• Mar, 2024
  • Mar 22, 2024
  • "In a resource-starved industry, few newsrooms can offer the type of mentoring, guidance and time that it takes to shape a great journalist."
    "But the cost of a journalism education has become an insurmountable barrier for exactly the kind of people we need the most."
    "News has too often been reported by predominantly middle-class, white, male journalists."
    One Way to Help a Journalism Industry in Crisis: Make J-School Free : Journalism/
    'If you offer something for free, there's no accountability; people don't appreciate what they're being given if you just hand it to them.'
    'On the backs of whom? English majors? Engineering majors? Grad students Someone has to pay the journalism professors.'

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  • Mar 15, 2024
  • IN FULL: Yanis Varoufakis' Address to the National Press Club of Australia - YouTube

  • Mar, 2024
  • Mar 05, 2024
  • Scandal grows around fraudulent New York Times "mass rapes" investigation, with Ali Abunimah - YouTube
    ‘Recycled claims’ by Israel government, atrocity claims against Hamas, no evidence produced for even one victim. ‘Relying on testimony,’ not evidence, the Times corrected their early story to say.

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  • Mar 01, 2024

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  • Feb 22, 2024
  • https://www.niemanlab.org/2024/02/six-months-in-journalist-owned-tech-publication-404-media-is-profitable/

    Let's talk about what's being missed in Tucker vs Putin.... - YouTube
    Chris Wallace DESTROYS former colleague Tucker Carlson - YouTube

    Another Journalist Sues Over Raid Of The Marion County Newspaper’s Offices : Journalism/

    Banned in Europe, sold in Canada. What’s in your food? (Marketplace) - YouTube

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  • Feb 13, 2024
  • What Tucker Carlson's Putin Interview Means for X - YouTube
    Probably a lot of advertisers don't want their content shown beside this, but probably a lot of those advertisers are no longer on X (exodus a year ago). Now thicker skinned ones remain on X. (What even could lure back those exodused?)
    How is BlueSky doing? Keep tabs. Mastodon?
    No one is going to be talking about Facebook when it comes to these uncommon interviews though. And dems will be watching the shows too, I assume, so they'll be warmed/lured to X.

    Exclusive: Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin - YouTube
    One thing that seems a point is that when other world leaders are elected (not all but some), you can see the leader really does decide what the country does. When we've watched American presidents make statements on the election trail and then change in office, etc, it seems the president doesn't make many decisions, even the ones he's allowed to make.

    Putin's Puppet Show feat. Tucker "The Propagandist" Carlson || Peter Zeihan - YouTube
    ‘There’s really no point in going to the substance of Tucker Carlson's interview.'
    ‘He's been a Russian shill for several years.'
    Zeihen refers to Tucker as a ‘shill’.

    I would guess the main problem ruling politicians see with people like Carlson is that they are so used to Agenda Setting being enough to maintain Their Order (they own the majority of the media, in Canada it is almost absolute with a state media organization, in USA it is a bipartizan political news system) they don't need to do deeper level (and more risky) forms of propaganda. When someone forces a legitimate competing truth or agenda into the mainstream and they are forced to address it on its own terms, they either look bad or have to try other forms of propaganda/oppression.

    The thing we can say here is that when politicians (or anyone) are challenged in a legitimate way, have legitimate competition, are forced to talk against the truth and not their version of it/inventions, they are forced to do a better job, and citizens get a better country. Citizens have a lot of motive to nationalism. If you like/listen to Tucker/Putin, you are not a patriot, you are a traitor, you should support USA, you should critisize everything an opponent of ‘the government’ says and does and support everything your national government does. You should not even listen to those competing people. This leads to poorer and poorer leaders and a worse nation.
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  • Feb 05, 2024

  • Jan, 2024
  • Jan 31, 2024
  • BI to do 8% layoffs.

    A professional journalist in the US starts at $50-60k, can move up to $80k. The overhead (including managers etc) costs mean that the company pays $200-300k for that one journalist. 2 stories a week. Needs 100-150k people to read it at $10 cpm. Subscribers can do it at 10 or 15 people reading each story. But now we have experts doing broadcasting (not maybe exactly reporting though).

