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    A government telling the truth, strange? ‘When I was young there were always candidates who tried to explain this, but they never received more than 5 ot 6% of the vote.’ #Argentina

    The government has always been one of the main focuses of corruption and ‘...con nosotros eso se termina.’

    It seems it's often been said that the Latin countries yes sometimes have these politicians who come along and they seem so revolutionary for something that strikes many as better, but for whatever reason the Latin countries never succeed in this. Or perhaps that's false, and the Latin countries with their occasional standout politicians will lead everyone else in politics.

    No protection against death - YouTube
    The fourth dose caused a 3-month reduction (like 20%) in infections, but after that period that group had more infections (ie could we say the vaccine causes more infections?).

    Argentina's new government reverses decision to join BRICS - YouTube
  • "It has been proven time and again that sanctions are a boomerang and a double-edged sword, to politicize, instrumentalize and weaponize the global economy, and to willfully impose sanctions by taking advantage of one's dominant status ... will only end up hurting one's own interest, as well as the interests of others, and inflict suffering on people around the world." - Xi speaking at BRICS summit