    BFTP has expired.
  • The Real Reason They Want to Ban TikTok - YouTube
    They're framing censorship as an act of self defense against a foreign adversary. The same as the did against Trump once they designated him a tool of Russia and proceeded to spy on him. It's how the war on terror was started. Afghanistan.

    ‘The problem is there’s always a national security excuse for anything you wanna do.'

    The next target would be X, Carlson thinks.
    Probably it's not lost on anyone that on TikTok the republican candidate is doing well, and X is considered the only chance of accurate information in the months before the election next November. Republicans and their issues are widely considered not free to speak on Facebook, YouTube, etc (all other major platforms) as well as most TV media, which are owned by Dems.

  • Politics of Water in the Himalayan Region - YouTube
    Commenter: 'Hydropolitics is a fractional issue, but discussing the solutions is of course a good step in the right direction. Investment water speculation, in the guise of legitimate water trading based on the premise that everything has a price, is a much weightier issue.
    'All our water problems are rooted in the lack of water literacy...'

    The relationship between China and India is at an all time rock bottom. Before talking about water politics, they might need a reinvigoraiton of the broader relationship first before the very thorny water and water challenges.
  • "In a resource-starved industry, few newsrooms can offer the type of mentoring, guidance and time that it takes to shape a great journalist."
    "But the cost of a journalism education has become an insurmountable barrier for exactly the kind of people we need the most."
    "News has too often been reported by predominantly middle-class, white, male journalists."
    One Way to Help a Journalism Industry in Crisis: Make J-School Free : Journalism/
    'If you offer something for free, there's no accountability; people don't appreciate what they're being given if you just hand it to them.'
    'On the backs of whom? English majors? Engineering majors? Grad students Someone has to pay the journalism professors.'

  • The ‘Tiktok ban’ law is ‘not just a Tiktok ban’ says Sacks. It could be the new Patriot Act. E170: Tech's Vibe Shift, TikTok ban debate, Vertical AI boom, Florida bans lab-grown meat & more - YouTube ‘The worst ideas are bipartisan.’ This one was 50-0. Not 47.3, not 42.8. There was hardly any debate. The may have been ‘stampeded’ into passing it.
    ‘My alarm bells go off when DC acts with this kind of unanimity, because the only time they do that, when they become a uniparty, is when the national security state wants some new power. Entry into Iraq War, Patriot Act.’
    ‘They always cite classification when they don’t want the public to know something.'
    If this is about we can't have our apps in China but their are here, and we want to stop that, put it in a trade bill, said Sacks. This isn't in a trade bill, it just gives new powers to the government to define foreign adversary controlled applications and websites.
    What does this app do that other apps don't do? It hasn't been shown.
    There's so many AGs going after Facebook and Insta and other tech companies, making their bones, and could go after ByteDance, yet none are. Why not? and suddenly 100% support for this law.
    Remedy not narrowly tailored, and law will lead to weaponization.
    The Patriot Act was written with sunset provisions, but although it expired in 2020 without being reauthorized, government agencies retain most of the authorities granted by the act.
    Secret Tiktok Ban Hearings / Lobbying - YouTube
    Although there are political differences among people, ‘we should be able to come together on these issues like ... mass surveillance’. ‘It is a major threat to your rights.’
    They want to ‘collect data that can’t be collected right now.'
    The idea that TikTok is dangeous because it seeds misinformation or discontent in America. ‘No one seeds more discontent than the MSM in the US. They pit political parties against each other on a constant basis.’
    ‘Vague language is always alarming ... because everyone who is under this legislation is at risk.’
    FOSS developers are in every country including foreign adversaries. ‘That doesn’t mean they have misaligned influence.'
    Tiktok may be becoming a problem for ‘the Israeli establishiment.’ Billionaires.
    The work of journalists going undercover. Those involved are ... taking money from the pro-Israel lobby.
    ADL policing speech. APAC funding politiicans, who can fund and run a candidate against you if they don't like your platform or speech.
    Trudeau's new online censorship law - Problems with Bill C-63 / the Online Arms Law - YouTube

    Another State Does Away w/Mandatory Bar Exam for Attorneys - YouTube

    DOJ has sued Apple over iPhone monopoly.
    One argument: When Apple encounters competitive threats, it doesn't lower prices, but rather imposes a ‘series of shapeshifting rules and restrictions in its App Store guidelines and dev agreements.’ ... ‘Blocks, essentially, that forces people to stay.’
    ‘Peak Apple’ has been said by some.
    To a challenge that Android phone users couldn't send videos to people they knew, Cook responded ‘Buy your mom an iPhone.’
    The issue has been talked about in terms of government wants Apple to be integrative with nonApple products. Apple has always had this policy. Consumers are paying for this product.
    A sort of ‘democrat’ view is that ‘Apple will keep abusing power until they’re checked' and so they have to be checked. They want ‘the industry to stand for more interoperability’.
    Point of reference is when Microsoft (which had 95% of the market at that time for PCs) tried to dominate search with a browser, and how they would have continued. 'They had substantial market power and what they were in the process of doing was the smart thing from the business standpoint. They would have killed the competing browser, then baked their own into Windows, and with that you control search. They were trying to break html and openStandards and using all kinds of funky code. They were telling computer makers that they could get Windows for cheap (or free?) with the browser bundle, or pay $150 each computer without the browser monopoly thing. Same thing Google does on phones with Android basically.
    I would probably say that for that particular issue, it is fine as long as the company is small (10% of market or less). Another tactic would be for Android to deny interrelation with Apple until Apple permits it.

    Reddit IPOd. How will they monetize?

    UK Police Force told: 'Women who criticise gender ideology should be treated as terrorists' - YouTube

    Google fined 250 million euros for using news articles to train chatbot | BBC News - YouTube

    A law in US will reduce real estate agent commissions by shifting it from (current) seller pays 6% in a contract when he lists, to buyer and seller each pay 2% or 3% or so. No buyer will agree to this, it is considered. They can look on Redfin and go look at the house themselves.
    The current way is considered to be a kind of a racket, which only works because the seller pays it and is sort of force to.
    You buy a house for $1m and then sell it for $1.1, but have to pay $60k to an agent. A great service by an agent might get $1.2 whereas a bad one might get 800k.
    They might remove half the fees in the industry this way.
    Agents might start to work hourly. Or they might change a fee rather than a commission, for various homebuying services. Or a flat rate plus percentage ($1m house means $10k, plus 10% over that price ... or and 20% for the next hundred K over the price), flat fee guaranteed plus commission for performance.
    Opportunity for startups, leveraging AI.

  • Bitcoin. Anonymous founder. Founder disappear ed. The Satoshi coins disappeared. Lack of initial coin offering. Lack of corporate sponsor. Traded 15 months with no commercial value. The simplicity of the protocol. Outcome of the blocksize wars. All these equate to 'common property.' It's fair. A fair launch, a fair distribution.
    If Saylor's company has paid $4b for their bitcoin. If he'd got it free or for 5c, would it still be considered ‘fair’? It has seasoned over time.
    In 2014 the IRS designated it as property and gave it property tax treatment.
    It was never able to be hacked.
    It was copied, but thousands of times.
    Institutionally, 2020 Microstrategy first multi-million purchase from a company. Tesla bought. Square bought.

    Beware of counterfeit camcorders on eBay! - YouTube
    Tape cassette walkmans are on Marketplace for $100 or $200. Discmans pretty close, too. Point and shoot cameras from the past 10 years a couple hundred dollars.
  • Canadian military relaxes entry requirements to boost recruitment - YouTube
  • BREAKING: Boeing Whistleblower FOUND DEAD After Stunning Testimony - YouTube
    62-year-old Boeing whistleblower John Barnett found dead in his truck after he didn't show up for a legal interview linked to a case against Boeing. Barnett worked for Boeing for 32 years and retired in 2017. After retiring, Barnett spoke out about how Boeing was cutting corners on their airplanes. : StrangeEarth/
    'If anything happens, it's not suicide': Boeing whistleblower's prediction to family before death - YouTube

    How The Shadowy World Of Organized Retail Crime Works - YouTube
    Boosters get a list from the boss, fencers list them on Amazon at discounts.
    People trust Amazon to check these things, but then when you consider it you think How can Amazon check this kind of thing? Would Amazon even want to? when they're undercutting the price of TJMax where the goods were stolen from. Online marketplaces profit from this. In the video, the theft ring had been operated on Amazon for over 10 years, reportedly. Amazon, commenting on the story, said they had not received signals the company was dealing in stolen goods, and that Amazon doesn't profit from stolen goods.
    This development is on the rise.

    The closest to a science fiction government is Singapore. Large investments coupled with technocratic, technological literacy. UK in the 1940s, with radar and computers, speed of breakthroughs. Rest of nations, scientific spending is by consensus, cutting a check for superconventional non-obejectional things built in China.

    Anti-Airbnb vandals hit Montreal building as advocates push for crackdown - YouTube
    Anti-AirBNB grafitti. Protests want total ban. ‘This new building could have been used for housing but instead it was used for tourists.’

    The rush in the door for ETFs such as the new Bitcoin spot ETFs is probably not stable long-term holders, but people wanting to make a profit. Bianco.