    Traditional news lke BI, using ‘anonymous’ (basically, because not a celebrity who can lose their most valuable commodity ie cred if they lie) journalists uses ‘lying as a service’. ‘So you just have to ignore it all.’ Chamath. ‘Clickbait disinformation.’ Also a lot of trad media put out not just ‘not the truth’ but ‘the official narrative’ which is disinformation. Sacks. ‘Stenographers for the White House' printing ‘whatever they tell you to print’ rather than vetting it and telling you which part is the truth. ‘Gelman amnesia’.

    The Economist, AP and Reuters have boots on the ground. Newswires are not great businesses.

    Wikipedia and other companies that work opposite to Google Pagerank, have a weakness when it comes to Bios of Living People. If a company fails, someone was an investor, your fired someone, they have motivation to write bad things. Interest groups. Activists who are funded as a full time job to diseminate propaganda.

    Triangulate towards the truth, not just one source. You can do this on Twitter by following a few hundred people you respect.

    Vot Tak news website.
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  • Jan 30, 2024

  • Jan, 2024
  • Jan 26, 2024
  • CBC lets Trudeau off the hook after Federal Court rules Emergencies Act invocation unconstitutional - YouTube

    No independent media in Canada. Less resistence. Tucker. Most of the 'media is corporate welfare cases and you're never gonna get the truth out of them.' Gord Magill. ‘I don’t know if there's any political solutions to this. People need to start looking into themselves.'

  • Jan, 2024
  • Jan 22, 2024
  • Gunmen storm Ecuadorian television studio while live on air - YouTube
    Balaclavas. Police special forces entered and took control about an hour later.
    The president is calling opposing groups ‘terrorists’, reportedly.
    Recently, the president took control of several prisons, which before had been controlled by gangs.
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  • Jan 08, 2024
  • Headlines because WSJ did a piece on Musk's drug use.

  • Dec, 2023
  • Dec 29, 2023
  • Zazlof likes CNN for reasons other than the bottom line. He says it's a great global asset. Influence. And has been traditionally a good business, a billion in profit sometimes. An election year, news tend to benefit.

  • Dec, 2023
  • Dec 19, 2023
  • Walter Isaacson on AI's implications for journalism: This could be a 'godsend' for good journalism - YouTube
    ‘The principles of copyright we have apply, to AI and to all new techs.’ This could be good for good journalism. We just had a decade where good journalism ‘has been decimated by the internet because the business model doesn’t work anymore. That's why Time Magazine is so thin.' But now you can licence your content if you send someone to the ground in Gaza to report. And there will be competition among AI services to rewrite it.
    To prevent unwanted scraping, publishers can just slide false information articles into the library, and only they have tabs on which ones.

    [The Biden admin] had total control of the media discourse (controlling all platforms) until Elon bought Twitter on a whim, just because he cares a lot about free speech. They're so upset with Elon for opening up free speech. - All-In Podcast

    NYT getting criticism for editing a statement by Hunter Biden taking out the key word ‘financially’ and just printing ‘Let me state as clearly as I can. My father was not involved in my business.’ Breaking basic journalistic standards. Who took out the word? ‘They bury their corrections’ #NYT
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  • Dec 12, 2023
  • Sports Illustrated called out for articles by fake writers with AI profile photos - YouTube
    Part of the reason we want people, not AI, in positions of responsibiltiy like journalism is because work is part of improvement, which results in a more proficient person. Ultimate decisions (such as will this thing be OK or harmful to us) are made by (influenced by, informed by, taught by) wise people. If people do not become professionals, there will be no experienced, wise people in these roles.


    Judge Who Signed Newspaper Warrant Won't Be Disciplined - YouTube
    ‘The evidence did not support the search warrant.’ Instead of disciplining the magistrate, they just said ‘next time slow down.' First Amendment and journalists. Journalists' home, home of a council woman raided, alleging ‘identity theft. In the raid of the news office, police took computers and cell phones and took documents that revealed confidential sources for stories unrelated to the investigation. ‘Police weaponizing search warrants against journalists’ requiring police to get a subpoeina instead of a search warrant for journalists, in order to have the courts oversee what's happening when they do something with journalists. This way, journalists are brought into court and told to answer questions, rather than just kick down the door and take everything, which compromises journalism, and also looks like they're trying to shut down the paper/journalist.

