Court Orders Police to Give Man's Phone Back After 175M Failed Password Attempts - YouTube
In Ottawa, Canada. How long should they be allowed to keep it? How many passcode guesses? They wanted to keep the phones for 2 years. They use a dictionary of passwords, leetspeak, and numbers. Takes about days to test 30m passcodes, but depends if the password is in the dictionary. Software (Mentalist) allows them to generate passcodes customized to what's known about the suspect.
The judge is framing it as a property rights question, not a privacy rights question.

Proposed Law Would Block Use of Bodycam Footage on YouTube - YouTube
‘Seeks to protect women’ and ‘young’ individuals also languaged, ‘young women’. Open public records act requests. Leveraged for gains on SM.

State Court OKs Warrantless Searches Based on 'Nonverbal' Gestures - YouTube
‘Based on believed’ consent. What if the person who opens the door is just a visitor? Good faith belief. ‘Believed authority to consent.’ A smart officer will now just not ask if the residence is theirs, but will just say ‘Can I come in?’ and on ‘good faith’ believe the person had authority to consent nonverbally. If a man shrugs his shoulders, they can assume that means ‘I don’t care go ahead and search' when actually he meant ‘Why are you asking me that? its’ not my place' when he shrugged. Things that before would have meant the police don't have consent now mean the police do have.

Court Allows Suit to be Served Via Bitcoin Wallet - YouTube

Canadian customs officers could soon be based in U.S. for the first time - YouTube
Canadian guards would arrest people wanted under US law.
Border guards and their lawyers didn't evne know about this until journalists at CBC just called them to comment on the story. They have a lot of concerns, and don't know anything about how it would work.
Are all laws in Canada passed in secret from anyone they might affect? because it seems to be this way a lot.

900 Wrongful Convictions in British Post Office Scandal - YouTube
Not accused. Convicted. Because of a faulty computer system. Left them ‘bankrupt and bronken.’ Fixed after a TV docudrama roused public support, not before, not even after then news published on it. The State owned post office maintained that Horizon (their software) was reliable and said the branch managers were guilty. Some went to prison, some were bankrupt trying to defend themselves, became community pariahs, accused of stealing, marriages fell apart.
Similar problem happened years ago in Michigan, Lehto said, to handle what they wanted to be an easy way to deal with unemployment claims, flagging people falsely of receiving fraudlently obtained unemployment money, and prosecuted them, saying they had to pay the money back. Class actions were served. Trusting machines to do our thinking for us, and make decisions for us.

Huge Civil Asset Forfeiture Win for the Marine - YouTube
How many civil asset forfeitures happen in the US?

Man Sues 27 Women for Comments on 'Are We Dating the Same Guy?' - YouTube
Apparently there are Facebook groups like this for regions/cities. Sometimes it's someone's husband or wife.
Relatedly, the state is looking at new legislation to prevent sharing of personal information online.

GREAT 2A DECISION: Federal Judge Rules Post Offices ARE NOT Sensitive Places! - YouTube
(Didn't watch.)

The current legislation limiting big tech is not meaningful. Of all the big fines handed out to the big tech companies last year, the biggest fine was paid off in 7 days. Andy Yen. You can't change those companies behavior unless you're forced to. DMA coming into force this year in Europe though.

Saskatoon passengers landing in Orlando told they 'entered the country illegally' - YouTube
A staff member opened the wrong door so they didn't pass through customs.

Madonna sued by fans in New York over late concert start time | BBC News - YouTube

Is the ‘Panemic Treaty’ the next ‘Patriot Act’?

Reports Ireland govt is trying to make new hate speech laws so citizens can't complain about immigration, which perhaps they majority oppose?
Will Sin Fein become increasingly the nationalist party?

Police Called To Stop Filming During Piano Livestream - YouTube
This is something legislatures are going to have to decide. Should people be unrestricted in where they film/livestream? Do public spaces belong to people who don't care about others who may not want to be in their videos? or does it belong to people who would limit the ability of others to film?