Dating apps are the lowest quality leftovers. -HoeMath

US study finds young men want children more than women, but experts aren't surprised - YouTube
Age 18-34, 57% of men, 45% women, want children. Women face changes to body, impediment to career.

Ben Carson Warns Of 'An Entirely New Threat To Our Country' - YouTube
Washington is losing its legitimate claim to govern the American people.
It has stopped even pretending to execute the charge laid out by our founders.
The Federal beurocracy, MSM, academia, Hollywood, Big Tech, and every other nexus of power ... has turned its fire against conservatives, against Christians, against anyone ... crisis of legitimacy.
America was founded on the idea that sovereignty comes from the consent of the governed.
Young men, particularly young white men, aren't signing up in great numbers anymore ... they don't want to fight for a country that hates them.
That spends trillions abroad while their towns are falling apart.
While their jobs are shipped overseas without a second thought.
That takes whatever little social capital they have left and redistributes it to others not them.
Who can blame them?
He said that what governments and school authorities are doing to children, coming down on them hard with the law if they try to pray, etc, is nothing less than child abuse.

Handyman warns of migrants catching on to squatter rights - YouTube

Based Councilman executes strategy to test if migrant supporters are willing to do what they preach - YouTube