China Fines Everything: $3 Vegetables Sale=$15K Fine, GitHub Visit=$300K Fine, Puppy Joke=$2M Fine - YouTube

Sony Steals Customers' Purchased Content - Piracy is COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED! - YouTube

High Court Judge Arrested and Charged - YouTube
Tasmania, assault and emotional abuse. Media not allowed, court restricted publishing name of victim in accordance with family violence act. A crime that wouldn't get any headlines if it had just been an ordinary person off the street, because it was a Supreme Court justice they escorted him through back door etc.

Amazon Sued for Selling Bathroom 'Spycam' - YouTube
‘Amazon cannot claim shock.' Spycam designed to look like a towel hook. Underage woman in her bathroom, a foreign exchange student.

Google Loses App Store Antitrust Fight With Fortnite Maker Epic Games - YouTube

83-Year-Old Woman Handcuffed and Forced to Kneel During Stop Can Sue the Police - YouTube
Google and Apple as gatekeepers. Thumb on the scale. By jury. The jury understood the issues and case and made a decision. In past cases they used a judge. Google will appeal, so its an issue that'll be settled in years. Google says when you use Android you can use any app etc, and that's technically true but in practice not what Google makes it sound like, which was part of the case.

New Hampshire Man John DeLee is Not Guilty of Bar Fight Murder: Defense - YouTube
This is just the argument.