Nicaragua elections, US interference?

According to Jill Clark-Gollub (Activist with Friends of Latin America), Ortega, who was elected in 2006 after 16 years of the kind of government the US wanted, will easily win the upcoming election in Nicaragua since he has 2 to 1 support, so the US actions there, according to leaks from the US embassy in Managua, is another coup attempt. Since Ortega is the democratically popular leader, the US will try to delegitimize the election, she said.

US is conducting economic warfare as part of its democracy promotion/meddling/regime change, according to Clark-Gollub. The Nica Act had the US veto projects and loans from multi-lat institutions and aid since 2018. However, the US did send aid during the pandemic (although less than Nica's neighbors). The US sanctions target the whole of government, so how can the minister of health import medicines? The sanctions also target the police and army and the entire Sandanista political party FSLN (2.1 card carrying members of Nicaragua's 6.5m people, although their families would also be affected more or less directly by the sanctions).