    If it is people putting in 1% and who have their money mostly in a mutual fund, they will be more tolerant of drawdowns.

    International Threat Actors are Targeting Children to Steal Money from Banks & Major Corporations - YouTube
    Because ‘automatic scanning doesn’t work.'

  • Frustrated Oakland business owners threaten to stop paying taxes - YouTube
    The one thing citizens can do against government, many thinkers have said, and which I don't think I've ever seen happen.
    Elevated taxes and not providing safety.

    Shoppers Drug Mart says it doesn't have medication review targets. Records show it does - YouTube
    Apparently, pharmacists have quotas or targets for getting customers to agree to pay for medication reviews. Many actual pharmacists contacted CBC to say this is the case. Pay goes to government, pharmacy, and corporation.
    This started when the Covid vaccine business started to wane after the Canadian pandemic measures.

  • US using bases in Japan (allowing US to use its jets) was key in wargames playing out scenerios for a Chinese invasion attempt upon Taiwan.

    U.S., other countries removing embassy staff from Haiti as violence worsens | Power & Politics - YouTube

  • I think it's possible to create other crypto properties (than bitcoin). Saylor

    Car Companies Are Tracking You and Selling Your Data - YouTube
    Car insurance companies raising rates.
    People are unaware they agreed to hve their cars give that data, and the companies are selling the data. They don't know what info was sold, how much, to whom? The companies offer to lower the rate you pay in exchange for this data. That part is voluntary, but besides that in the cars there tracking technologies that know everywhere you went, where you buy certain things, the range of your territory. Facial geometric features, behavioural characteristics, biological characteristics, sex life, genetic data, religeons, philosopical beliefs, are all possible to get.
    If you don't authorize the collection, your infotainment center doesn't work, or whatever. You can't opt out of it.
    Passengers and individuals outside the vehicle also.
    Consumers are in the dark about this.
    Commenter: ’Insurance companies are not using this to AFFECT your rates, they're using it to RAISE your rates.'
    The state governments also know everything about you and sells your data. It seems weird but hasn't been challenged.
    Ed Markey, senator, wrote a letter about it.
    General Motors sells detailed driver logs without your consent - YouTube

    The closest to a science fiction government is Singapore. Large investments coupled with technocratic, technological literacy. UK in the 1940s, with radar and computers, speed of breakthroughs. Rest of nations, scientific spending is by consensus, cutting a check for superconventional non-objectional things built in China.
    What China could build for us.

    AI Agents Take the Wheel: Devin, SIMA, Figure 01 and The Future of Jobs - YouTube
    SIMA robots. AIs that train on some things have capabilities in other applications.
    Also Figure 1, the dishwashing robot.
    'No one is really in control.'
    Sam Altman and Jensen Huang both say AGI will surpass all tasks in 5 years.
    Garbage companies and farms, anyone?

    Tesla is the worst performing stock in the S&P and in the Nasdaq since January.

    Costco does no innovation, changes nothing, and is up 250% in a couple years. Why isn't anyone copying this model?
  • If you could teleport gold from Tokyo to NY in a couple minutes, people would like it.
    It's not digital currency. It's digital property. It's capital preservation for everyone.

    Michael Saylor: Bitcoin, Inflation, and the Future of Money | Lex Fridman Podcast #276 - YouTube #Saylor
    Inflation CPI understates the suffering inflicted upon the working class and on companies by the political class. It's a massive shift of wealth from working class to propertied class. Shift of power from freemarket to the centrally governed or controlled market, from people to government. Saylor
    In an environment where you're infating the money supply and keeping assets constant, assets will appreciate in proportion to money supply, and the scarce desireable quality will determine value of inflation. Money supply expands 7% per year on average. Many houses have gone up in price more than 300x in 100 years, or around 6.5% per year. You're sucking 6% of the energy of the fluid that the economy is using to function. Currency moves economic energy around.
    All government policy is inflamatory and inflationary. Any policy. It interferes with free market and prevents some rational actor from doing it in a cheaper, more efficient way.
    Wars (and other policies) are never paid for with taxes. It's too transparent. If people understood the true cost, you will lose 95% of everything, you might reconsider a policy and vote for a politician. A lack of humility. People overestimate what they can accomplish. Experience causes you to reevaluate that. Our mistakes are our good ideas that I enthusiastically pursued, to the detriment of my great ideas that required 150% of my attention to propser. People pursue to many good ideas. There's a limit to what you can accomplish. Everyone underestimates the challenges of implementing, overestimate the benefits of the pursuit. Overexuberance. As the exuberance of the government expands, so must the currency supply.
    Inflation is completely misunderstood. Inflation is a vector tracking price change in every good and service.
    You can't blame them, because economists don't even understand economics. If they did, they would measure every price of housing, the full array of foods and the full array of assets, and they'd publish this every month.
    The primary problem is ‘The government will try to do good.’ It will do more harm than good. They will try to pay for it by expanding the monetary supply. They won't realize this. They'll collapse their own currencies, and mismeasure how badly they're doing that. They'll say the dollar lost 95% over 100 years. Actually it lost 99.7% over 80 years. They'll overestimage their budget and means to pay for it. They're oblivious to the damage they do to civilization. The mental model they're taught, it's Ok we can print lots of money, is defective. ... Other countries lost 99.9% or all (currency failed).
    If house prices are going up 20% per year and I say this is great for the American public because most people are home owners, I'm misrepresenting it because it's really a negative.
    Look at the ship next to us. What if I told you your ship leaked 2% every year. It's rotting 2% per year.

    MIT costs hundreds of years of many families earnings. Inefficient. The seats are uncomfortable, too. Now we have the same teachers you watch on your chair at home. You need PHDs. A PHD is $1m. There's 10m in the world. How many people COULD get a PHD if it were affordable?
    If you try to solve this by throwing money at it, you can throw a trillion dollars. $10t, you still don't get there. Harvard can't educate that many.
    Education can be infinite and for everyone.

    Open, permissionless, not censorable. Non-sovereign bearer instrument. Property. Irregardless of anyone else or government. Twitter stock will never be property in China. It will never be trusted. Property is low-frequency money. If you wanna hold it for a decade, maybe you buy a house, maybe in a decade you sell the house and buy the property again.
    What makes bitcoin ethical (to endorse) is no person can change it (well, but they can if they have influence or power). No one can do what they could if it were a security, print 1000 more copies tomorrow.
    Bitcoin is the first time we created a digital property. Everything else is securities. Sending money digitally is an IOU.
    An armed society is a polite society. If you disagree, you can always withdraw your resources from it.
    You can promote a property to the extent that you don't control it, ethically. There's an interest still, but that's different from a conflict of interest.

    8b people with mobile phones serviced by 100m companies doing billions of transactions per hour. The companies are settlings on the base level, and the companies are dealing with the consumers on proprietary layers like layer 3, and on occasion people are shuffling assets on layer 2 (moving $50 or something).

    You can't trade with a company in Nigeria. No amount of money or time. You get shut down at the banking level (you can't link a bank there with a bank in the US). At the credit card level (because they don't have the credit cards so they won't clear). At the compliance/FCP level your system is from a different political jurisdiction and it can't interface with theirs. You can do it with crypto, fast, cheap, with anyone.

    Bitcoin's a universal trust protocol. So is English. No one's payment system works everywhere. US payment systems in Russia? But bitcoin also can't be done easily in these places.

    No security can be a currency for the internet. Only a property can be.

    If bitcoin goes up, because of how much he owns, Saylor could become the wealthiest person.

    The Canadian trucker protest educated millions of people and made them start questioning their property rights and their banks. War in Ukraine was the second shock, Russian sanctions. Hyperinflation in the rest of the world a fouth shock and persistent inflation in the US a fifth.

    Bitcoin's volatility attracts all the attention, massive gains and losses, which sucks money into it. Also, it results in massive gains for traders, and that attracts capital.

    Temu spent $1.7b in 2023 to advertise and got, in a year or two, 161m users, nearing what Amazon has. It might spend $3b in 2024 on Facebook, Insta, Tiktok, Suprebowl. Temu replicates what Ali did. In 2023 sold products at a loss of about $7 per order. But others say it isn't really losing money.
    Temu connects factories with customers, cutting the middle man.
    Temu gamifies shopping with games on the app to win prizes. They have countdown timers running on each product to show when a sale ends.
    Temu shows that consumers are willing to wait (not fast shipping) as long as the price is cheap.
    Morgan Stanley reported they think their growth is cresting.
    The quality is low. Safety is a question.
    There is a data risk.

    China considering liberalizing household registration program. Currently migrant workers in cities can't access any social benefits because their household is registered back in their village. If they change this, they can buy apartments etc in the city.

    China is buying ETFs, stimulating their market similar to US did.

    If China changes just a smidge in the right thing, they'll attract tons of foreign investment.

    China government has the money to spend.

    China continues to clash with Philippines fishing boats etc. Some concern it could go too far.

    There are hundreds of millions invested in Bytedance out of the US, which represents billions in value.

    This week lots more headlines on China, not negative, some modestly positive.

    China growth more in lower-tier cities. Tier 1 and 2 are 20 or 30% of economy, 6 or 7% of population.

