Crypto (after FTX)

'Sometimes you need to battle-test the infrastructure and the thesis (and see who are the survivors)' - Kathy Wood on crypto

"Cleansing bad players" - Tom Lee. 2023 if there's more fraud, Bitcoin will probably have another bad year, but good companies will emerge out of it, like how JPM came out of 08. Similarly, from the old internet, there were lots of software and media companies (Yahoo), which most people today have never heard of. Many went bankrupt. A few are big now.

There were 2 big 'white knight' players in a supposedly-supposed-to-be decentralized industry, FTX and Binance. Now there's just Binance. Binance is bailing out FTX and others. What happens if something happens to Binance. Who's going to bail out Binance?

Mix of lots of customer money, non-disclosure, and leverage (borrowing against it), and inside these companies trading.

The public, around the world, has got hurt by this. Laws can protect investors. Going into courts, telling judges the facts and the laws.

Celebrities. People can fall prey to their promotions, their marketing.

Education ('this is speculative') is part of the SEC strategy.

Of all the cryptos, Solana, etc, only 2 or 3 or 10 will survive. The next coins will be gen 3 or 4 or 5. Zuckerburg saw what was there at the time, learned from it, and improved it. Google saw other search engines at the time. Shkreli talked about this stuff.