“Large corps weaponize ... this undemocratic dispute settlement regime ...” - Elizabeth Warren

“Sedes” removed from territorial jurisdictions, and can set their own regulatory standards, tax policy, court system (basically run their own government).

At first the people of the country didn't even know this was happening. ... Then there was massive uprising. Indiginous societies ... A new leader was elected on a campaign to overturn this law .. did so. But then the Trade Agreement (that no one really knew about), that empower corporations to be able to challenge democratic policies, outside of the court system, this isn't in a US or Honduran court, it's in a private tribunal of private sector lawyers, three arbitrators who will decide ...

“The company is using this [lawsuit for $12b, 1/3 of the country's budget, which would ‘bankrupt’ the country] as a tool to try to bully the government.”