    China the companies that have outperformed have been doing outside markets. Growing rapidly overseas markets. Appliances and durable goods benefit from this trend, maybe.

    Some China sectors in bull market of 20% off low. Materials, renewables, smaller cap tech.

    Miniso CFO discusses company's plans to add about 1,000 stores a year over the next 5 years - YouTube
    #Retail #China

    In some countries (Nigeria currency) it's ‘staggering how much wealth was preserved.’ 'Until you get countries that run more credible fiscal policies, people are gonna wanna buy that story, and it's a story that's spreading.'
    The monetary policy for this ecosystem was set in code by Satoshi whitepaper.

    Chinese space company founders are coming in significant part from Finance (like America). Samo thinks maybe they're coping it from America, but that they don't have an Elon-tier person so it won't happen. But even if they did it would be, internationally, so controlled, similar to exporting nuclear reactors, where you better be on good terms from US or a similar Western country if you want to buy these instead of making them yourself.

    Jack Ma may have been an example of the highwater mark of how much impact on Chinese society can a purely commercial or technocratic actor that's not aligned with the CCP have. The ceiling is pretty low. Not even critiquing their policy.

    China is not like Singapore, which will use a sovereign wealth fund that will try to develop a totally new product, a novel solution to a problem. (Singapore working on insect protein, which is kind of what you need for a tiny city state to feed its population.) When China says they're going to invest in AI, it probably means close the AI gap by copying the US. What makes the individual threatening to the CCP is their popularity. If they offer something Chinese people want or like, they'll be liked too much.

    Might be a spot ETF for bitcoin in HK, and there's a lot of interest.
    To do this, you need a bunch of financial institutions working together. The stock exchange, regulated asset managers who can manage the product, licenced brokers called participating brokers, and depository services who support the running of the fund. In HK also asset custodians in cash and crypto sides. And good quality market makers to support a product after it starts trading on an exchange.
    They've seen how the US did it and can use that roadmap.
    The HK might have an advantage over the US product because you can actually pull Bitcoin out from the funds.
    The HK fees have to compete so be as low as what they US ones were set at.
    They can't launch too fast because they think most important is to have a product people like, a quality product.

    Eth etf race. US hasn't approved any product yet, so there's a more global race for that. Being first to market is critical for players investing in that space.

    China, reportedly the young are really spending, and it's their income that is limiting their spending.

    S&P large cap around 15x the mag 7. While the Russel2000, looking at the profitable companies, around 12x. ... When rates cut there will be multiple expansion plus risk appetite growing, perhaps. Tom Lee

    ‘The fallacy of a 2% inflation target by the Fed’ - Bookvar
    Because of technology, 'prices usually fall. Tech prices are keeping a lid on goods prices, and that's 0, then something else has to rise by 4% to get to the 2. So J Powell is actually rerouting for higher other prices to offset that natural decline in prices from technology, and that makes no sense.'
    The reason why there’s a 2% inflation target is not for the best thing for the economy. ‘If the inflation is at 2, ideally we would have a Fed funds rate of maybe 4, and if we go into recessoin we’ll have 400 basis points to cut in a downturn.' ‘It’s right for their own policy.'
    But they do also think 2% is good for the economy. It greases the wheels of the economy. You want a steady modest rise in inflation so people go out and spend. ... But there are a lot of people who would say the right level of inflation is 0.'

    Restaurants don't have a lot of productivity levels to raise to offset higher wages. You only have one and that's to raise your menu prices.

    VISA sees everything, every type of consumer. If the consumer is trading away from Macdonalds and going to Taco Bell, VISA sees the spend.
    They see basically no weakness anywhere on last call.

    There's also a shift in how people spend and pay. They pay with cards and don't even carry cash. They buy less for stuff around the house and go out to eat more.

    BofA says there are still excess savings. The lowest savings accounts still have a few thousand in there. They have 4x than what they had saved pre-covid.

    Cruise lines said they've seen no slowing in spending. Home restoration supplies are a little soft, because they've been booming for several years and that's already done.

    Fed might have been suprised by QT not having an impact. Then the AI boom in 2023 and earnings recovery animal spirits. Fed might have been thinking they were sailing into a deflated direction but AI boomed, and tech companies buying from each other meant high revenues.

    Nvidia's biggest customers today are trying to be its competitors. They're all trying to make their own chips.

    When a stock goes vertical (on good news or whatever) you're pulling forward a lot of future returns. It matters what you pay. A stock parabolic move can pull earnings forward 25 years.

    There's a pro-shareholder thing going on in hottest stock market Japan and hottest EM India. Whether they're actually doing this for the stock market not sure. Whether they're looking at US and saying Hey maybe there's something there not sure.

    China's middle class, over the next 5-10 years, will go from 400m to 800m (add the size of US population). Chinese love to travel to Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India. Middle class stories. Chinese travellers sprinkled $250b around the world in 2019. Shopping luxury, eat out, experience things. The more they make the more they wanna buy.

    China, even if grows 3% per year for 10 years, in terms of dollars that's still a lot of dollars.

    Apple needs another China, but the whole (asia) region will be that. But they have to compete against $10 Chinese phones.

    Netflix et all used to be like How do we get these movies to open big in China? Now it's all India.

    India printed an 8.4% GDP number for Q4.

    Tesla, multiple is still so fat. No margin of safety when fundamentals turned to the downside. Has to reach a bottoming in sales numbers for dip buyers to return, maybe. Hybrids are so hot, and that wasn't assumed years ago, they thought it was EV or not. The hybrid bridge. Toyota was in it, no one else.

  • IN FULL: Yanis Varoufakis' Address to the National Press Club of Australia - YouTube

  • State Court Says Local Officers Can't Spy From Above Without a Warrant - YouTube
    Alaska constitution. US Constitution actually has language to allow doing this, it says if you can fly over and look down then you can fly over and look down and take pictures.
    Aircraft must have a warrant to use a camera with zoom lens.
    In 2012, police flew over the yard to take a look, and saw ‘unidentifyable plants' and got a warrant on that (how?) to enter the property. Several appeals.
    Alaska Supreme court: ‘The Alaska Constitution protects the right to be free of unreasonable searches. The fact that a random person might catch a glimpse of your yard while flying from one place to another does not make it reasonable for law enforcement officials to take to the skies and train high powered optics on the private space right outside your home without a warrant.’
    Just because people can see something doesn't mean police can take a telephoto lens and all these different sensors and things (heat sensors) and do anything.
    The Constitutions talks about what steps the government can and cannot take to surveil you, and you have to ask yourself what kinds of things would we want them doing or not doing. ... You want law enforcement to enforce the laws, but they get a tip somebody's growing something, so they fly over and take pictures with a giant lens.
    Are all Americans fascinated with Alaska?

    House passes TikTok bill: What investors need to know - YouTube
    Is it actually starting? A trend which will protect people from tracking and spying?
    ‘Tiktok should be banned,' one commenter said, because of their extraordinary ability to influence public opinion. Will we see Congress actually do something to make a thing that should be actually happen?

    He Brought A Nailgun To A Protest - What Is The Law? - YouTube
    It can't fire 152.4meters per second, so not a ‘firearm’. (Note that some nailguns can achieve over that, particlarly powder-actuated ones.)
    It is a weapon carried to a public meeting. It is a weapon carried for a dangerous purpose (unless he went and got it for self-defense after getting in an altercation).
    He was carrying a weapon while committing another crime, if he was assaulting. Then he would be assaulting with a weapon (just drawing a fist or pointing a projectile weapon is assualt).


  • Compact Disks make Comeback: Memory could Exceed Petabytes - YouTube
    Not yet. It's from research in China. Writing on hundreds of layers on a disk. Lasers can focus and write at specific depths of the disk. Another laser will target the writes and cause them to emit light.
    They didn't write about how slow writing is, nor how much energy it takes, nor where you get the laser to write like this.
    #China #Technology

    Story coins. jj
  • Good news: the prestige of a university doesn't matter. 10 years later, the salaries are the same. - YouTube

  • Haitian gang leader threatens civil war if PM doesn't resign - YouTube

    Campaigns using each other's weaknesses to be key in U.S. election: Trubowitz - YouTube

    USA has two different countries right now.

  • Mass Relocation Of UN Staff From New York To Nairobi Raises Eyebrows - YouTube

  • Arson attack shuts down Tesla's Gigafactory near Berlin | DW News - YouTube
    Who would do this and why?

    OpenAI fires back at Elon Musk: Here's what you need to know - YouTube
    Microsoft Copilot Red Teams are finding disturbing images even with generic terms like ‘pro choice’. Violent, sexual images.

    Facebook and Apple are opensourcing their AI models?

    Elon was more concerned about Google back when forming OpenAI. Now people guess he's more concerned about Microsoft.

    Mexicans are not reliant on refrigeration in their culinary arts. We and the Soviets were early pioneers in food refridgeration. That made a lot of our foods a lot worse quite early. And it took a long time to dig out of that. Extensive rail system that makes it shippable frozen. Tyler Cowen. Mexicans hang their meat to dry in the open air until it turns green.

