Safe Deposit Box Case Heard by Ninth Circuit - YouTube
Fourth Amendment versus unreasonalbe search and seizer. And Fifth for having private property taken without compensation. Institute for Justice. Allegation is FBI has no probable cause to open boxes or after opening them, to keep the stuff. And FBI lost all kinds of stuff they had documented in order to not lose. IJ wants the appeals court to difinitively state that the FBI violated individuals' rights, and to force Fedgov to distroy copies it made of private things like medical documents etc. ‘Oh you want your document back here you go’ but they have a copy. FBI did need to document the contents of the boxes in order to properly give the contents back to the owners, Lehto speculated, otherwise people could just show up and say Hey I'm box number 5 and they couldn't say what was in the box to confirm. However, that seems false, because if they prove they had the box through identity and rental records that should be the only thing needed.

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