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‘clearly fair use’ during an interview to talk about the thing.

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The findings ‘put all of her work in question’. 29 years. Data retention and quality control measures were violated, showing how specious these are having them as the reliable part of a system.
When DNA, blood, fingerprint testing is done, it's just sent to the prosecutor or whoever, it's not delivered into the court. The person doing the testing doesn't come into the court and participate and say who they are and what they found. The person is not, as perhaps they should be, a witness. They can't be cross-examined, an integral part of reliable justice systems. If a witness seems not credible you can cross-examine them on that. If the woman tester here were later called to court regarding a test she did, she could be cross-examined on her reliability as a witness because she had these manipulated/deleted tests.
How many retrials must now be done? where the convicted may not have had true evidence presented, and at the least didn't get a fair trial. It looks like 652 trials going back to 2008. Some of the convicted would have already been sentenced and served time in jail and been released.
'She deleted and altered data that concealed her tampering with controls ... her failure to troubleshoot issues within the testing process ... failed to provide thorough documentation in the case record related to certain tests ... cut corners ...
CBI apparently doesn occasionally find their agents have issues. But this is 29 years later.
Steven noted that one way this sort of thing happens is that in law enforcement (like other things) some people start to believe that their hunches are magically correct and ‘though the evidence doesn’t point towards this guy I know they did it, so we're going to construct a case around this person.' And police might be coming to this tester and saying Hey I know you did some tests but this isn't helping us, and might pressure her to give them evidence that helps their case because they're sure the person did it, and maybe they make her job hard for her if she doesn't cooperate. Or maybe it's laziness on her part.
There are a lot of steps in the travel of a piece of evidence, through storage, transport, packaging, testing, between buildings, data entry, retrieval. Sometimes you hear about how something wasn't done properly for various reasons. Maybe the guys just wanted to finish work to go out for a beer because it was somebody's birthday so they cut corners, whatever.