    TikTok crackdown gains momentum - YouTube
    Trump said he could have banned it but left it to the DOJ because it was a tough decision. A lot of people like TikTok, and if it were banned Facebook would get bigger which Trump considers an enemy of the people. (Trump's content, it is guessed, gets a lot of traction on TikTok.)
    Half (150m) of the US uses TikTok.
    Temu and Shien followed the first big Chinese internet company succeeding in the US over the past couple years. These companies make a lot in the US, and China doesn't permit similar US apps to compete in the Chinese space.
  • Private credit bubble. Chairman of UBS.
    PIKs. We prefer less transparency, we want them to lie to us. Huge forward risk. Things are not being priced appropriately.

    Streaming isn't profitable, people are saying.

    Alibaba to Invest in China AI Firm MiniMax at $2.5 Billion Valuation - YouTube
    Government regulator website featured(endorsed) Eddy Woo. Endorsing in what Alibaba seems to be doing (for now), which is investing in one of Xi's key initiatives, AI and cutting edge scientific innovation.

    China looking to lift all foreign restrictions in manufacturing sector, they said, it's reported.

    Investors Beware: US farmland to see historic price crash, amid soaring global ag productivity - YouTube
    US paying much more for machinery than rest of wrld. EPA is part.

    Wall Street investment funds lose billions on Evergrande bonds gamble - YouTube
    People outside China don't understand China. These things (property speculation gaming, Evergrande failure) aren't problems, they're solutions.
    China wants 100s of m to move to cities.

    We can't learn very much from China other than that the system/structure is very different, they're starting from a very different place. They can just build roads and infrastructure, but that can't be done in the West because you can't just kick people out of their homes. The West prefers our structure, so the things achieved in China can't even be considered in the West (to be done in the same way as China). Clifford Coonan

    China's government doesn't have disputes. It just gets rid of oppositions.

    Live: How China plans to resuscitate its economy | DW News - YouTube

    You can't subsidize EVs or solar panels in Germany to the extent of China, where the company's DNA has the state in it. Theoretically the subsidies on Chinese imports to Germany ‘should be massive’ to protect an industry that will otherwise disappear, like Nokia, whose tech was absorbed and more cheaply produced and sold to into the market. Germany used to have solar panel companies but China subsidized theirs and they exported to Germany. Germany didn't combat this with subsidies/tariffs, and now German solar panel companies sell Chinese panels.

    On the other side of things, China could theoretically grow in lots of areas but it's limited by the structure of control by the Party. Internet, journalism, communicaitons, privatization (insurance), tech companies. All are part of the broader picture of economic well-being. The West can do these things. The internet in China is just buying and selling goods.

    And the Party can't really reform. It can't make a lot of these reforms. They would be fundamental reforms. It would require levels of freedom that it cannot tolerate.

    Cash for clunkers policy in China. They buy your old car or home appliances, and want you to buy a new one. In the past people would just save the money to pay for education etc. Now the money goes straight to their phones and they have to spend it. (Smallish effect.)

    China big focus on exports. State subsidies, loans for EVs, probably will be for chips.

    China has no green party, so climate change is not an issue in that way.

    China, because lockdown was so severe, is perhaps still reeling from that. Could this mean growth for another year just from continued unfreezing (they did 5% last year in whatever part because of this)?

    China has deflation. You won't buy a big ticket item if you think price will go down.

    Making difficult decisions to protect national brands, not shortterm sales.

    China property markets represents savings for a lot of Chinese. Is destruction of these savings a tacit goal?

    A porsche, a lakehouse, first class.

    China will export components, parts of manufacture, in their move to circumvent tarifs and sanctions in export, relocating manufacture to other places.

    2017 China started cracking down on unsustainable growth in banks. Depositors have become cautious in investing in high-risk products. Leverage.
    State owned banks lend to domestic businesses. State funded.
    Insuring project completion. Banks will be selective in property development. Safeguard asset quality. Not just affordability but confidence the projects will be delivered on time.

    China mainland stocks. Fundamental investing is not quite working because there's a lot of structural outflow. Policy and regulatory uncertainty, people are just giving up. Low return on effort. But the reset might be largely done.
    Look for companies that can help themselves, reinvent themselves, improve operating efficiency, find new markets, be winners of industry consolidation.
    China macro is quite unpredictable.

    Musk Vs OpenAI. If people can form a company as a nonprofit (lower tax) and then make it public and make profits, why wouldn't everyone do this?
    Microsoft bought 49% (estimated Microsoft invested $10b in OpenAI). Microsoft has gone up $63b since OpenAI, putting Microsoft at $3t, the largest company in the world now.
    It appears OpenAI started opensource, with the stated concern that one company (then Google but now Microsoft appears the same thing) would get all the benefits of AI. Elon was a big investor, the biggest investor, on tihs goal. They got other investors, on the idea it was opensource and would benefit everyone. Then it was closed. (Did they also remove all the opensource people?) Then they raised money on the idea of profits and employees sold a couple billion of stock into their pockets. If it had been opensource, Microsoft could have just used the models for free and not had to pay OpenAI.
    There's also consideration Altman may have used the openAI name to do other deals not for OpenAI which might be in the region of taking the corporation's opportunities. (Alman may be getting corporate opportunities as a form of compensation when perhaps he should just be getting compensation in the corporation and the corporation should own all its opportunities. He can monetize the ecosystem. He ‘famously’ doesn't get compensated at OpenAI directly.)
    Musk put in the first $40m, most of the money. Elon would own half the company if it had been initially private, maybe. So maybe you could give him 20% to make him whole (but Elon doesn't want money it seems)?

    You would think it was more valuable in 2020, nonsovereign, decentralized, the fundamentals seem good but the product wasn't valued. ... 98% doesn't understand it, it's a bit too complicated, they're afraid of it. Saylor bought Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. ... Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it's not true. ... Then, in 2020, 20-somethings know they should buy Amazon, every Uber driver knows that. Get off the mobile wave, get on the crypto wave and think that through. It wasn't without risk but the alternative was throw in the towel pretty much.

    Companies forget what it means to make great products.

    Rebecca Patterson says China is biggest factor driving gold prices higher - YouTube
    From 2k to 2200. China government has been buying reserves 16 months straight, not expected to stop. Chinese people putting money in gold because where else?
    Gold's not a story until it is.
    I haven't seen gold in economics news for months, not even one headline.

    The Downfall Of Amazon Has Started - YouTube
    New fees (which theoretically should have been there before but Amazon bore them itself to win over sellers). Fees for carrying low inventory (so Amazon can't easily store it everywhere and deliver it in a day like they want to to maintain their value proposition of fast delivery). Fees for returns if a product gets a lot of returns. Cost subsidy. (This reminds me of what we might expect from Uber at some point, because other than removing number-of-cars limits for cities, it's basically taxis, which was already a long-settled cost/profit system.
    This particularly affects low-margin sellers.
    Anectodally, some shipment costs rise from $10 to $100. 20-30% cost increases.
    These fees are to use Amazon's own shipping, Amazon Prime. Sellers can use FDM if they want, and this is expensive.
    Twitter spoke up, then reddit, then MSM.
    FTC now probing Amazon. Chain Lina Khan has been writing about the Amazon ‘antitrust paradox’ since college. Now there are public complaints, whereas before going after Amazon would have provoked large criticism (from market entrants not from established businesses which were put out of business by Amazon, Walmart, etc).
    All of Amaon's profit since 2017, presumably, is from AWS, Carlson said. Amazon has actually been losing money on retail for years.
    Amazon still offers customers their (?artificially) cheap shipping, fast shipping, trust (this is under question), consistency. Amazon customers are considered wealthier than average, and sticky, not likely to switch to a third party to save money.

    For regional banks, once they reach $100b, they get extra regulations without the benefits of scale. Marketing, technology, regulating ability to spread across banking market. More mergers? Even if smaller banks have billions on the books and appear safe, compared with what JPM has, just scale makes them look less secure.

    It's been 30 years since law allowed interstate banking in the US. Diversification.

    Big Tech has been deteriorating in relative standing for 6, 8 months.

    China is world leader in EVs, low-cost photovoltaics, wind turbines, fast rail, 5G.
    A lot of these are global directional trends. Low cost supplier to core infrastructure.
    Europe and US protectionist fighting against import of Chinese EVs, but rest of the world wants them bad. ... American business is not in line with American politics. American business people applaud Chinese when they visit.
  • More microplastics research. Cardiac event patients in the hospital volunteered their plaque to be tested. It was on average 2% microplastics (which may be acting as a scaffold for plaque to some extent). In 36 months, they had a 4x chance of death (cardiac, stroke, etc) when they had plastics versus when they didn't.
    It appears microplastics which are in blood etc touch cells, triggering an immune response which results in adverse health conditions.
  • Chinese national, who worked for Google, allegedly stole confidential AI files - YouTube

    We're almost trained to not be influenced by (political) ads. But what about regular posts?

