• As a response to the administering of mRNA Covid vaccines under 'emergency use authorization' (at the time) without receiving FDA approval. 

    "This was fast-tracked. There's no liability. There's no access to the data. The risk-benefit analysis has not been done. There's no informed consent."

  • Excess deaths, MP calls for urgent and thorough investigation - YouTube Go to 6:40 for the start of Christine Anderson's speech

    "All these people blindly trusted their governments" "A big lie" "It was never about public health. ... It was always about breaking people."

    You are a disgrace! Canada PM Trudeau savaged by German MEP at EU Parliament - YouTube (Anderson a few months ago criticizing Trudeau's unconstitutional government violation of citizen's rights)

    "When members of the EU Parliament asked Pfizer for copies of the contract that Pfizer apparently entered into with the European Parliament, The European Union, this is the level of transparency that they got back." (100 blanked out pages were apparently supplied, said Campbell.


  • People have started to talk over the past few months about a sort of end of a cycle or period

    (Not everyone or even mainstream media, but non-mainstream culture-watching vloggers etc.)

    Two headlines randomly chosen:

    ‘Today’s UK is an unhappy, divided, authoritarian country’

    ''Kickback plot involving San Antonio doctors exposed'

    Canada also the government has not even needed to but has done unconstitutional things to citizens (freezing bank accounts during Trucker Protest most notable). People in the UK consider corruption in government normal. Doctors are not allowed by the State (California) to honestly treat their patients (Covid #PIC). Doctors as a profession if they're doing a lot of drug pushing scams and things it seems pretty extended.

    People have talked about the start of truth coming forward (because for the past decade or so at least there's been a strong trend away from saying true things, where there is so much firepower that can be used against people who say unpopular things (and what isn't unpopular with someone?).

    Teachers in top universities (Jordan Peterson) are being 'reeducated' and having their license threatened because of things they tweeted. Opinions and statements.

    High school teachers and nurses and doctors had to do vaccines or lose their jobs.

    The whole Island Party thing with the recent flight list published.

    People reacting against wokenss, metoo, etc. And more people expressing why.

    US political debates held at 4th grade level of language, I heard, whereas in 1900 it was 11th grade level. No interesting leaders in politics (maybe Desantis? who just today showed a massive lead in the Rs).
    Young people in large numbers (but tiny percentage, unnoticeable) buying non-smart phones for mental health.
  • Global money saturates the globe's leading regulators - title in BMJ

    In UK 86% of the regulators' money comes from industry. US 65%. Canada 50% (so a lower amount maybe doesn't mean all that much).


  • African countries aren't seeing Covid cases.

    WHO is still saying countries should aim for 70% vaccination rate.

    Why would we want to increase the vaccination rate in a country like Uganda, when they don't have a problem with it, Campbell asked.


  • Sadness mixed with bitterness?


  • "For the first time we have data in the US that says there's been more deaths (58%) in people that are vaccinated versus people that are unvaccinated." However, more Americans (82%) are vaccinated.

    Sept 21 it was 23% vaccinated people, Feb 22 42%, now August 58%. "We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated." Protective effects waned.


  • Lots of well-meaning, rushed steps regretted here.

    2 years 9 months since Feb 2020.

    Relative risk versus absolute risk highlighted (95% protection had been announced, 1% absolute).


  • "Pfizer Inc expects to roughly quadruple vaccine price,to about $110 to $130 per dose,after the United States government's current purchase program expires"

    China has severe measures. Still doing lockdowns. Yet, Campbell raises the question, although they have the capacity to do mRNA vaccines, they have opted not to. Why?


  • According to Redacted, US proposed change so that authority would shift to WHO and not citizens' elected reps. Voted down only because of African countries (Western ones went along with it). This treaty, which rushes vaccines to people (without their consent), is called the "Right to Health" treaty.

    WHO a couple years ago (after Swine Flu) changed their definition of 'pandemic' away from the severity of the disease to just case numbers. So they could impose whatever measures as long as a certain number of people had a disease, regardless of what it was, it seems.

    #1 donor to WHO is Gates Foundation. Next Germany, then the US.

    A commenter on the video: The Nuremberg code consists of 10 principles, the first of which being that the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential in any experiment on humans.

    How would this treaty relate with human and civil rights? Would it just override all of them?

  • Comments on vaccine ads
    (insert video later)

  • "I trust random bloggers on the internet more than I do the CDC" - random interviewer on YouTube

    ... a sentiment I'm hearing a lot. They base this on the epistemic inferiority or conspiracy of government officials in how they handled the pandemic and spoke to the public.

  • "Ivermectin use was associated with decreased mortality in patients compared with Remdesevir," according to a newly published paper. But that paper has been withdrawn.

    AP published an article saying the research article was 'flawed.'

    Long list of side effects to look out for - YouTube  
  • Pfizer documents have been made public (UPDATE: This research paper has been withdrawn and reports have it that the report is 'flawed,' so the following is not solid information. Keeping it here and we'll see what happens with this later.)

    ... although some parts seem to be redacted (removed from the document).

    It was made public finally now, it seems, by court order, after a FOI request by a group called the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency.

    The data covered a 3-month (at most) period, early on in the vaccine between Dec 1 2020 and Feb 28 2021.

    In that time, there was 42k cases of adverse affects (25k medically confirmed and 16k not). 42k out of how many doses given we don't know, because that figure seems to be redacted. The document says, "It is estimated that approximately (b) (4) doses of BNT162b2 were shipped worldwide" in that 3 month period. So without that number, we can't figure out a percentage of people who had adverse affects to vaccines.

    There were 1200 fatalities in that period resulting form the vaccine, according to the document.

