• De Santis will announce presidential run on Twitter. (Ted Cruz was the first to do so years ago.)

    Twitter had talked about possible bankruptcy. It fired 80% of staff. It still runs. But now we're not talking about that, but instead talking about its relevence. This may have been more Musk's plan, his platform for relevence, whether to dictate or participate in talking about what's going on.

    DeSantis throwing in his lot with "non-conventional media." Does this seem strange, considering presidents (Trump) have been banned from social media in the past? Maybe it doesn't matter. If they get banned, they will get TV press on that story.

  • First of its kind bill, passed in the state.

    “to protect individuals from government surveillance in their personal finances through a CBDC." ... “the efforts to impose a central bank digital currency, which would shift purchasing power from consumers to the government.”

    “weaponization of the financial system through a CBDC.”

  • Reportedly, Russian side of war not going very well

    Whether this is true or not, there's no way to tell.

    Some have mentioned less than stellar military training of troops, and perhaps most of all that Russians don't want to shoot Ukrainians.

  • Assange extradition appeal trial underway

    US reps offering 'assurances' Assange will be treated OK. Assange reps highlighting CIA plans to kidnap, kill, etc.

  • "For Chile's largest indigenous group, the Mapuches, this is the latest chapter in a 500 year conflict for control of their ancestral land.

    "In the late 1800's, the Chilean state took away most of it and gave it to Chilean and European farmers, plunging the Mapuche's into poverty until this day. Now younger, more radical Mapuche's are taking up arms to expel forestry companies and large land owners.

    "Highways are no longer safe. Countless agricultural equipment has been destroyed. While Mapuche communities take over land.

    "A Chilean farmer was the latest to die after his house was set ablaze by an armed group."

    This was how AJ reported it.

    Chile has declared a state of emergency.
  • Joe Rogan had Sanjay Gupta on and pressed him on CNN's 'journalism'

    Because CNN (Gupta is a star 'medical professional' on that channel) reported on Rogan taking 'horse medicine' and painting it pretty negative, and putting a yellow filter on the video they used of Rogan (to make him look worse). Guptra tried to change the subject several times, but Rogan pressed him in a guyish way, and was pretty good at it.

    It made waves and headlines on Republican media and YouTubers.

  • "It started with Alex Jones. This is nothing new. And I think Alex Jones was the test case to see who you can silence under the pretext of 'protecting,' and they got away with it with Alex Jones, and it's only escalated since then." - David Freiheit

  • "Possibly the single greatest risk to human civilization is the rapidly diminishing growth rate. And the facts are out there for anyone to look at. But a lot of people are still stuck with Paul Illick's book Population Bomb, and it's like, uh, that was a long time ago. That is not the case today. And there was a massive notch in demographics last year because the growth rate plummeted, and also this year." - Elon Musk at CodeCon 2021 (September)

  • "The next recession will be caused by the stock market"

    "That happened in 2000. There was nothing else. It was the stock market."

    "The economy is no longer big enough to offset whatever the Fed is doing and whatever the stock market is doing."

    - Josh Brown on The Compound, Sept 24 2021

  • Dan Ellsberg interviewed by Tutsi Gabbard (US Rep Hawaii)

    (In 2019 or 2020)

    "I was the first person charged under the charges he [Assange I think he's talking about] is now facing. But I was charged as a source, and there wasn't one for 10 years after that. ... and then 3 and 9 and 1 other. There were 3 cases and then 9 under Obama. They were all either plea bargains or won in court. It's never gone to the Supreme Court.

    "Mainly they were sources like me, and they were using the Espionage Act, which was designed for spies, and has no provision in it for pleading any public interest. You can't argue in court. I wasn't allowed to speak in court to answer the question--I spoke for four and a half days--but I wasn't allowed to answer the question, 'Why did you copy the Pentagon Papers?'

    "So my lawyer, a consitution lawyer, said, 'Your honor, I've never heard of a case where the defendant was not allowed to tell the jury why he did what he did,' and Judge Burns said, 'Well, you're hearing one now,' and that's been true of every case since then..

    "So you can't get a fair trial as a whistleblower. ... you can't say anything about what the impact has been, whether there was harm, what you wanted to accomplish.

    "But it was never meant to be an official secrets act, a British type official secret s act. ... and in fact they said at the time, in 1917 when they passed this, we don't want an official secret act. The question was could you use it against a source like me. Well, that never had been done since 1917. So it was an experiment with me.

    ... But the new thing about this [Assange] is that it's the first time a journalist has been tried as a defendent, and that makes it into a full British official secrets act.

    "So it's not even just that he can't argue motives effectively, as a journalist he should not be ... it's always been clear to papers that sources, like me, should not be tried under the Espionage Act where they can't plead public interest at all. But the newspapers never got behind us very much.
  • Trump interview, talks about 'surviving' in role of president

    He was asked in an interview with FoxNews this month what was hard about being pres. He said:

    "Well, I had 2 forms of presidency. Number 1 I had to run the country, work on the world, and do things. In the other one I had to survive. The survival was much tougher, because I had fake Muller people coming after me, I had 19 really haters after me. I had every form of law enforcement after me. It started from the day I came down the escalator. It never stops. I had every prosecutor after me. They're looking at deals I did years and years ago. I forgot about them. ... But if you don't survive, you can't do a good job in terms of running."

    "... with Pelosi and Schumer and all of them. That was probably the toughest. Far tougher than a lot of world leaders."
  • Mike Wallace (MEP from Ireland) on Afghanistan, Sept 1 2021 in the European Parliament

    "Do you think we can learn the lessons without telling the truth about the last 20 years? The last 20 year war in Afghanistan is a lie. The Americans lied to their people. The Americans spent over $2.2t dollars, and over $2t of it went to private contractors. They used the war as a way of funneling US taxpayers money to private entities.

    "What did the EU do with our money? Where did it go? How much did the EU spend in Afghanistan in the 20 years? Apart from enriching the families connected to the government, what else did we do with it? How much evidence have you got of the infrastructure you kept talking about?

    "Before the Taliban took over, the number of Afghans living in poverty in Afghanistan has doubled since 2001. A third have no food. Half of them have no drinking water. And two-thirds have no electricity. Before the rise of the Taliban, who grew from US-and-Saudi-funded Mujahedeen, half of Afghan university students were women. 40% of the countries doctors were women. 70% of their teachers were women. 30% of their civil servants were women.

    "Look at the place now. We've helped to destroy it. Are we going to tell the truth about it? Or are we going to pretend, 'Ah, we were really doing loads for womens' rights and we were sorting things out, only things didn't work out right in the end'?

    "Did the EU people know what was going on, or not? And if you didn't know, why didn't you know? And is there anyone going to be held accountable for the amount of EU money that's been spent in that place, and you have nothing to show for it?"

    "La guerra en Afganistán es una mentira": discurso de Mick Wallace en el Parlamento Europeo - YT