  • Free speech crisis is unlike past ones where the government explicitly did it. Incentivised by indirect carrots and sticks. Isolation and scapegoating for those who diverge from the common opinion.
    Those on the right, which doesn't control universities, are more interested in freedom generally, consituttionally averse to safety-ism because they are stiff-upperlip-resilient types, so they are more into free speech. Liberals consider free speech dangerous.
    Dr. Kathleen Stock on the Crisis of Academic Freedom: A Talk at the Launch of the CAF - YouTube

  • Lawyer: Bad Copyright Claims Cost Rick Beato a Ton - YouTube
    ‘clearly fair use’ during an interview to talk about the thing.

    Is Oregon's controversial drug decriminalization plan working? - YouTube

    Crime Lab Scientist Deleted and Tampered w/DNA Results in 600 Cases - YouTube
    The findings ‘put all of her work in question’. 29 years. Data retention and quality control measures were violated, showing how specious these are having them as the reliable part of a system.
    When DNA, blood, fingerprint testing is done, it's just sent to the prosecutor or whoever, it's not delivered into the court. The person doing the testing doesn't come into the court and participate and say who they are and what they found. The person is not, as perhaps they should be, a witness. They can't be cross-examined, an integral part of reliable justice systems. If a witness seems not credible you can cross-examine them on that. If the woman tester here were later called to court regarding a test she did, she could be cross-examined on her reliability as a witness because she had these manipulated/deleted tests.
    How many retrials must now be done? where the convicted may not have had true evidence presented, and at the least didn't get a fair trial. It looks like 652 trials going back to 2008. Some of the convicted would have already been sentenced and served time in jail and been released.
    'She deleted and altered data that concealed her tampering with controls ... her failure to troubleshoot issues within the testing process ... failed to provide thorough documentation in the case record related to certain tests ... cut corners ...
    CBI apparently doesn occasionally find their agents have issues. But this is 29 years later.
    Steven noted that one way this sort of thing happens is that in law enforcement (like other things) some people start to believe that their hunches are magically correct and ‘though the evidence doesn’t point towards this guy I know they did it, so we're going to construct a case around this person.' And police might be coming to this tester and saying Hey I know you did some tests but this isn't helping us, and might pressure her to give them evidence that helps their case because they're sure the person did it, and maybe they make her job hard for her if she doesn't cooperate. Or maybe it's laziness on her part.
    There are a lot of steps in the travel of a piece of evidence, through storage, transport, packaging, testing, between buildings, data entry, retrieval. Sometimes you hear about how something wasn't done properly for various reasons. Maybe the guys just wanted to finish work to go out for a beer because it was somebody's birthday so they cut corners, whatever.

  • Was Italy's $1 Home Scheme Worth It? | True Cost | Insider News - YouTube
    Neighbors, refortifying multi-story homes, many of the young people left and leaving for the city to find work etc. $2k to $8k fees and lawyers.
    They've sold almost all the houses though. Sicily towns. 10k people there but empty houses meant it could house 40k, in Sambuca. New people speak new languages etc.

    Coca-Cola is adding its first permanent flavor in three years | CNN Business
    'Spiced was selected because it’s “all about being on category trend and responsive to our consumer preferences,” who are craving bolder and punchier flavors, Sue Lynne Cha, Coke’s vice president of marketing for North America, told CNN.
    'Coke’s research found that an “increase in consumer willingness to try a spiced beverage” and that raspberry was selected more than 5 million times on its Freestyle drink machines in 2022, which the company “often uses for inspiration” for new flavors, she said.
    ‘“Consumers are looking for more bold flavors and more complex flavor profiles. That’s a trend we started to see in food, but also in beverage and we though that was a unique space for us to play in,” she said, adding that there’s been of a “desire of discovery” with people wanting to try something new.’
    I had this idea 2 or 3 years ago and didn't know any big bottling CEOs.

    Inside The Mysterious Bitcoin City Billionaires Are Pouring Money Into | Insider News - YouTube
    A city that runs like a business in (Garifuna) Roatan Island, Honduras, a place for tourists and divers, there is the town of Prospera. Special economic zone to attract foreign investment.
    Can you really build a city without a government?
    The Honduran committee in charge collects taxes, runs security, and approves any new laws there. Only one person is public, the others are suspected to be some American Republicans. There are no normal public services there. There is one private elementary school.
    $1300 annual fee for foreigners ($260 for locals). Most are e-residents. 120 businesses have registered there. 2 weeks to get paperwork done, they say. You can pay everything, even taxes, in bitcoin.
    Could become a tax haven like Caymans.
    Honduras has been doing special economic zones since 2013 to attract otherwise-wary foreigners. In 2022 a new leftist leader repealed the law that allowed to creation of these zones but existing ones couldn't be shut down over night, because they're protected by international treaty for 50 years, and Propsera already sued Honduras for $11b in 2022 (ongoing).
    Has its own online court to settle disputes. Are residents above the law of the land?
    There is a law that says Honduras has the right to take neighboring citizens' land to expand the special economic zone. Prospera says their own laws wouldn't allow that. But maybe in 20 years, say critics.

  • Exiled Chinese artist Ai Weiwei: 'Censorship in West exactly the same as Mao's China' - YouTube
    'Sometimes even more ridiculous.' If two professors give opinions, a kind of private talk, then they have to be fired. It is considered attitude, not private opinion. You cannot talk about the truth anywhere.
    Certain matters, you just cannot touch.
    ‘Art is a special form of freedom of speech. If freedom of speech doesn’t exist we cannot call it art. And any artist who's not an artist is a dead artist.'
    Artists in this society are mostly corrupted. Seeking money or fame, no one really cares.
    ‘Are you a real artist, or are you too arrogant?’
    ‘I cannot exercise my rights or my art, but still I can live well there.’
    "Many of My Shows Have Been Canceled": Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei on Israel, Gaza & Censorship - YouTube

    Even if you're a person who default-postion doesn't see anything wrong with wearing a front-facing camera (glasses with cameras), and says ‘I have the right to do what I want’ and that ‘public space you can do what you want’, won't they, over time, feel the social pressure of sitting down at a table with friends or new acquaintances or business partners who react very negatively to their imposition and invasion/threat to privacy of that person, that they after a few instances just say it's not worth it and I guess I will respect other people after all?
    So if you want to see people be more respectful of this, your solution should maybe be not to focus on defense, ie masks, etc, but rather on low-grade persistent offense, ie calling people out, confronting them, when they are being invasive and annoying, but not fighting them, so that you can continue to do so and so that they will be worn down through education to change.

    Girls are more likely than parents to be liberal, men more conservative, GenZ.
    Why the political worldviews of young men and women are increasingly diverging | DW Analysis - YouTube
    Boys and men are behind in education at every age, every subject. Scandanavia is the biggest gap, men are most behind. The gap is as pronounced as they were the other way around in the 70s or whatever. There's no difference in testing intelligence, but there is in who finishes and tries in education.
    Some of this has to do with girls maturing at younger age, so they are more ready for responsiblities or whatever of school.
    ‘Useless’ and ‘worthless’. ‘Are they needed? Are then necessary?’
    You can look at the opportunities for men. They can work part time. They can stay at home and raise children. These were things denied to men who had been the default breadwinner.
    Structural disadvantages. Blacks. Poverty, neighborhoods, frontline work.
    Rich men, who don't have to worry about being the breadwinner because they can easily provide and because their partners often can also provide, it's easier for them to be feminist and say there's no problem. Poorer men, who can't provide and have to focus on trying to be a provider (and traditional gender role). Zero sum. Toxic masculinity blames men for their own plight. Using the word ‘toxic’ is toxic itself, you've signalled your politics and that you are their enemy, and they will stop listening.
    Andrew Tate is idolized, not just listened to. Not just important but profound. He speaks truth, he vilifies women and feminism, mocks empathy and kindness. He socializes boys a certain way. Can they be deprogrammed? The reason they find a market is young men are struggling with questions and there's nobody else trying to give an answer, except feminists saying ‘Stop being so toxic.’ We have a problem with strong male role-models.
    ‘They don’t care about male suicide.' (It is 4x women.) Where do they mention the gender gap on the government site? They do LGBTQ, veterans, urban, which are all smaller disparities. No wonder Andrew Tate can pick up followers.
    Fathers need to understand that and how they are valuable to their children, without the element of being the provider. What men do for children and families, society.

    There's no shared culture now. A teacher can't mention any TV show that more than 1/4 of the students have seen. There is no movie half the students have seen.

  • SNC BOMBSHELL: Trudeau obstructed criminal investigation into HIMSELF says RCMP - YouTube (the opposition)

    ‘Fair food prices for all’: Group calls for federal intervention on grocery prices - YouTube

    EU regulators fining Apple €1.8 billion over Apple Music - YouTube

    California’s Budget Deficit Jumps From $58 Billion to $73 Billion As Tax Revenue Declines - YouTube
    High earners went to Florida and Texas.
    A couple years ago Cali had a $100b surplus, which was spent on one-time projects and ‘no one can tell me where it went.’
    Suppressive of small business with regulations. Zero emissions by 2035.
    Cali still has a strong economy, but it's just not bringing in as much money.

    Frank Luntz on 2024 race: Whichever candidate steps aside, that's the party that wins the election - YouTube

  • This Malware Will Hijack Your Bank Account And Gmail - YouTube
    Cookie hacking.

