State Court Says Local Officers Can't Spy From Above Without a Warrant - YouTube
Alaska constitution. US Constitution actually has language to allow doing this, it says if you can fly over and look down then you can fly over and look down and take pictures.
Aircraft must have a warrant to use a camera with zoom lens.
In 2012, police flew over the yard to take a look, and saw ‘unidentifyable plants' and got a warrant on that (how?) to enter the property. Several appeals.
Alaska Supreme court: ‘The Alaska Constitution protects the right to be free of unreasonable searches. The fact that a random person might catch a glimpse of your yard while flying from one place to another does not make it reasonable for law enforcement officials to take to the skies and train high powered optics on the private space right outside your home without a warrant.’
Just because people can see something doesn't mean police can take a telephoto lens and all these different sensors and things (heat sensors) and do anything.
The Constitutions talks about what steps the government can and cannot take to surveil you, and you have to ask yourself what kinds of things would we want them doing or not doing. ... You want law enforcement to enforce the laws, but they get a tip somebody's growing something, so they fly over and take pictures with a giant lens.
Are all Americans fascinated with Alaska?

House passes TikTok bill: What investors need to know - YouTube
Is it actually starting? A trend which will protect people from tracking and spying?
‘Tiktok should be banned,' one commenter said, because of their extraordinary ability to influence public opinion. Will we see Congress actually do something to make a thing that should be actually happen?

He Brought A Nailgun To A Protest - What Is The Law? - YouTube
It can't fire 152.4meters per second, so not a ‘firearm’. (Note that some nailguns can achieve over that, particlarly powder-actuated ones.)
It is a weapon carried to a public meeting. It is a weapon carried for a dangerous purpose (unless he went and got it for self-defense after getting in an altercation).
He was carrying a weapon while committing another crime, if he was assaulting. Then he would be assaulting with a weapon (just drawing a fist or pointing a projectile weapon is assualt).