Index funds, which were at first ridiculed and called un-American for setting mediocrity as a goal, now control 20-30% of the US equities market. They're now more to provide a list of stocks for index funds to invest in than to inform on how the overall market is doing. First index fund in 1971. Boyle

Imports to US dropped over recent months.

Older workers (55+) who have left the workforce have not come back in, as usually is the case with this cohort. Supply story in labor.

88% of S&P companies, the largest shareholder is either State Street, Blackrock, or Vanguard. Their influence in defense contracts. - Bet-David

Do they want more wars?

Is 88% a form of monopoly?

Blackrock is $10t under management. Only 2 countries, US and China, have a bigger GDP.

58% of Americans have an iPhone. Is that a monopoly (US says 50% is a monopoly)?

We don't have competition today. The companies aren't broken up.

Usually when China announces a whole raft of 15 measures it means they don't have one they think will work. But one of the measures in there is

Asking the private sector, especially Tech, to give them case studies of how the private sector has helped the economy and helped society. The CCP isn't bound by that, but if they're convinced by it, they might say Oh we didn't know that, Why don't you guys do more of that.

Chinese stock market was in 2007. It's dominated by companies that don't honestly report earnings etc.