Afroman being sued by officers after they raided his house | ABCNL - YouTube 

Violation of privacy, claimed.

Congress rejects a CBDC, the Fed's building one anyway - YouTube 

Fed can do this without Congressional authorization because they don't depend on it for funding. Fed can 'write laws' and lots, while Congress is held by by opposition parties.

Burford Capital Eyes 37,000% Return in Argentina Win - YouTube 

Litigation funding. American lawyers (and trial?) against Argentinian government.

Monopolizing search by making deals with phone makers to be the default search.

Of all the things Google and other tech giants are bad for doing, this is one thing they are not bad for. Google Search is the best. When I can't get results using non-spy search engines, I go to Google and it is an excellent product. What would be nice would be competing excellent products, for different types of search (Google provides search for specific information queries of a certain type, and they also put answers in the results, stock graphs, etc, but they are useless for finding interesting and new things, blogs, bloggers, non-commercial things). Or they could take up the privacy issue with Google.