• Israeli study makes mainstream the already-known correlation between vitamin D and infection severity

    14x risk of a severe infection if a person has deficient vitamin D level. According to another study from April 2020, risk of death from Covid 10x when the person has deficient vitamin D.

    Yet not talked about by governments. Only vaccines.

    Ivor Cummins comments that high vitamin D levels (or even adequate) is not just about taking lots of vitamin D pills, but rather is about eating an actually healthy diet of good foods, and also getting sun (up to a light pinkness not burning skin). But vitamin D pills are helpful in raising vitamin D levels, obviously.

    Cummins says a comfortable level of vitamin D that makes for a decent immune system function is around at least 30ng/ml.

    People used to have better vitamin D levels than now, according to Cummins. The percentage of vitaminD-deficient white people basically halved to 30% and black people went form like 10% to like 2% (melanin versus sun to produce vitamin D) between like 1991 and like 2002. Mexicans and other tawny people are in between whites and blacks.

    D3 half-life (from vitamin D pills or from sun) is a day or two. Ie daily routine is important for vitamin D (you can't just superboost it one per week or something and expect results that will work every day in between these superboosts). When you eat the pills, it goes to your liver to be converted to the active metabolite 25-OHD. For a vitamin D-deficient person, they might need 5000 - 10,000 IU of the vitamin pills per day.

  • "Hundreds of thousands of people who died in the US did not have to die" - John Nichols, author of Coronavirus Criminals and Pandemic Profeteers

    "Globally, it's in the millions."

    He said a study published in Lancet suggests roughly 40% of deaths in the first year were unnecessary.

    The Pfizer vaccine now accounts for 25% of the company's profits.

    The People's Vaccine Project estimates the 3 vaccine makers make about $65k a minute from the vaccines (that would mean $93m per day).

    In 2021 the vaccines created 9 new billionaires, according to Oxfam (months ago though so could be more).

    The vaccines were developed with taxpayer money (Moderna). The president and Congress have not really done much to try to have them pay taxes on excess profits in this type of moment.

    His book is about people who took advantage or made profits from the pandemic, such as Bezos.

  • Politicians have shifted to saying 'get vaccines to prevent infection' to 'get vaccines because they lessen severe symptoms'

  • Data now shows natural immunity about the same as natural immunity plus vaccines

    (the two bottom lines, which basically overlie each other (not the middle line which is just a bit above the bottom two):)

  • Covid-19 vaccines and treatments: we must have raw data, now

    The authors of this paper, published in BMJ, say people don't have access to real, good (raw) data on the vaccines.

    In the paper, they write, "The anonymized participant level of data underlying the trials for these new products remain inaccessible to doctors, researchers, and the public" despite the global rollout.

    The authors asserted that, "This is morally indefensible for all trials, but especially for those involving major public health interventions."

    "The company and the contract research organization that carried out the trial hold all the data."

    Pfizer indicated it wouldn't even begin to entertain requests for trial data until 2025.

    It has been pointed out that a similar thing happened in 2009 - 2012 there was a large vaccination campaign for H1N1, and governments were stockpiling Tamiflu,how much did tamiflu make (UK spent 473m pounds on it. Anyone know how much it's made worldwide?) and there was a black market for the product. Major trials for it were sponsored by the manufacturer, and papers were ghostwritten and paid for by the manufacturers. Academics who requested access to the papers were denied.

  • Austria became the first country to make vaccines mandatory

    A lockdown solely for the unvaccinated. Tyranny? It was a Christmas without being allowed to go out. Only out for "essential reasons" like shopping at the supermarket.

    In a couple weeks there will be vaccine mandate, meaning there will no longer be a choice to not get the vaccine (except a few medical exceptions). Those not vaccinated will have to pay 200 Euros per person per month. If you refuse, you will be fined a further 3600 Euros. Then they will start confiscating your property and then send people to jail, at least according to some.

    Protests of even over 100k people (country has 8.5m people).
    A general strike is currently being organized, and is seen as the most effective way to fight back against the government.

    Regarding data protection (which is a serious thing in Europe), does this introduce an unlawful dragnet search?

    The vlogger says she doesn't see an effortless end to this, but rather actions and courageousness to fight the government.

  • FOI act info in UK and Covid numbers

    In 2020 Q1, the total deaths of people from ONLY Covid (no other underlying conditions), was 9400. Average age 81. That was when the pandemic started, and there were not yet any vaccines.

    (UK has 68m people.)

    2021 Q1, total deaths 6500. Average age around the same.

    Q2 total deaths 350.

    Q3 total deaths 1150.

    In the first 3 quarters of 2021, 17,500 people died of Covid without having other underlying conditions. The average age was 82 years (higher than average life expectancy 79 for men 83 for women).

    This is not what MSM in the UK has been leading people to believe. Official government data says 137k people have died as of Sep 30 2021. This includes all deaths where the person tested positive for Covid, no matter how they died. Seven times higher than the data they have not reported.


    A former WHO authority (did he resign?) Karol Sikora (U of Buckingham prof now) said about 50k more people have died from cancer over past 18 months, due to failure to report early, difficulty in seeing a GP, fear of hospital admissions, missed chemo or radio.

    There are 6m people waiting for NHS treatment right now.

  • Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna will make pre-tax profits of $34 billion this year from vaccines

    $93.5 million a day.