    Linus Torvalds: Speaks on Fatigue and the Future of Linux - YouTube
    On driver side, on Rust side, they can find young people more easily to work on it.
  • HR should be an outside lawyer versed in employment law who can set up the company nicely so there isn't problems. Not a comisar in the company who knows and acts the gatekeeps of secrets, this person made this much, this person did this with this ...
    Coworkers should never know intimate details of another.
    HR should be administrative. But that can be software now.

    Google vs. Google: The internal struggle holding back its AI - YouTube
    This is how people are talking about it (people in the investing world). They think the problem is that Google is a liberal echo-chamber where people use their product as a tool to influence the world, at the expense of the utility of the tool. The problem isn't that Google can't, it's that it doesn't want to. (That it could easily fix the issues that produced black George Washington but because of the people and culture inside the corporate building they won't.) The employees are happy with how things are.
    Search is considered threatened by AI ‘search’, and is considered the best (most profitable, most moated) business in history. 20 years of it or something. I don't think Google search will fail, as search is about giving answers, not just information, not just words. And they know how to give answers and monetize use through the only large-scale acceptable monetization, ads and free use.

    Government just giving (stimulus checks) money to people suspected won't work, because people will just save the money (whether because of lack of confidence or just because Chinese culturally save money), not like USA.
    Confidence is really low, expectations the leadership is going to change, a rollback of regulations and pairing with the West not expected, and confidence is required for economy rebounding, perhaps. Even if government does this, it would still take a long time to convince them, because government has lost their confidence. The overall direction used to look good even when there were bumps in the road, and maybe that's not there now.

    Redistributing resources means redistributing authority. Giving money now to consumers means redistributing power.
    Changing the tax structure means changing the central/local government relationship. The levers to bend the local governments to their will.
    They control the pillars of the economy, which sectors.
    They're always fearful of major uprising in big cities. Control city populations. Never have visible inequality. Harsh policy to drive migrants out of the edges of the city.

    The leaders are failed reformers, not reluctant reformers. That makes a difference.

    They don't collect much tax on individual incomes (6% of their tax base, 1% of GDP), nor domestic consumption.
    They collect their tax mostly on investment-led growth model: value-added tax, enterprise income tax.
    They only use SOEs to stimulate the economy. Performance of SOEs should become worse. They need private sector power from now on.
    Fiscal revenue as a part of GDP is 14%. Declined steadily since 2015.
    Their fiscal constraints are more binding than observers think.
    A transitioning economy would require a different tax base, tax system. IMF raises this issue every year with China. They've said yeah we agree, for years, but last session they said they had a just-fine tax system.
    Give the market a decisive role in the economy?

    'Have we been gullible?' - Antidepressants taken by 'MILLIONS' of Brits go under the microscope - YouTube

    APPL down 3%, 10% this year, despite launching a new laptop ‘the best for AI’ which just has improvements to regular existing services. New $1.6b Europe fine. This week Europe regulation against Big Tech. Is APPL handing over the torch (to Microsoft, Nvidia?) It's a huge part of the market, of 401ks, etc.

    China's 5% GDP target is 'really ambitious,' economist says - YouTube
    Contractionary fiscal policy mostly. Require a very large infrastructure project (size of Three Gorge Dam).
    They might set a higher deficit budget.
    10 elements: Modernize supply chains, domestic brands, produce that supply chain. Higher quality development. Really encourage domestic consumption (consumer sentiment is not high).
    China sets 2024 economic targets: Here's what to know - YouTube
    Shift from mass production to high quality products, national security, social equality. A noted shift. A focus on communism.

    It's more profitable for companies to cooperate on prices than compete, says Columbia's Tim Wu - YouTube
    The most obviously anti-competitive deals are not gonna get through. The ones where they combine obvious competitors with the excuse that they're trying to take on other companies.
    The airline merger was the first that's been blocked in history, a such a minor pairing compared with ones they've allowed in the past. 10 years ago you could get any deal by saying we're coming together because we need to fight Walmart or Amazon. The industry was allowed to consolidate. We just saw airlines merge recently and not much good happening for consumers.
    There are 7 companies. Then 6 and 7 want to combine to compete with 1 and 2. They were allowed. Once there are only 3 or 4 companies, they see it's easier to cooperate on prices than to compete. Mobile, airlines. They didn't compete. T-mobile 10 years ago said they were never gonna survive, and now they're the most successful company.
    How many companies need to be in each sector to ensure competition? And how big can any one be allowed as a percentage of total sector share, before it makes it impossible for smaller ones to compete?

    Investors Beware: China's factories are moving. But not to Mexico or Vietnam. - YouTube
    Inland smaller cities.
    Much of Mexico manufacturing is China too.

    Weighing down the taxpayer: Why weight loss drugs could cost taxpayers over $1 trillion per year - YouTube
    44m people at $15k each, $1t gross, minus savings of $200b. $800b per year, equivalent of entire medicare program.
    IP theft? ... As public payers paying that much, you do have leverage, and you should be able to use that leverage in the marketplace. It could get to the point it represents a direct transfer from US taxpayers to shareholders of these companies. There is an opportunity here (they have 35% versus need-to-have-10% profit) to come to a more reasonable price for the taxpayer without discouraging innovation. We're moving toward a place, already, where we're going to blow a giant hole in the budget. But that's not the way free markets work, that's the way central planning works. Negotiating a ‘fair’ price. That fair word again. But doesn't that work both ways? The company might be developing and pricing based on the expectation of advantage in dealing with nationwide public purchase.

    Lots of cryptcoins are way up.
    BONK coin. $15b in volume in 24 hours.
    Like last time people will buy at the top these meme coins. But this time people know, everyone's in on it, but they want to play anyway. It's a game.
    Coinbase and Robinhood are up.

  • DW News, March 2nd, 2024: Russian spy attack on German air force high-ups | Full Broadcast - YouTube
    Scanal. Germans talk about a bomb and sending it to Russia, and potential targets, allegedly.

    Ransomware attack behind over week-long City of Hamilton service disruption - YouTube
  • 'Is That Not Speech?': Amy Coney Barrett Questions Lawyer About Social Media 'Editorial Control' - YouTube

    Trudeau TARGETS Canadians with NEW INSANE LAW! - YouTube
    ‘to impose house arrest on someone who is feared to commit a hate crime in the future -- even if they have not yet done so already.’ ‘could be make do wear an electronic tag'
    One commenter: 'I don’t know how much more people can take? We need 100% free speech- feelings be damned.'

    Hamilton Public Health delays suspension of high school students with overdue vaccines - YouTube
    A vaccine requirement for high school students. Students were notified they would be suspended if they didn't do it.
    Diptheria, measles, tetanus.

  • U.S. to airdrop aid into Gaza - YouTube
    Israel military opened fire as civilians waited for life-saving supplies, reportedly. Israel said most of the injuries came in a crush or hit by vehicles as the vehicles tried to escape.

    Is China's 40-year experiment with the West over? | DW Business - YouTube
    Saw the West as bags of money in the 80s. Saw them as dangerous for ideas, etc, so they isolated them to a couple coastal cities. They set up 13 open cities, invited foreign companies to invest as long as they'd export the product (without taxes). All kinds of promotional activities to get them to invest. Labor costs were so low, maybe 1/10th the production costs as if done in the US. China at that time seen as a plucky underdog. Had the nicest hotels in the hothouse districts, anyone could get a meeting with a minster in the cities. People got the impression China was trying to redo it's entire legal system to do business etc with the West. Chinese were barely making enough to eat before this.
    They had 180 newspapers. 3 years later 1800 magazines, 100 TV stations. One regulator for many, so they couldn't regulate, and you felt you didn't look over your shoulder, led to explosion in the arts. Then demands for a better life, control of inflation, protested, everyone joined the protest, same time Gorachev visited. They strenthnd central control, much less free during 90s, but because tons of capital was flowing into China, people didn't feel it or worry too much. Until 2008-09 GFC and Olympics.
    Foreign governments were hopeful about integration, possibly just fooling themselves about the nature of China. They were all investing and profiting from China.

    For a foreign company now (not before), all it takes is some Chinese company to file a lawsuit against you, and you can't leave the country. It's not high-level threats, it's just little stuff that is enough to keep you from going there and trying.

    Because China focuses on copying foreign tech rather than making new tech, they create value destruction, not new tech. They drive down prices sometimes but don't get on top of the product curve. Planned economy.

    There's concern China is building significant overcapacity in the auto sector: CFR’s Michael Froman - YouTube
    National security risks from connected auto.
    China is going to be building more in Mexico, which has free trade to US.
    Musk says the Chinese EVs are better than US cars except Teslas.
  • Scandal grows around fraudulent New York Times "mass rapes" investigation, with Ali Abunimah - YouTube
    ‘Recycled claims’ by Israel government, atrocity claims against Hamas, no evidence produced for even one victim. ‘Relying on testimony,’ not evidence, the Times corrected their early story to say.

