SPY had is biggest incoming flow. Partially rebalancing of some big fund. QQQs saw a big outflow same day (they sold the DOW).

Trading Floors Make a Comeback in Japan - YouTube
BOJ changed monetary policy on government bonds, and this meant a return of volatility.

Alcohol sales underperform when cannabis is available, says Cowen's Vivien Azer - YouTube

The studio at Paramount is the 'asset' that people want in a merger, says Puck's Matt Belloni - YouTube

Everyone thought there were all these subscribers out there. Turns out it was much harder. - Matt Belloni on Netflix

Sports, you're renting those rights. The payment of $2b is coming up to Paramount for NFL.

Apple stops selling some Smartwatches Online - YouTube
Apple initially talked about hiring or licencing from Mossimo, but ended up just hiring about 20 of their developers to just work on Apple's prodcut.

Average age of farmers in US 55, in Japan 68. Highest rate of suicides in UK is farmers. Agriculture. In the US, more people study public relations that agriculture. Nobody wants to be a farmer. Get hot and dirty all day.

Americans have $1t in cc debt. They payed $120b in interest and fees last year.

Half a billion in rewards getting forfeited or devalued. Bait and switch.

Why Wall Street Is Rushing Into Private Credit Market - YouTube
A mix of who has the money (credit lenders) and who has the relationships (the banks). Symbiotic relationship coming? The banks act as a bridge, because you have no idea how to call Blackstone. How do you manage the underwriting process, the terms of the deal, when a default happens. Those have to be worked out.

Tencent loses over $43 billion in market value after China proposes new online gaming rules - YouTube

When you see clients start buying individual names, that's when things begin to rally. - JJ Kinahan

Tesla removes Disney+ after cursing out Disney CEO: why automakers removing carplay matters - YouTube
So all Tesla owners who want their kids to watch Disney in the back seat can't? (Not saying it's a bad thing for them, just for Tesla economics.)

The average holding period for an individual investor is 10 months. Mutual fund 2.5 years.

Masimo CEO Addresses Smartwatch Patent Dispute With Apple - YouTube

$1.3t inflow into cash in 2023, BofA said. Record. Also, $177b into US treasuries.

REITs are the best sectors when rates are coming down. WELL, senior living part of the real estate sector.

VIX at a 5-year low.

OpenAI IPO for $100b? Went from $20m to over a billion in revenue, reportedly.

2023 The Financial Year in Review - YouTube

Dimson research from a couple years ago. Majority of stock market returns come from periods of falling interest rates.

US Pending Home Sales Index Holds Steady at Record Low - YouTube