Why a Senate bill could see Pornhub blocked in Canada | TECH NEWS - YouTube
Digital IDs or facial recognition.

FBI informant Smirnov arrested again over charges on false Hunter Biden reports - YouTube
Same charges?

Two Montreal universities launch lawsuits against the Quebec government - YouTube
For tuition hikes.

Dominican hospital charges Atlanta couple $7,100, refuses to give itemized bill - YouTube

Case Adjourned When Jurors Can't Be Found Who Are Willing to Convict - YouTube
Voir dire. $500 fine for feeding the homeless without the city's permission in Houston.
90 tickets have been issued since March against volunteers of this organization (not an individual) which serves meals near the city library. City has lost every case.
Voir dire often comes up in murder and assault in cases where people have strong feelings about things, and in capital punishment.
Jury nulificaiton can also happen when a jury agrees about guilt but still aquit. Often they disagree with the law. Is this guy a criminal or a good neighbor?
Sometimes a jury says, 'The prosecution has one version, and the defence has a completely different version, and I'm actually buying THAT version.'
Sometimes the person has excuses for what they've done, and that excuse might not rise to where the court's gonna say ‘If you find this you can acquit.’ But a jury looking at the facts might say say I understand that what they did was illegal, but I understand why they did it, and I think I woulda done it, you woulda done it, I think reasonable people would've done that, considering the circumstances. So I can't vote to convict that person.

Company That Sweeps Up License Plate Data Faces Class Action Trial in May - YouTube
They use license plate scanners, drive around, develop location data on cars and sell that to marketers. 22m plates per month are scanned by this company.
Not consistent with civil liberties, it is argued. Mass surveilance program. Detailed picture of people lives, home, other peoples' homes, doctors, place of worship, businesses they frequent.
Is there something intrusive about this? Sweeping up the info on a plate, not just the person who happens to be there at that moment unconnected to the person anyway. But building a detailed profile of people.
Defense says no one has been directly harmed.
According to a Cali 2016 law that says if you sue for a broken law, you can get minimum $2500. 22m people times that. The plaintiff may also want equable relief ie to make them stop.

Teachers sue Gavin Newsom for forcing them to lie about students' gender - YouTube (Fox)

City to Install Speed Cameras on Interstate for 'Safety' - YouTube
'Other cities that have implemented similar measures have seen a massive increase in revenue.' A money printing machine, paid for by citizens, many from out of state. You don't have to pay the machine a salary either.

"There's NO such thing as PARENTAL RIGHTS in Canada" - YouTube
‘It’s dangerous and harmful' to do what he doesn't want lawmakers to do, and the way they talk about it is ‘hateful.’ The people in question are ‘just trying to be kids.’
Commenter: "Someone with rights but no responsibilities is a tyrant.
Someone with responsibilities but no rights is a slave."

HOA sends him 1 dozen-plus parking tickets, but he doesn’t own a car - YouTube
These things should mandatorily have a papertrail of who touched a procedure, with either their name or id number on a list on the actual document the person gets.

Elon Musk's lawsuit against OpenAI and Altman began a year ago, says Musk biographer Walter Isaacson - YouTube
Motivations? Relationship started in 2012. Musk worried about AI getting out of control. They had made OpenAI opensource, nonprofit. Falling out and Altman decided it wasn't going to be any longer opensource or nonprofit. Musk wanted to go back to original documents about what the project was, and saw, the biographer says, they would wind up in court. Altman had offered Musk shares and said he could make money off it. Musk doesn't want money really, he wants OpenAI opened up to opensource, as the original documents said, so it can't run out of control.
You can't take an opensource, nonprofit and turn it into what they're doing now (something pretty much controlled by Microsoft), is the issue, the biographer said.
They had a bunch of founding documents, the emails between the two men talking about it.