Ackman getting props for calling the top of rates.

Musk did a 1.5 hour interview with Andrew CNBC at a NYT summit. A lot of it was dwelling on criticism (over X twitter). He said he doesn't care if people hate him, told blackmailing “” ad spenders to fuck off, and they will cause X to fail. A lot of the conversation was about ‘hate’ for Musk, ‘trust/not’ of Musk. He should learn to reframe this, since this is not a pleasant occurance, that people will even think of hate/not in the Musk conversation. He should just say his resume is public and long, and that he doesn't know how many times people need him to say the same thing but state it once more for them.

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‘All State action causes more harm than what it is supposed to correctl’ - #Milei
Javier Milei: Feminist Ideology Is Destroying Argentina - YouTube
‘it is a violent action that harms the right to private property and in the end, limits our freedom.’
'We believe that liberalism entails the unrestricted respect for the lives of others, rooted in a principle of non-aggression, and the defense of life, liberty, and property.

Milei is known for his flamboyant personality, distinctive personal style, and strong media presence. He has been described politically as a far-right populist, right-wing libertarian, and ultraconservative. Economically a neoliberal or ultraliberal and supporter of laissez-faire capitalism, he aligns specifically with minarchist and anarcho-capitalist principles. He has proposed a comprehensive overhaul of the country's fiscal and structural policies. Milei supports freedom of choice on drug policy, guns, prostitution, same-sex marriage, sexual preference, and gender identity, while opposing abortion and euthanasia. In foreign policy, he advocates for closer relations with the United States, supporting Ukraine in response to Russia's invasion, and distancing Argentina from geopolitical entanglement with China.

A social conservative, Milei opposes abortion and euthanasia,[131][132] is indifferent to same-sex marriage, and supports privatization in education and healthcare. He opposes mandatory vaccination, and supports drug legalization and the legalization of prostitution.[133][134] As a supporter of the right to keep and bear arms, Milei advocates deregulation of firearm ownership and proposes immigration restrictions for criminals.[1][135] In foreign policy, Milei criticizes the IMF,[136] opposes trade unions,[137] aligns with anti-socialist figures like Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro,[138][139] and prioritizes alliances with the United States and Israel.[140][141] He is cautious about relations with China,[142] supports Ukraine against Russia,[143] and advocates dialogue about the Falklands War.[48]