Air Canada found liable for chatbot’s bad advice on plane tickets - YouTube
AC said they are not responsible for something their employees or workers, even a chatbot, say. The chatbot is not a separate legal entity, he argued.
Airline's Insane Defense in Lawsuit it Lost - YouTube

The Flipper Zero Ban is Insane - YouTube
No evidence one was ever used to steal cars in Canada. Can't even really do it, it seems, unless you have the fob and trigger it outside range of the car, then go to the car and open it.
100k cars were stolen in Canada in 2022, and there's a lot of meetings on the subject in Ottawa this week.

College student tracking Taylor Swift’s jets fires back in legal letter - YouTube
What do you do when someone makes themselves a personal nuisance? Generally, laws are created to prevent these actions, but how would we define the wrong here?