  • Terrorism charges laid against man accused in Edmonton City Hall attack - YouTube

    Cops Use 'Find My iPhone' App, Search Wrong House, Hit w/$3.8M Verdict - YouTube
    Can you think of an easier way to get $4m?
    The phone location wasn't precise and they thought it was. The phone they were looking for was somewhere else.
    A new Colorado law (2022 police reform bill) allows people to sue police over violations of their state constitutional rights. Sue in state court. (Fed constitutional rights, you have to show it's a clearly established right, otherwise the police can say ‘qualified immunity’ which made it difficult to pursue wrongs, and that's why Colorado did this).
    Woke up to an alarm, military style police, armored vehicle, police dog, etc. ‘on her lawn’. They busted into the garage even though she told them how to open the door. They busted ceiling tiles to get into the attic. Broke some other things. 'Biggest damage to her sense of safety.' 'Has difficulty sleeping.' 'Moved to a different neighborhood.'
    ACLU of Colorado. Her verdict appears to be against not the PD but 2 employees. Can she collect?

    Algos could be regulated to not conduce echo-chambers.

  • Ayahuasca boom in Brazil - Remedy or risk? | DW Documentary - YouTube
  • Dating apps are the lowest quality leftovers. -HoeMath

    US study finds young men want children more than women, but experts aren't surprised - YouTube
    Age 18-34, 57% of men, 45% women, want children. Women face changes to body, impediment to career.

    Ben Carson Warns Of 'An Entirely New Threat To Our Country' - YouTube
    Washington is losing its legitimate claim to govern the American people.
    It has stopped even pretending to execute the charge laid out by our founders.
    The Federal beurocracy, MSM, academia, Hollywood, Big Tech, and every other nexus of power ... has turned its fire against conservatives, against Christians, against anyone ... crisis of legitimacy.
    America was founded on the idea that sovereignty comes from the consent of the governed.
    Young men, particularly young white men, aren't signing up in great numbers anymore ... they don't want to fight for a country that hates them.
    That spends trillions abroad while their towns are falling apart.
    While their jobs are shipped overseas without a second thought.
    That takes whatever little social capital they have left and redistributes it to others not them.
    Who can blame them?
    He said that what governments and school authorities are doing to children, coming down on them hard with the law if they try to pray, etc, is nothing less than child abuse.

    Handyman warns of migrants catching on to squatter rights - YouTube

    Based Councilman executes strategy to test if migrant supporters are willing to do what they preach - YouTube

  • Protesting farmers 'bombard' riot police with manure as they clash in Brussels - YouTube
    How to make people stop supporting you in 1 easy step?

  • Suspended public servants say they're being scapegoated over ArriveCan app - YouTube

    'Who elected George Soros to dictate laws?': El Salvador President Bukele blasts global elites - YouTube

    84% voted for Bukele, and 54 seats out of 60, in the recent election. Salvador has gone from one of the most dangerous, criminal countries to one of the safest in the Western Hemisphere.
    'Who elected George Soros to dictate laws?': El Salvador President Bukele blasts global elites - YouTube

    Matt Taibbi: Intel Blob COOKED THE BOOKS In 2016 Probe; Russians Wanted HILLARY, Not Trump - YouTube
    Intelligence agencies favor and put a finger on the scales for Democrats, the Hill thinks.

    LIVE: Shocking documents reveal Trudeau covered up massive PRC infiltration of his government’s t… - YouTube (the opposition)
  • China's Crackdown on ‘Hedonistic’ Bankers Fuels Industry Brain Drain - YouTube
    Where are they going though? Some to Hong Kong, some from banking to crypto, to digital banking. 78% of banks have reduced personnel or something. Some big jobs pay have been cut in half.
    People don't want this many people in the sector, they want the sector to serve the people rather than lavish lifestyles. Government wants other sectors, like manufacturing. They want sectors to be self-regulated, so China doesn't have the corruption (which they have now).

    This P.E.I. senior has no fixed address. He says there aren't enough services for people like him - YouTube
    #Canada #Technology

    Has AI made it ok to say the economy is sort of stagnating (considering inflation)?
  • Fired Mason Jar Cafe waitress speaks out - YouTube
    Employees couldn't be satisfied with how the tip was divided.

  • The Failure of Modern Technology | Peter Thiel - YouTube

    ‘industrial power is the basis of any great civilization’
    You need fullstack factories.
    They're Reimagining How to Build Anything | Hadrian - YouTube
    You cannot be missing one part of a product. You need to be able to access ie produce it.

    Lawfirm Loses $60K Relying on ChatGPT in the Courtroom - YouTube
    It will make up stuff because it's easier than looking up stuff - Lehto
    Remarkable not reliable.

    The Future of Bitcoin Mining - YouTube

    Tech Stagnation and What's Holding Us Back - YouTube
    Burja called cellphones portable terminals, on which all we really get tech wise is install app updates, like chatGPT you can talk to. The last thing before chatGPT was maybe GoogleMaps. Facebook/Myspace. Internet has now reached everyone. There's no doubling of how many people use the internet. Also we can't really increate the amount of time we spend on the internet. What more can companies monetize?
    Facebook had been considering becomming the main internet provider for India (before Zuck decided to go for metaverse), but regularatory challenges ...
    There are no fully 3d printed products (just parts), a fully funcitoning, multi-material, moving parts product.

    If cars came along now, the dangers would maybe not be acceptable (as they were because cars were introduced so early). Maybe speed limits would be set at double the pace of walking or something. Samo

    The industrial world remains unoptimized. The software gains of getting everyone to use spreadsheets have already been gotten, while those of putting cameras everywhere in the factory have not been explored much. Samo

    The White House Endorses Rust - YouTube
    To prevent Memory attacks. Don't write in C, C+. Use C#, Go, Java, Python, Rust and Swift. For space systems, it was noted in the brief. Currently people are disincentivized from Rust because there's not a lot of jobs that use it. Solana is written in Rust. Some people think Rust is a fad. But if government jobs start asking for Rust would lead to people learning it. It's a challenging language. It would add cost to projects. But there would be costs saved in fixing exploited code.
    This seems like actually decent advice from an untrusted source. Goals aligned.
    You can write a custom kernel that is flat and runs baremetal on a rPi to do a blink light rust runs on EVERYTHING (no operating system, just Rust) - YouTube with no need for linux/any OS.
  • Japan Pulls Off an Early Chip Victory - YouTube

    Reddit's 'Wild West' reputation isn't something that advertisers want: New York Times’ Jim Stewart - YouTube

    It is a feat if you can eek out a tiny tiny profit now.

    US government is funded not by taxes, but by treasury bonds, which are purchased by the Fed, which are purchased with printed money, which is backed by the treasury bonds themselves. - Bukele
    ‘Americans pay high taxes only to uphold the illusion that you are funding the government that you are not.’ ‘Paper backed with paper, a bubble.’
    It will entail a reengineering of the government top to bottom, Bukele said, not just the result of an election.
    ‘Put up the fight, because in the end it will be worht it.’

    Concerning reports over resources at Canadian food banks - YouTube

    The reason Canadian banks are down the last two years is because they haven't grown earnings: Wessel - YouTube

    Alphabet has an attractive valuation, but is a 'show me' stock, says BakerAvenue's King Lip - YouTube
    Other headlines about how Google could do what Meta did a year ago, when it looked like the company was ‘done’ but Zuck fired tons of people, stopped focussing on the metaverse, steered the company back towards making money. But peope say Google could but probably won't do this. We can notice here that Meta has just one person who feels completely entitled to do what he wants with his company. Google had 2 but they were (people assume) influenced to leave while government-friendly CEOs were put in place and a ‘woke’ culture prevailed over the citizens. This is a reaction to Google's AI fail making black George Washingtons etc. ... People say Google has the tech, it started a lot of the tech years ago, which smaller newer companies made public, or versions of it, and are profiting. But Google won't make their tech public. Perhaps because it's dangerous? perhaps because they've played it out and they know it's not much more than hype? Perhaps becaues it's government technology basically and they can't share it?
    Google Gemini AI is anti-white - and so is Google search - YouTube

    Microsoft now has a larger market cap than Apple.
    Also now, people are saying the NASDAQ can go up without the participation of Apple. That had been debated before. Dispell. 2% revenue growth, 7% earnings growth, for past few years, or something.

    Is capital now a burden? $10-20t excess capital that has no use? Just floating around searching for a use. Creating opportunities solely to put that money to work?
    Disaster capitalism - How financial markets benefit from the climate problem | DW Documentary - YouTube

  • This map lays out culturally-specific grocery stores in Scarborough, Ont. - YouTube
  • Why Were Campus Vending Machines Using Facial Recognition Software? - YouTube

    Police now need warrant for IP addresses, Canada's top court rules - YouTube
    Canadians should have a reasonable expectation of privacy for thier IP addresses, Supreme Court said. It would be an unreasonable search and seizure without a warrant. It is a breadcrumb on a trail that could tell Google or Meta a lot of information about that individual.
    Not the same ruling as two lower courts.
    The man had allegedly used fraudulent credit card info and the police had pursued the matter without a warrant.

  • CBC News: The National | Canada to reimpose visas for Mexicans - YouTube

  • Why a Senate bill could see Pornhub blocked in Canada | TECH NEWS - YouTube
    Digital IDs or facial recognition.

    FBI informant Smirnov arrested again over charges on false Hunter Biden reports - YouTube
    Same charges?

