Proposals from 3 bidders, reportedly.

SBF took the stand, without the jury present, by his own choice. (Some time ago he'd also commented that he regretted filing bankrupcy that he knew he had the right to not do so but he'd be pressured to by his advisors or whoever, and that he only had his own self to blame.)

SBF had been started to be painted by other people. I guess this can happen when you stay silent (which happens during legal proceedings, or when you don't want to be baited by unworthy intentions to engage with people of higher value). He's been painted as a fake genius who put on his famous appearance to look like a tech savant, etc. But now it seems he's showing who he is and speaking for himself, and I haven't heard any real missteps. He's blamed himself for errors, but hasn't of course taken any gratuitous contrition. To me he comes off as a scientist or engineer, dealing with things rationally, but it appears he has no malevolent or particularly avaricious intentions. Now people say he'll get destroyed by cross examination. They point out he hasn't been forthcoming on some of the things he was asked about, saying he didn't recall with confidence.

Whatever happens in the trial now, on the other side of it SBF still is a person worth listening to and believing and seeing what he does. He retains his integrity, and maybe gets a bit more for chosing to speak for himself and by speaking show normal intentions, rather than playing law and hunkering down.


SBF was convicted on all counts. People are saying the prosecution really went after him, but some have already raised the counter that the prosecution handed out plea deals and things left and right, and might have really only been going after SBF. Also, there might be something worth noting about SBF being a non legal(read:insincere and advantage-seeking) type of defendant. He's spoken openly and sincerely, not at all guardedly, to it seems everyone, including vloggers and the court. This is the kind of defendant its pretty easy for a prosecution to tear up.