Lots of people are talking about autonomous warfare used in Nagorno-Karabakh war

A war which lasted only a couple weeks (27 Sept – 10 Nov 2020) before Armenia, harassed by Azerbaijan's use of drones, surrendered. Azerbaijan then posted lots of high-res videos of their attacks and showed them in the town square.

They autonomized their jets and when Armenia fired on them, they identified the Armenian forces and attacked them. Instead of firing weapons, the drones just flew into them.

Loitering munition (drones) has no single effective countermeasure. Things that are used together to thwart them are radio jammers, EMP, laser defense, acoustic detection, net traps and kinetic power (bullets). This is all limited, however, by ambient stuff like traffic.

Drones were also used in 2019 to attack SA's oil refineries that flew below radar. SA couldn't do anything and had to shut down half their production.

They were also used against a Russian base during the Syrian 'civil' war in 2018, and no one claimed responsibility. Russia said the US did it, but it could have been anyone. They used plywood drones.

People have drawn lines of comparison with hackers, who also attack from a safe location, anonymously, and without identifying themselves.

Miniature drones, Autopilot and image recognition software open source and developed by sellers.

Are we even going to be able to have any drones allowed to exist in the air?