    The town tried to shut down the newspaper. Other newspapers nearby stepped up and said ‘we’ll help you get your editions out.'

    Those reviewing whether the magistrate should be disciplined decided no because he hand't been found ‘incompetant.’ Their standard for that. ‘Just don’t cross the line of incompetance and you're ok.'

    Commenter: 'If signing the warrant wasn't incompetent we can only assume it was malicious.' Another: ‘ Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.’ Another: ' Wait signing a warrant that is ILLEGAL and violates federal law was not incompetence? ok then it was criminal because they knew what they were signing.'
  • Nov, 2023
  • Nov 30, 2023
  • What is the worst thing that happened today? - Elon



    If you have 20m users and over $1b revenue (only Meta and Google). Meta didn't want to comply and now blocks Canadian news organization links. Google threatened to do the same but now has reached a deal and the links are not blocked.

    It's to compensate news organizations when they share their links (?and click through to them?). Not all ‘news’, but some news that meets certain standards they decided. Google didn't want to deal with each organization, but is willing to deal with one organization that represents them all.

    Question of democracy. If voting relies on news, and if people who now get their news from online, can't access reputable news organizations, could pose challenges. Perhaps a bigger principle at stake.


  • Nov, 2023
  • Nov 04, 2023
  • How Israel Suppresses The Media - YouTube 
  • Sep, 2023
  • Sep 25, 2023
  • Rupert Murdoch gives up Chairman title at Fox Corp., News Corp. - YouTube 
  • Sep, 2023
  • Sep 18, 2023

  • “Is Apple the next IBM?” - Animal Spirits, The Compound

  • Sep, 2023
  • Sep 04, 2023
  • The Canadian Dream is to LEAVE CANADA! But Why? - YouTube 
  • Aug, 2023
  • Aug 21, 2023
  • Editor of Marion County Record discusses possible motives behind police raid of newsroom - YouTube 
  • Jul, 2023
  • Jul 14, 2023
  • South Carolina newspapers evolve a new paradigm to survive - YouTube 
  • May, 2023
  • May 15, 2023
  • VICE Going Bankrupt

  • May, 2023
  • May 08, 2023
  • Funny and Interesting Headlines

    The Biden family has so many whistle blowers we're 'starting to lose track' - GOP rep - FoxNews
    "Let it Rot" - China's Youth are Giving Up on Life
  • May, 2023
  • May 03, 2023
  • Palki quit Lion News

    She said they were doing news curation, and needed to move to do something different and tell the India story in a more compelling fashion.

    It's true that Lion News on YouTube is valuable more because it gives a non-US-propaganda take on events and doesn't actually present anything of its own, it seems. It also has it's own obviously indulged political biases, but not to the point of being really problematic as long as there are alternative news sources to round things out.
  • Apr, 2023
  • Apr 25, 2023
  • Headlines all over, and all talk shows, as Tucker Carlson let go by FoxNews.

    Also, Don Lemmon says CNN fired him. He said his agent told him and he was surprised.
  • Apr, 2023
  • Apr 16, 2023

  • Apr, 2023
  • Apr 11, 2023

  • Different date, different story

  • Apr, 2023
  • Apr 07, 2023
  • Funny and Interesting Headlines

    Uh, Stormy? France24.

  • Apr, 2023
  • Apr 04, 2023
  • VICE brand now completely over?

    Recent vlog I saw from them was titled 'The Dark Side of the 90s' or something like that.
    Would like to see a chart of how long it takes after a corporate buyout / originator stops caring, until a brand like VICE, MTV, etc is completely over.
  • Mar, 2023
  • Mar 11, 2023

  • BBC cancelling shows because presenters refuse to go on air.

    Lineker had tweeted criticism of PM Sunak's migrants policy.

    "When you work for a public institution ... it can be hard to differentiate between the person's views and the corporation's views."

