More provinces looking to ban phones in classrooms - YouTube

Squatters turn Beverly Hills mansion into party house - YouTube
Keeping neighbors u p with noise.
The police were called to attend but the people came up with a false lease. The courts won't do anything, the real estate agent says, because squatters have rights.
Police swarm Beverly Crest mansion occupied by squatters - YouTube
Someone called saying someone with a knife was entering the building.
But the police couldn't evict them. Detained and released. ‘If someone enters your house while you’re away and changes the locks there's nothing you can do about it.' LA.

Palm Springs home values in "free-fall" after city cracks down on Airbnb - YouTube

Federal lawsuit claims common fridge failures are corporate fraud - YouTube

Hong Kong court orders Chinese property developer Evergrande to liquidate | DW News - YouTube

"Should It Be Illegal?" - Controversy Over Taylor Swift AI Nude Images - YouTube
Things that a minority of people can see immediately, it requires actually happening (and sometimes thereby passing the point of proper control) for the magority to even acknowledge. The only rational solution becomes only possible to them to consider at that point.

I-Team: Study: Nearly 1,000 Georgians wrongly arrested due to false positive drug field tests - YouTube

TSN confirms names of former WJC players facing charges - YouTube
No one has details of statements what happened in the room, but after a date with one hockey player and consensual sex in a hotel room, allegedly other guys entered and had other kinds of relations alleged to be assault.
Recently, I listened to a bballer talk about how different it is for them. That sport pays a lot relatively, and they just pay their girls and they also just call the shots. Paying means buying them things or whatever. Acceptance of the thing could be interpreted to mean consent.

Toronto-area teacher’s aide acquitted of sexual assault says her reputation is ruined - YouTube
Apparently without even questioning the story told by the student, who was known to ‘have a propensity’ for ‘violence and falsehood’. People assume that if a person is charged the police have reason to do so. ‘How the people we trusted are the ones that failed us the most.’

Official arrested for speaking at her own meeting. Her rights were violated, judge says - YouTube
She was criticizing country sheriff at an open meeting. Told she was disrupting the public meeting and removed in handcuffs. Charges later dropped. She filed suit against them. ‘This is not ... Putin’s [or] ... AlAdas' country. We do not arrest our political opponents because of something they said.'
Ohio has a law that law. Misdemeanor where you can use obstructive speech or conduct outrage the sensibilities of the group.
An inmate had died and she and the sheriff were going back and forth about it.
Happened a year and a half ago, now making headlines.