Terrorism charges laid against man accused in Edmonton City Hall attack - YouTube

Cops Use 'Find My iPhone' App, Search Wrong House, Hit w/$3.8M Verdict - YouTube
Can you think of an easier way to get $4m?
The phone location wasn't precise and they thought it was. The phone they were looking for was somewhere else.
A new Colorado law (2022 police reform bill) allows people to sue police over violations of their state constitutional rights. Sue in state court. (Fed constitutional rights, you have to show it's a clearly established right, otherwise the police can say ‘qualified immunity’ which made it difficult to pursue wrongs, and that's why Colorado did this).
Woke up to an alarm, military style police, armored vehicle, police dog, etc. ‘on her lawn’. They busted into the garage even though she told them how to open the door. They busted ceiling tiles to get into the attic. Broke some other things. 'Biggest damage to her sense of safety.' 'Has difficulty sleeping.' 'Moved to a different neighborhood.'
ACLU of Colorado. Her verdict appears to be against not the PD but 2 employees. Can she collect?

Algos could be regulated to not conduce echo-chambers.