• Science?

    The data it's based on can't be access by us, it's not public domain data. So it can't be peer reviewed, Campbell says.

  • Gas at $5 is not a problem, but gas at next month $5.50 then $6 etc. is a problem, because people say This is never going to stop and we have to cut spending

    So tightening quickly has another thing in its favor.

  • How much is a dollar difference?

    A lot more than a dollar, according to research that concluded that Americans pay an average $33 more on auto loans, after analyzing a data set of 35m such loans.

    People perceive the difference between prices that end in 9 and one number higher that ends in 0 as being more different that just one dollar. This is especially true with numbers ending in 99 and 00.

    *An Empirical Bargaining Model with Left-Digit Bias: A Study on Auto Loan Monthly Payments. Zhenling Jiang