• Twitter reportedly blocked content in Turkey before the election.

    Elon appointed a CEO (female) yesterday for Twitter. He'll be tech overseer or soemthing.


  • A post with a swastika inside a star of David.

    Don't know how long. There's no bans, only suspensions.

  • (Old: The baby name Xaea12 would have violated Cali law because it contains characters not in the modern English alphabet, so Elon and Grimes changed it to X AE A-XI)

  • Musk did a Twitter poll to ask if Trump should be reinstated

    Then tweeted that the people have spoken, and reinstated Trump's account

    Trump reportedly said he preferred to stay on his Truth Social app, and that Twitter had too many bots and fake accounts.

    Trump has under 5m followers on both apps.


  • Musk stated an ultimatum, commit to work hardcore long hours by Friday or quit. Hundreds quit.

    How many of these walkouts just were workers who didn't want to work harder?


  • To be a private company now (was public and subject to the market).

    He said he bought it not to make money but because a digital town square was useful to us.

  • People not liking Elon

    So he agreed to buy Twitter and now, after weeks of 'show me how many bots,' he's not going to buy it. Twitter is taking him to Delaware court to make him buy / pay a fine (capped at $1b someone said), and their case is strong.

    However, the Delaware Chancery Courts people have reportedly said they are concerned that even if they rule, Elon might just say nope not paying, and that reflects bad on them as an authority. Also, it's an extreme measure to make someone buy something they don't want to buy, although they have forced people to do so, but for like $500m not for like $20b.

    What people were talking bad about was that people can get so powerful and rich, no one wants to go after them. They're just like nope I can't get involved with that guy. That it's sort of 'flouting the institutions' of the country.

  • Elon discusses the difficulties involved in building the new, larger reusable rocket

  • "So many people, including smart people, think that there are too many people in the world and think that the population is growing out of control. It's completely the opposite. Please look at the numbers. If people don't have more children, civilization is going to crumble. Mark my words" - Elon Musk

  • Musk reveals plans with Varda for first space factory

    $3.2b pricetag.

    Benefit: microgravity. For manufacturing 3d printed organs, special-purpose semiconductors.

    2023 plan: 3 months of Varda's spacecraft being up there, then a reentry capsule will return the finished product. 2024 two more factories to go up.

    Varda is also building it's own capsule to return up to 100kg from space. They're focusing of frequency of reentry because it shows how they can return value after sending raw materials to space.

    Varda hasn't said what it will produce up there (and might not yet know because they might not have a contract). Pharmaceuticals and fiberoptic were mentioned.

  • "The way finance works in 2021 is that things are not valuable based on their cash flow, but on their proximity to Elon Musk"

    - Patrick Boyle

  • Hertz orders 100k Model 3s

    HTZZ up 10%, TSLA up 12.5% for the day. TSLA's stock is at $1000 now, and the company is worth $1t, I think.

    Worth $4.2b in revenue for Tesla, the largest EV order ever.

    Projections for how many Telsas are going to be produced in 2030 are up in numbers quite a bit.

    Investors didn't see this coming really. Many were shorting TSLA. Tesla passed through periods where no one knew if they'd be able to fund themselves. Tesla traded on hype or something, but it's now starting to trade on fundamentals.

    They only have like 1 or 2% of market share in countries they sell to.

    UPDATE days later. Tesla is up a lot more. Someone asked Musk about if he was selling to Hertz at a discount, and Musk tweeted Tesla had more demand than supply, and wasn't selling to Hertz at a discount, and so the agreement (he stressed nothing had been signed) meant nothing to Tesla's economics. TSLA was down like 4% on a day when basically everything was down.

    "Lead sales are ugly sales," is something you hear people say sometimes. Automakers are selling fleet versions (often base models with maybe a few extras added on) in large numbers at a discount, and it's of course good for auto-makers but not that good.

    However, other things come into play. Hertz would have to invest in infrastructure and it would create a lock-in effect with buying and servicing Teslas.
  • "If Nicolai Tesla applied at Tesla today, would we even give him an interview?"

    Musk said this was something he thought about sometimes, when considering hiring engineers, or just good people to work at his company. He said he wasn't sure they would.

    "Just three bullet points. Like evidence of exceptional ability. And if you say 'Wow' if you read those three bullet points, that should be the approach." He said this about looking for people.

  • AI is second-biggest threat to civilization, said Elon Musk, arguably the world's biggest robot maker

    We should have a regulatory agency to oversee AI safety, he said, but there isn't anything like that right now and that type of thing takes governments years to do.

    He said he didn't really know what to do about it.

    (His biggest threat was population collapse.)

  • "Possibly the single greatest risk to human civilization is the rapidly diminishing growth rate. And the facts are out there for anyone to look at. But a lot of people are still stuck with Paul Illick's book Population Bomb, and it's like, uh, that was a long time ago. That is not the case today. And there was a massive notch in demographics last year because the growth rate plummeted, and also this year." - Elon Musk at CodeCon 2021 (September)