People not liking Elon

So he agreed to buy Twitter and now, after weeks of 'show me how many bots,' he's not going to buy it. Twitter is taking him to Delaware court to make him buy / pay a fine (capped at $1b someone said), and their case is strong.

However, the Delaware Chancery Courts people have reportedly said they are concerned that even if they rule, Elon might just say nope not paying, and that reflects bad on them as an authority. Also, it's an extreme measure to make someone buy something they don't want to buy, although they have forced people to do so, but for like $500m not for like $20b.

What people were talking bad about was that people can get so powerful and rich, no one wants to go after them. They're just like nope I can't get involved with that guy. That it's sort of 'flouting the institutions' of the country.