Consumers have reached a point where they don't have the incremental spending power: Clarence Otis - YouTube
2 years of inflation. Winding down of inflation. Efficiency instead of hiking prices. Maybe have to work harder at it.

VanEck CEO Jan van Eck talks SEC approving bitcoin spot ETFs - YouTube

We have a clearer idea how Bitcoin is valued, how it trades, how it is bought and sold.

😱SHOCKING! Charging My Electric Car Costs 2X As Much As GAS!😱 - YouTube

Costco opened its 6th store in China, massive lineups. Costco has been successful in every market they've moved into, even frugal Japan with small spaces and not as much carry transport maybe. They love moving into terrirtories of the middle class. ... Lots bought a giant US-cartoon-famous bear. Costco is limited in the amount of stores it can open in China because of lack of qualified managers, reportedly.

Netflix may have won the streaming war. It has something for everyone, it cuts across every demographic, they have significant growth drivers, strong engagement. Like the classic bundle.

Lots of YouTubers posting videos about ‘quitting YouTube’. YouTubers have no alternative platform. Some have come up but been attacked by YouTube etc, it seems. However, the sentiment has been there for a long time that vloggers/broadcasters are forcefully kept on YouTube's platform.

If a company has a 30 or 50% profit margin (or more), that's a sign already that it's a monopolistic business, because in a competitive market you can't have that. A mutual detante with your biggest competitor.

The best churn rate is Netflix, who will lose 40% per year. Disney and Hulu maybe 50%. Starz and Peakcock and Paramount, like 100 or 140%. But that means NFLX needs 100m new people per year. Facebook and Google benefit because that's where the ads will appear. Without fresh content, people will churn.

YouTubeTV subs is doing really well. Without a box, on your phone or any device, you can view the old offering set. Will YouTube win?