• De Santis will announce presidential run on Twitter. (Ted Cruz was the first to do so years ago.)

    Twitter had talked about possible bankruptcy. It fired 80% of staff. It still runs. But now we're not talking about that, but instead talking about its relevence. This may have been more Musk's plan, his platform for relevence, whether to dictate or participate in talking about what's going on.

    DeSantis throwing in his lot with "non-conventional media." Does this seem strange, considering presidents (Trump) have been banned from social media in the past? Maybe it doesn't matter. If they get banned, they will get TV press on that story.

  • First of its kind bill, passed in the state.

    “to protect individuals from government surveillance in their personal finances through a CBDC." ... “the efforts to impose a central bank digital currency, which would shift purchasing power from consumers to the government.”

    “weaponization of the financial system through a CBDC.”