"Hundreds of thousands of people who died in the US did not have to die" - John Nichols, author of Coronavirus Criminals and Pandemic Profeteers

"Globally, it's in the millions."

He said a study published in Lancet suggests roughly 40% of deaths in the first year were unnecessary.

The Pfizer vaccine now accounts for 25% of the company's profits.

The People's Vaccine Project estimates the 3 vaccine makers make about $65k a minute from the vaccines (that would mean $93m per day).

In 2021 the vaccines created 9 new billionaires, according to Oxfam (months ago though so could be more).

The vaccines were developed with taxpayer money (Moderna). The president and Congress have not really done much to try to have them pay taxes on excess profits in this type of moment.

His book is about people who took advantage or made profits from the pandemic, such as Bezos.