Not much progress against monopoly.

Ecosystem, rather than just different parts of a business.

A juror had said that the defendent deserves to go to jail because they're rich, white, and entitled. Another juror told the judge this, but it was a lie. Juror26 said 'm standing up for white people.

WHO is not elected.

‘What’s with all the secrecy?'

It's all happening by default, if no one does anything. Just by not doing anything, something happens.

100k signatures in the UK, but still no public hearing. Canada and Australia also got more than enough signatures.

The racial equality policy written by NY DA Bragg aims at equality of outcome, not treating people equally. The statement the victim of the original crime made reads like he was the aggressor and the perpetrator was the victim, the lawyer says. ‘Evidence mischaracterized.’

Any streamer who makes $10k would have to register with the Can govt and then hand over info on their listeners.

In the vid, they also comment on how hate laws are used by the government to oppress groups who oppose them.

Usually people complain when Cali passes a new law.

This is a ‘backspace’ for data brokers (those who buy and sell personal data). With one single request all the companies have to delete it at once. 500 data brokers are already registered with California.

Most states sell your drivers licence info to the companies who collect this data. Post offices sell your new address when you change address. Post offices sell info on which people have recently moved to an area.

‘We’ll sell it if you promise to use it properly.'

'The burden of policing data brokers shouldn't be on consumers.'

People can go get your property data, taxes, whether you're up to date.

Note: if you write your name and address a certain way, you will be able to track from which original source your address for junk mail was leaked/sold.

JPM net income up 24-35% (lower figure excludes First Republic purchase).