    Two Montreal universities launch lawsuits against the Quebec government - YouTube
    For tuition hikes.

    Dominican hospital charges Atlanta couple $7,100, refuses to give itemized bill - YouTube

    Case Adjourned When Jurors Can't Be Found Who Are Willing to Convict - YouTube
    Voir dire. $500 fine for feeding the homeless without the city's permission in Houston.
    90 tickets have been issued since March against volunteers of this organization (not an individual) which serves meals near the city library. City has lost every case.
    Voir dire often comes up in murder and assault in cases where people have strong feelings about things, and in capital punishment.
    Jury nulificaiton can also happen when a jury agrees about guilt but still aquit. Often they disagree with the law. Is this guy a criminal or a good neighbor?
    Sometimes a jury says, 'The prosecution has one version, and the defence has a completely different version, and I'm actually buying THAT version.'
    Sometimes the person has excuses for what they've done, and that excuse might not rise to where the court's gonna say ‘If you find this you can acquit.’ But a jury looking at the facts might say say I understand that what they did was illegal, but I understand why they did it, and I think I woulda done it, you woulda done it, I think reasonable people would've done that, considering the circumstances. So I can't vote to convict that person.

    Company That Sweeps Up License Plate Data Faces Class Action Trial in May - YouTube
    They use license plate scanners, drive around, develop location data on cars and sell that to marketers. 22m plates per month are scanned by this company.
    Not consistent with civil liberties, it is argued. Mass surveilance program. Detailed picture of people lives, home, other peoples' homes, doctors, place of worship, businesses they frequent.
    Is there something intrusive about this? Sweeping up the info on a plate, not just the person who happens to be there at that moment unconnected to the person anyway. But building a detailed profile of people.
    Defense says no one has been directly harmed.
    According to a Cali 2016 law that says if you sue for a broken law, you can get minimum $2500. 22m people times that. The plaintiff may also want equable relief ie to make them stop.

    Teachers sue Gavin Newsom for forcing them to lie about students' gender - YouTube (Fox)

    City to Install Speed Cameras on Interstate for 'Safety' - YouTube
    'Other cities that have implemented similar measures have seen a massive increase in revenue.' A money printing machine, paid for by citizens, many from out of state. You don't have to pay the machine a salary either.

    "There's NO such thing as PARENTAL RIGHTS in Canada" - YouTube
    ‘It’s dangerous and harmful' to do what he doesn't want lawmakers to do, and the way they talk about it is ‘hateful.’ The people in question are ‘just trying to be kids.’
    Commenter: "Someone with rights but no responsibilities is a tyrant.
    Someone with responsibilities but no rights is a slave."

    HOA sends him 1 dozen-plus parking tickets, but he doesn’t own a car - YouTube
    These things should mandatorily have a papertrail of who touched a procedure, with either their name or id number on a list on the actual document the person gets.

    Elon Musk's lawsuit against OpenAI and Altman began a year ago, says Musk biographer Walter Isaacson - YouTube
    Motivations? Relationship started in 2012. Musk worried about AI getting out of control. They had made OpenAI opensource, nonprofit. Falling out and Altman decided it wasn't going to be any longer opensource or nonprofit. Musk wanted to go back to original documents about what the project was, and saw, the biographer says, they would wind up in court. Altman had offered Musk shares and said he could make money off it. Musk doesn't want money really, he wants OpenAI opened up to opensource, as the original documents said, so it can't run out of control.
    You can't take an opensource, nonprofit and turn it into what they're doing now (something pretty much controlled by Microsoft), is the issue, the biographer said.
    They had a bunch of founding documents, the emails between the two men talking about it.

  • Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has died, Russian media report | BBC News | BBC News - YouTube
    How one treats their prisoners is a mark of their nobleness and their size as a person. If one presumes to cage a person they are responsible for anything that happens to them while they have taken away their autonomous power of self-protection.
    Greed is a sign of poverty.
    A great person takes care of everyone within their tent. Magnanimity.

    Julian Assange: Wikileaks founder in last-ditch bid to avoid US extradition | BBC News - YouTube
    If his lawyers can't convince the judge, they can go to the European Court of Human rights to try to stop the plane from taking off.
    Julian Assange’s brother makes heartbreaking plea to bring him home | ABC News - YouTube
    A historical figure. His contribution to the West. To society. Ending the War in Iraq, possible because of one of the diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks. ‘I’m immensely proud of the work he's done.'
    The Aus parliament and PM asked for Assange, and their ‘closest partner’ ostensibly, hasn't done so. The Aus ‘sense of a fair go’ that ‘Julian hasn’t gotten.'
  • I ditched Spotify because of THIS - YouTube

    This Guy is Mass Producing Factories to Build Houses | Cuby - YouTube
    Each factory can produce roughly a house per day.
    70% of the cost per square foot of house is the labor plus sub contractor, in the US, right now. There's not enough skilled labor. 30% is materials.
    Manufacturing conveyor style. 50% the cost of standard construction. Reduce the labor force more than 10x.
    'People need to buy a house as easy as to buy a car.'
    With some predictable quality.
    Most the production (factories) to where you want to build the houses.
    He wrote a book on how to govern engineers in a business. He is a physics analyst. If he can find the physics analysis, he can predict how the system will behave itself.
    They train workers before they arrive at the factory by creating a version of the factory in Unreal Engine. He plays the game version, and then when he arrives he already knows.
    They have an Uber-style app for the workers. When they arrive they push a button on the app and (based on his skills) he is assigned a task. When he's finished he pushes another button.
    They are preparing to use more robotics. They will give these same digital tasks (from the app) to robotics.
    Use already-existing technology, so it will be familiar to any participant of the market.
  • The Dystopian CULT of Looks MAXXING (Men are not okay) - YouTube

    Unfortunately NBA Teams Have Solved Basketball… - YouTube
    The most efficient offense. Pick and roll. Everyone playing the same way. And it's just shooters.
    They're all tall, wingspan is becomming the #1 factor whether you can be drafted at all, they're all athletic. Scoring is a super easy task. The ball is moving faster than a person. People drawing soccer-style fouls. Players not even sweating.
    Peoples suggestions: reduce point power of the 3 (perhaps by moving the line). No 3 second rule in the key. Call travelling and carrying (the league has sold out). Bring back hand checks and cut bumps. Let players play d without getting fouls. Call offensive fouls.

    Unc & Ocho react to Beyonce's "Texas Hold 'Em" being barred from country radio stations | Nightcap - YouTube

    You don't need to win military skirmishes to take over Central and Eastern Europe. All you need to do is control the media and the social media ecosystem, because that's what controls elections, and if you simply get the right administration into power, they control the military. Organized political influence operation. - Mike Benz

    Why are Hollywood movies falling out of favor in China? - YouTube

    Vancouver residents taught to repair, not waste, at free event - YouTube
  • Romance scammers target Americans - YouTube
    The scammers have playbooks. They all target the same thing, love and money.

    CIA terminates whistleblower prompting flood of sexual misconduct complaints | NewsNation Prime - YouTube

    Alberta RCMP officer charged for allegedly sharing non top secret data with Republic of Rwanda - YouTube

    22-year-old woman Jailed for over 8 years after falsely accusing 3 men of trafficking and raping her. : AllThatIsInteresting/

    FBI agent, others warn of Venezuelan gang entering into US - YouTube
    Extortion of businesses run by Venezuela etc. They have no record keeping in Venezuela, so US authorities don't know if they have a criminal or not.
  • Super yachts, mansions and gross wealth profited from government contracts | 60 Minutes Australia - YouTube

    RFK Jr.: I’m Creating A New Political Party - YouTube
    The current law protects the party system. Hard to get on the ballot as an independent. Cali requires 219k signatures to put an independent on the ballot. New party requires 75k party registrations.
    He wants to call his party ‘We the People’. That will be confusing.

    Auditor general releases report that ArriveCAN app cost taxpayers $60m - YouTube

    US Senator Welch votes against sending money to Israel to support Gaza bombing campaign - YouTube
    Biden delivers remarks on Senate passage of the bipartisan supplemental agreement - 2/13/24 - YouTube

    Biden blasts Trump for “un-American” NATO remarks, highlights urgency of $95B aid bill - YouTube

    ArriveCAN: Reporters who exposed COVID-19 app discuss controversy | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos - YouTube
    4 person team. $250m in contracts since 2015.
    ‘Two guys, the work from home. They have no office.’ ‘Neither of them do any IT work at all.’

    Trump "hush money" case to be 1st criminal trial of a former U.S. president - YouTube

    Javier Milei delivers Argentina's first monthly budget surplus in 12 years - YouTube

    CBC News - YouTube
  • Critical documents expected to arrive in mail just vanish - YouTube

    Canadian military accepting less than 1% of permanent residents who apply - YouTube
    #Canada #Immigration

    The Javers Files: Apple Vision Pro in Moscow - YouTube
    It's not even available in UK and other countries where it is allowed by Apple. It does sell for like 50% more though in Russia.
    Parallel import. Apple products have been not sold in Russia by Apple for 2 years, a protest against the Ukraine invasion and war. However, they're still available there to buy.