    The documents are not new. The last data in it is form like Feb 2021. The report was published on Aug 2021 (but the people in the company would have had access to the data from the time it was complete, like Feb 21).

    Campbell asked why this information wasn't published before. It is health information, he noted. We weren't able to weigh the effectiveness of the vaccine when we were considering it, but could have done so better if these documents had been available, he said.

    If we had been aware of the long (several pages) list of medical conditions resulting from the vaccine, hospital staff could have kept an eye for them to better treat them, Campbell noted.

    Currently, many people (and MSM) are preoccupied with the war in Ukraine). Doesn't seem MSM is going to make much of this story.

    Campbell referenced Hippocrates, "First do no wrong." He said he thinks this has destroyed the people's trust in authorities.

  • Ivermectin ("horse drug") more effective than Remdesevir, according to two new studies

    Denegrated and warned against by MSM, the Nobel prize-winning, WHO essential drugs-listed Ivermectin has been shown to be much more effective than Remdesevir in treating Covid. Less hospitalizations, less deaths.

    Ivermectin costs a couple cents. Remdesevir costs like $300 per cycle.

    The Miami study found you were 70% less likely to die if you took Ivermectin versus if you took Remdesevir.

    The Brazil study found Ivermectin-only group had 70% less mortality than Remdesevir. The Ivermectin group was taking just a tiny amount of Ivermectin every 2 weeks as a prophylactics (prophelaxis?).

    There was also a large (about 44%) reduction in infection (data from Brazil study).

    This is not really being reported in MSM.

    Top YouTube comment on this video:

  • CDC isn't publishing most of the info it has been collecting about Covid patients (referring to boosters)

    They left out 18-49 year-olds, basically skewing the data to sell booster efficacy, according to Breaking Points. Apparently they also had data about breakthrough infections and didn't publish it.

  • "Hundreds of thousands of people who died in the US did not have to die" - John Nichols, author of Coronavirus Criminals and Pandemic Profeteers

    "Globally, it's in the millions."

    He said a study published in Lancet suggests roughly 40% of deaths in the first year were unnecessary.

    The Pfizer vaccine now accounts for 25% of the company's profits.

    The People's Vaccine Project estimates the 3 vaccine makers make about $65k a minute from the vaccines (that would mean $93m per day).

    In 2021 the vaccines created 9 new billionaires, according to Oxfam (months ago though so could be more).

    The vaccines were developed with taxpayer money (Moderna). The president and Congress have not really done much to try to have them pay taxes on excess profits in this type of moment.

    His book is about people who took advantage or made profits from the pandemic, such as Bezos.

  • Politicians have shifted to saying 'get vaccines to prevent infection' to 'get vaccines because they lessen severe symptoms'

  • Data now shows natural immunity about the same as natural immunity plus vaccines

    (the two bottom lines, which basically overlie each other (not the middle line which is just a bit above the bottom two):)

  • Austria became the first country to make vaccines mandatory

    A lockdown solely for the unvaccinated. Tyranny? It was a Christmas without being allowed to go out. Only out for "essential reasons" like shopping at the supermarket.

    In a couple weeks there will be vaccine mandate, meaning there will no longer be a choice to not get the vaccine (except a few medical exceptions). Those not vaccinated will have to pay 200 Euros per person per month. If you refuse, you will be fined a further 3600 Euros. Then they will start confiscating your property and then send people to jail, at least according to some.

    Protests of even over 100k people (country has 8.5m people).
    A general strike is currently being organized, and is seen as the most effective way to fight back against the government.

    Regarding data protection (which is a serious thing in Europe), does this introduce an unlawful dragnet search?

    The vlogger says she doesn't see an effortless end to this, but rather actions and courageousness to fight the government.


  • FOI act info in UK and Covid numbers

    In 2020 Q1, the total deaths of people from ONLY Covid (no other underlying conditions), was 9400. Average age 81. That was when the pandemic started, and there were not yet any vaccines.

    (UK has 68m people.)

    2021 Q1, total deaths 6500. Average age around the same.

    Q2 total deaths 350.

    Q3 total deaths 1150.

    In the first 3 quarters of 2021, 17,500 people died of Covid without having other underlying conditions. The average age was 82 years (higher than average life expectancy 79 for men 83 for women).

    This is not what MSM in the UK has been leading people to believe. Official government data says 137k people have died as of Sep 30 2021. This includes all deaths where the person tested positive for Covid, no matter how they died. Seven times higher than the data they have not reported.


    A former WHO authority (did he resign?) Karol Sikora (U of Buckingham prof now) said about 50k more people have died from cancer over past 18 months, due to failure to report early, difficulty in seeing a GP, fear of hospital admissions, missed chemo or radio.

    There are 6m people waiting for NHS treatment right now.

  • Thousands of UK medical professionals being fired for refusing vaccine mandate against will

    1 in 10 NHS professionals are not vaccinated. They will be fired pretty soon upon a mandated deadline.

  • Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna will make pre-tax profits of $34 billion this year from vaccines

    $93.5 million a day.

    Moderna delivered 0.2% of their total vaccine supply to low-income countries. Pfizer/BioNTech delivered less than 1%, according to People's Vaccine Alliance.

  • We didn't have a discussion that says 'Where is the threshold?'

    ... 'We all agree, right? that there are circumstances so dangerous that your normal instincts should be put on hold. That if the ship is sinking, then that is the priority.

    'What we have not discussed is, OK, at least the initial variants of Covid were worse than the flu. How much worse than the flu does something have to be before you turn society upside down? Before you allow small businesses to be destroyed and all of that wealth transferred to their gigantic competitors?' - Bret Weinstean