    Moderna delivered 0.2% of their total vaccine supply to low-income countries. Pfizer/BioNTech delivered less than 1%, according to People's Vaccine Alliance.

  • UK forcasts between 175k and 500k hospitalizations from Omicron

    ... and between 25k and 75k deaths. London School of Medicine. They recommend more vaccinations. They didn't recommend vitamins D or Zinc or the treatment measures discussed in non-mainstream medicine.

    Inconsistent with real-world experience of South Africa, where in a population of 60m 5500 people have been hospitalized so far.

  • Dr John Campbell gets 'may be misleading' warning on his video by information gatekeepers

    Here's his response, he starts from the 'may be misleading ... click here to find out why,' and clicks to find out why: Alternative facts

  • Molnupiravir is now the first pill being taken to treat Covid

    They're supposed to take it when mild symptoms appear, and it's assumed the drug cuts death by 50%. It's not a guarantee of success, and doesn't work in everyone, so it's not a replacement for a vaccine.

    Inside cells the virus gets replicated normally. Molnupiravir introduces changes to the genetic code, and that stops it being replicated. And if you can't produce more genetic code, you can't have more virus.

    Molnupiravir was originally developed to treat flu, but apparently has other applications.

    They're also using steroids.

    Merck-MSD has applied for patent.

  • 32% reduction in death from Covid from fluvoxamine (usually an antidepressant)

    A 10-day course costs around $4. A well-known, essentially safe medication.

    Study published in Lancet.

    A proper trial, although there was earlier a test about this in France.

    700 medicated and 700 placebo in Brazil (also of import, most Brazilians are not vaccinated). Treatment began 2-7 days after symptoms began.

    It may have antiviral effect, but these aren't known. How does it work then? It's anti-inflammatory (it reduces inflammation inside the cells). Therefore it could prevent the cytokine storm (alveoli filling with fluid). Some antiplatelet activity also. Also increases plasma level of melatonin (improves sleep often).

    Prozac (floxamine) is another SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), and though not currently known, may do the same thing.

  • Beginning to delivery less than a year

    for Phizer, sequence a virus and have a vaccine in 9 weeks. 'Compression of time.'
  • "We do know that the immunity after vaccination is better than the immunity after natural infection"

    ... is what the FDA has been saying, which seems to contradict evidence and the opinion of experts. Unless 'better' in this sentence means something other than 'more effective.'

    They say 'it appears ... that natural infection provides immunity, but that immunity is seemingly not as strong and may not be as long lasting as that provided by the vaccine.'

    They say that 'generally the immunity after natural infection tends to wane after about 90 days.' Also contradicts science.

    It also contradicts the position of the UK and Israeli data.

  • Canadian govts go for mandatory vaccines

    ... but there were large protests outside city halls and hospitals over the freedom to chose. A further concern has to do with people not feeling the vaccines currently being offered are not adequately tested, we don't know enough about them, and they don't feel comfortable putting it in their bodies.

    Legally, people have the freedom to choose they don't want a vaccine, according to Canadian employment lawyer Lior Samfiru. It can't be forced on them. He said it's actually a human rights violation (to require a medical procedure and also to distinguish between people who have and don't have Covid) as well. He said it's not legal for employers to impose it on employees, and if they let employees for this they are liable to pay severance (possibly up to 2 years). Samfiru said people who challenge their employers have a good chance of success.

    In the US, however, it might be different. Dorit Reiss, law professor at the University of California Hastings, told CNBC there was a history of vaccine mandates in the workplace. Health care employers have required vaccines, and some restaurants have required Hep A vaccines. Employment is at will, which means the employer gets to set many of the workplace rules, and vaccine rules are health and safety rules, making the workplace safer. But there is a question whether the government can mandate a vaccine under an emergency authorization (which it is currently under in the US). However, the EUA only limits the Federal government and doesn't say anything about other employers. Citizens don't have constitutional rights against employers, although they may have some legal rights.

  • Biohackers aim at producing $7 insulin, compared with $300 insulin from Big Pharma

    Reportedly, insulin costs $1.50 to $5 per vial to make, but is sold for around $300. Biohackers are working on reverse engineering insulin to produce a recipe they will make public, and say they will sell vials for $7.

    Three large companies own 90% of the insulin in the world. Novo Nordisk, Lilly, and Sanofi. Millions of people need insulin, and some can't afford what they need.

    The FDA wants to open the market for insulin, according to some, and therefore they will approve the molecules created by the 'biohackers' [Open Insulin project]. Once they complete their work, they will make the recipe public so community labs around the world can produce it locally.

    'There was a time for being angry,' said one of the Open Insulin workers, 'It's not anger anymore. It's just determination.'

  • FDA advisors are resigning because of Biogen's Alzheimer's drug approval

    The drug was approved, but when supporters were interviewed they couldn't say anything more compelling than that they were receiving the news positively because people suffered from Alzheimer's, without being able to say anything in favor of the drug itself.

    The drug came out a while back, and was not approved upon review last year (because no benefits were substantially proven, the FDA advisory board voted 10 against, 1 uncertain, 0 in favor), and since then nothing has changed, but the FDA decided to approve it now.

    It is rare for this type of decision to be overturned, and usually when it does happen, it's after a vote that is closer than the Biogen drug was.

    There are millions of potential consumers for the drug, and Biogen has priced it at $56,000 per year.

    Commenters said that after the third resignation, there might be some real attention on what's going on here.

    3 prestigious FDA advisors who quit: