• Branson flew to the edge of space on Virgin Galactic, then Bezos

    He said it was the 'experience of a lifetime.'

    282k feet (53 miles).

    About 800k people watched the largest of the YT livestreams, it looked like.

    About a week later Bezos flew in his Blue Origin craft to 350k feet (66 miles).

    NASA's designated Earth-Space boundary is 50 miles, but the Karman line is 100km.

  • New material lattice

    ... which looks similar to a 3d honeycomb, and whose cells have 14 sides each, 3d printed from flexible polymer, then heated until only pure carbon remained.

    They shot sand-like particles at the lattice (similar to what space debris does). At low speeds it bounced off. At high speeds it gouged out craters, crushing the lattice, and remained lodged in the material (didn't pierce the material).