Listing things as ‘on sale’ without actually discounting the price. They raise the price to double the price for a short time, then discount it back to the original $20 price.

JCPenny, Foot Locker, Eddit Bauer facing lawsuits currently.

Reportedly, the financial damange is worse if they lose market share to competitors (monetary damange and bad PR), worse than if they didn't do this price

trick. Even if it's like $20m. Because these suits will likely disappear.

Cali has a regulation where the older price has to have been for 3 months, but reportedly this doesn't really prevent the stores.

Huawei Building Secret Network for Chips: Trade Group - YouTube 

Shenzhen. To get around US sanctions.

Violence won in Denmark?

Secret recording of insurance lobbyist reveals plan to change CA insurance law - YouTube