    Did he cross the guidelines of BBC policy?

    Result, in terms of public framing/understanding of the story: Lineker crisis exposes impartiality row at heart of BBC • FRANCE 24 English - YouTube

    But who was right? BBC in attempting to preserve impartiality of journalists who work for a public news service? or did they just give in to protest?

  • Feb, 2023
  • Feb 03, 2023
  • Funny and Interesting Headlines

    Tanzanian President's Brutal Speech Explaining the Stupidity of Western Leaders - 2natcheki

    Self-driving Repossessed Cars - Switched to Linux

    Mar 13
  • Jan, 2023
  • Jan 18, 2023

  • Is this what's called an 'attack piece'?
  • Dec, 2022
  • Dec 11, 2022

  • "Demographic hunting business." "Politically homogeneous" is "fundamentally untrustworthy." 90% on NYT readers vote one way. Fox and MSNBC it's close to 100% one way.

    "You should be able to reproduce news stories" like in science, but with anonymous sources this isn't possible.

    Not really ashamed of error.
    One thing news organizations can do to keep their articles clean of opinion is give their writers a place to publish their opinions while they are expected to keep their news journalistic.
  • Nov, 2022
  • Nov 21, 2022
  • Funny and interesting headlines lately

    For Tech Workers, Pink Slips and Anxiety Replace Perks and Parties | WSJ Wall Street Journal

    The End of Magical Thinking: When Narratives Fail - Blockworks Macro

    The End of the Future with Peter Thiel
    Fastest way though the city? Inline skating!

    How Bernard Arnault ruined fashion

  • May, 2022
  • May 15, 2022

  • In the video, the officials are whacking those that are bearing the coffin (ie both hands holding the weight above their shoulders).
  • Apr, 2022
  • Apr 16, 2022
  • Funny and interesting headlines this month

    2 inmates at women-only NJ prison became pregnant from transgender - FoxNews
  • Mar, 2022
  • Mar 31, 2022

  • Mar, 2022
  • Mar 18, 2022
  • RT and Sputnik have closed some things down, and have been banned from some US/Western platforms

    This happened right after the invasion of Ukraine a few weeks ago, but I just watched this interview with Abby Martin who said this:

    " RT America was an incredible opportunity to highlight voices like Chris Hedges, consistent anti-war like myself, Lee Camp. And that was unmatched. That platform that RT America gave us was unmatched. Our viewpoints are not allowed on the corporate media. Dissent against empire is not allowed on the corporate media. And that is why we had to go to places like Russia Today, in order to have a platform for these very important and crucial perspectives."

    She said the US was looking for a chance to shut down alternative media.

  • Mar, 2022
  • Mar 11, 2022
  • Funny titles

    4Chan attempts to raid Facebooks Metaverse ... [SomeOrdinaryGamers)

    Chinese President Xi JinPing is under pressure right now, says former Australian PM [CNBC]

  • Mar, 2022
  • Mar 01, 2022
  • Ukrainian Defense Ministry published a video claiming to be a Ukrainian fighter jet shooting down a Russian one

    ... This is according to RT.

    The footage was from a video game.

    RT also said the footage many have shared of Zelinskyy in military dress on the front lines of Kiev, is actually from several months ago during practices.
  • Twitter has made it so you can't search for Russia Today and Sputnik, reportedly

  • EU banned Russia Today and Sputnik media

    In the West (or the world?) Russia's main media sites are regarded not really as news but more as of propaganda.

  • Feb, 2022
  • Feb 09, 2022

  • Dr. John Campbell reviews censorship of BMJ and Cochrane on social media

  • Feb, 2022
  • Feb 07, 2022
  • Some funny and interesting headlines for Feb 2022

    "Racism" Is the Left's Weapon of War - Michael Knowles

    INSIDE Big Pharma: employees say their careers have been made into a lie - Teryn Gregson

    Nothing says sedition like beeping your horn - Fox News

    Canadian gelato shop owner breaks down crying after threats for donation to truckers - Fox News ... after her shop was doxed
  • Feb, 2022
  • Feb 02, 2022
  • In the West, many vloggers, personalities, and regular commenters basically don't trust MSM at all
    This is talked about quite a bit these days.
  • Jan, 2022
  • Jan 28, 2022
  • "You can't legislate, judges can't solve these problems, you can't get FOIA requests to get the documents. You need whistle blowers." - James O'Keefe of Project Veritas

    "You need people on the inside who are brave enough to jump on a metaphorical grenade."

