• "We saw Chapter 7, the authority given under Chapter 7, being used now as a weapon to route a whole family [Gadafi's], to commit the murders that occurred in the country ... bombs" - Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe at UN General Assembly 67th Session, October 1, 20212

    Chapter 7 of NATO to operate in Libya in protection of civilians.

    This speech is seeing virality now in light of Ukraine.

    Also interesting, it could just be the sources I have in front of me, but it seems Africa / Africans are having more of a voice on Ukraine than I remember them having. Their leader's speeches in places like UN counsels, their increased number of vloggers and bloggers. Also, it might be Africa will be able to argue with a lot of authority, given their experience over the past 100 years.

  • Massive economic incentive to expand NATO after end of Soviet Union

    All those former Soviet countries were outfitted wit Russian weapons. They had to be refitted with Western weapons (NATO all use the same weapons or something).

    To create new markets for the big military equipment companies that wouldn't be buying as many tanks and warplanes etc since Cold War was over (ultimately US didn't buy less because War on Terror started in 2001).

    - point raised by Ali Abunimah