Haitian president assassinated at home

At 1am armed men, some speaking French, some English, entered his residence and shot him and his wife (who died later). His son escaped.

We don't know what group the assassins belong to, or how they get past security, or how they knew anything about the interior of the residence.

President Jovenel Moise won (with 8% of the vote) in 2017. Due to violence in the country, he assumed office without continuing to Haiti's second round of the election, so many considered him illegitimate in the role. When called to step down, he didn't, and some said he was increasingly authoritarian.

Haiti has a lot of violence. Most of the population lives on a few dollars a day, and parts of the country are not regularly accessible because they are controlled by armed groups and bandits.

Now there's a shuffle ongoing to put in a new leader, as the VP died months ago of Covid-19.

The PM announced that day a 'state of emergency.'