  • Jan, 2022
  • Jan 18, 2022
  • CNN reportedly losing viewers

    Fox News doing better.
    Is CNN really losing viewers though? The numbers are down from the same week a year ago, which was the Capital riot news.
  • Dec, 2021
  • Dec 14, 2021
  • Tourists questioning Western mass media reports about Ethiopia, because they're currently there

    3 YouTube links:

  • Nov, 2021
  • Nov 15, 2021
  • John Campbell censored, responded by seeing who internet censors are (mostly people who work in journalism)

  • Oct, 2021
  • Oct 08, 2021
  • Pandora Papers

    (Filed under ¿Journalism? rather than under Journalism)

    Many many documents were leaked, not showing illegal activity or wrongdoing, but simply how wealthy people move money and make purchases.

    Things like photos of homes that the owners wanted to keep private were shown. Anyone wanting to rob them can say "Thanks."

    People like Ringo Star are in it. Everyone knows he's rich, knows how he made money, and he's not suspected of wrongdoing.

    Types of documents in the leaks: passports, bank statements, tax declarations, company and corp records, real estate contracts and due diligence questionnaires.

    The way this data data was taken from lawyers offices and financial firms was most likely illegal, it is considered.

    The org that published (or gave to 600 journalists to pick through) the leak was the ICJ.

  • Aug, 2021
  • Aug 31, 2021
  • Funny or interesting headlines this month

    Afghanistan will return to 'safe haven for terrorism': Retired Brigadier General Kimmitt : CNBC

    French youth: Politically active but not voting : France24
  • Aug, 2021
  • Aug 13, 2021
  • Nicaragua newspaper out of paper

    They can't get more imported, and they expressed doubts about the reason. They said they'd continue to publish online. The paper is La Prensa.

  • Jul, 2021
  • Jul 21, 2021
  • Some funny or interesting headlines this month

    'Biden’s Against Hate-Crimes, Unless They Are In Israel' | By Robert Inlakesh : RT

    Blinken vows to support journalists - critics raise Assange case (regarding the Secretary of State's 'defense' of Iran-critical VOA journalist Masih Alinejad) : RT

    Haiti president assassination suspects trained by Pentagon : RT (This is completely false and not journalism - the report was just about that the assassins had some American training or something in their lives, not that the Pentagon had anything to do with the assassination.)

    9/11 families want Biden to declassify documents or stay away from 20-year memorials: CNBC (Bush, Obama, Trump admins all declined to release them. The DoJ is likely to order a review of them, while they have been classified under the state secrets)

    US Spent $89 Billion & 20 Years Building Afghan Army and All of It was Toppled in Just Days : The Free Thought Project

  • Jul, 2021
  • Jul 08, 2021
  • Saudi Arabia is going to have a news platform with a studio in DC.

    It will have journalists who were formerly part of AJ, Fox, NBC, and Sirius XM. It is expected before the end of the year.

    It's part of a new lobbying effort aimed at the White House and Congress.

    This is according to the DOJ: SA's foreign lobbying disclosures.

    The news org will be owned by Taqnia ETS, a SA-based subsidiary of SA's $400b PIF (Public Investment Fund). Taqnia is supervised by the Saudi Ministry of Info.

  • Jun, 2021
  • Jun 26, 2021
  • Americans trust in news down to 29%

    According to Digital News Report's study of many countries. US trusted their news the least of all countries included. Canadians trusted their news 45%. Finlanders trusted theirs the most at 65%.

    The US level has declined steadily from 40% in 2017, and it is thought to be due in part to the pandemic, the media relationship with Trump, and increasingly prioritizing their audience's preferences or reactions to presenting quality news.

    The business model of creating hate and outrage to sell news to a particular demographic is considered to probably continue to increase, according to some analysts.


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